alba carnitine


A few shots of Alba’s new bedroom. I just moved her into Cordan’s old bedroom and fixed it up to suit her.

I’m sort of happy with it. I do know that I’m in love with OMSP’s I download a house that came with one and I’m going to use the damn thing all the time now. I used it to put the stuffed animals on Alba’s bed and it just makes it look more “lived in”.

Edit: changed the color of the bookshelf.

Alba Carnitine by fortheloveofsims.

Clumsy - Animal Lover - Artistic - Kleptomaniac - Schmoozer 

I never thought I’d sign up for something like this. Competing for some guy’s heart? It sounds a little dumb, but then at the same time… I guess it’s a somewhat exciting. I mean if you think about it like this, we’ll be seen worldwide! But at the same time I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

Especially when that pink haired chick is already shooting me nasty looks.

What’s wrong baby?

Alba: I don’t feel so good….ugh…

Well at least you are in the bathroom..


Alba: -puking her guts out-

That’s lovely….

..are you okay now?

Alba:… mouth taste like vomit…

Eww, why are you smiling about that?

Alba: I think I’m going to brush my teeth.

Alba: it must have been that Autumn Salad. I guess it’s gone bad.

Oh right…..

because it had nothing to do with the fun you and Prince had last night. <_<