Arbroath Abbey
Angus, Scotland by Andrew Godsalve 

Founded in 1178 CE by King William the Lion (r.1165-1214), Arbroath was once the wealthiest abbey in Scotland. It’s famous for producing the Declaration Arbroath in 1320 – in which Scotland asserted its independence from England. Following the Protestant Reformation, the abbey fell into ruin. By 1590 it was being raided by nearby villagers for building stones.

I think that it is unfair, but those in charge are those in charge. It is clear that he’s a player that’s targetted. I would have exploded before him, for sure. Neymar has a lot of patience.

I don’t think he’s being persecuted, but he is an important player for Brazil and for Barça and for that reason people do go after him.

He has a style of play that everyone would love to have, but not everyone can do it. I’m the first in that regard.

—  Jordi Alba on Neymar’s ban. (21/06/’15)