alay ng kultura


Out of all the music footage I shot in Chicago, I think this was my favorite performance of the night. I remember listening in on one of their run throughs the day before and thinking, “Daaaamn…not only are they dope MCs, but they’re also droppin’ knowledge too?! Word.”

I’ve said it before, but the Pacific Northwest has been my favorite region for the last couple of years as far as Hip Hop is concerned. Blue Scholars, Macklemore, Grynch, Gabriel Teodros, and a whole lot more have had steady rotation in my iPod, but I can’t believe I never knew about the Seattle kasamas until a couple weeks ago!!

I just found out that one of them is coming down to LA at the end of June too, so you know we ‘bout to get in a studio session or two. Be on the lookout for that SEA to LA collab!!