Benihi no Omoi Dou

Artist: sumikko/kaina, チャーシュウ

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Slight spoilers, Kissing, blushing Jotaro, and overly talkative Kakyoin.

Scans by: Awesome-box-djs

Translation and Typesetting by: Me

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Hey guys, welcome to my first translation! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ This is my way of practicing my Japanese reading skills. Hopefully, more translations will be coming. Please like/reblog if you read. Thank you!

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Remember that you are precious. (◡‿◡✿)

And wonderful.

And brilliant.

You’re someone’s reason to smile.

You’re loved and going to be loved by many.

And you’re allowed to fall apart, but please remember to get back up.

“Alice” from ISSUE 25
Free Preview:

Photographer: David Hou
Makeup/Concept/Creative Direction/Set Design: Kestra Illiatovitch-Goldman
Stylist: Joelle Litt - Judy Inc
Hair: Daina Schreiber
Models: Christine @ OMG Model Management, Dane Liam @ Elmer Olsen, and Alayna @ ICON Model Management
Photographer’s Assistant: Peter Hart
Set/Props Assistant: Michelle Illiatovitch
Pre-Production Set Design: Jenny So

Alayna's Mitzvah @ the GolfClub in SouthRiver

“Y'all put on a great show! (uncle Jeff)” .. “This is sooo special, I’m about to cry (Mom)” .. “This must be an awesome job!”

GOD SHOWED ME I don’t need EXTRAS when he’s blessed me with great people and an innovative mind.


I’ve been to quite a few mitzvahs in my 2yrs and 11months of EE Mobile Music employment, but this simple yet elegant mitzvah was Energizing and Invigorating. I’ve been a bit stressed this past week looking for female party starters to audition at this event. However, even though none of the ladies could show up, I was blessed to be settled in spirit and make that event a BLAST (which was what happened as the quotes show).

I personally THANK:

  • VICTOR for being AWESOME!! It wouldn’t have been half as good without YOU! You have the makings of being a FULLTIME emcee and I’m proud to have recruited you, trained you, and watch you grow in this industry.
  • the ENERGY from the TEENS! The first 30-45minutes of an event are ALWAYS the most strenuous and difficult. Walking up to random strangers and looking to become friends in a short time. BUT your energy and excitement to talk to us and crowd us like groupies really PUMPED US UP to be the best we can be!
  • Alayna’s Family for allowing us to have FUN! The attitude of the family was NECESSARY to set the tone. From Uncle Jeff and Dad learning the dougie and Lil Aden accepting the ‘suavemente’ drink I created to the best dancing I’ve seen from grandaunt/cousin/ole uncle in a while and Alayna being acceptive of direction to improvise. All in all MOM and DAD were the TOP Parents I’ve met so far (they are part of the reason i’m starting this blog on mitzvahs :P)

Mainly, I wasn’t feeling right and secure. This is supposed to be an event where we could get much work afterward if we make it POP. …. o_0 … a lil more pressure, but truly not more than any other gig. I came into the GolfClub off my game and with low confidence:

  1. No partystarters were arriving to audition
  2. I had arrived later than I had previously stated
  3. I left my gators in the car, so I had my work shoes on
  4. My off black pants had two creases (iron and original)
  5. My hair couldn’t stay looking good
  6. AND I was going into a place where it is known for being Elitist


EXPLOITS: 'elon and his team’, gemra, 'some say I look like diddy’, 'i like your big elbows’, 'groupies’, '1 thing i like about you’, dance battle, 'no fornicating’, suavemente, too many hand shakes, sizzle shake, big circle: show me your moves