Remember those days when we cry whenever someone bullies us at school, or if we fail an exam and we get to be laughed at? And our parents tell us to pray to Allah every night because He will make it a better day tomorrow and because He is watching over us? 

And when we grew up, do we remember how we were pressured to do good because we represent our family name or so on? And when failure upon failure came to us, we are once again reminded by our loved ones to have faith?

Do these things not justify what Allaah says in the Qur'an;

[1] “Allaah is the Wali (Guardian) of those who believe. He brings them out from darkness into light. 

So reminisce the days when we found such peace after we sit beside our beds when we were kids and pray to Allaah to make our days better? subhan'Allaah.

Also, have you observed that when such calamity comes upon any person, illness, death of a beloved or even their whole country being afflicted of typhoons or hurricanes, they all go back to their Lord?

That in these darkest times, they only find Allah beside them, who helps them, and then they become more aware of the blessings that Allah has given them. Then again we are reminded of that very verse from the Qur'an again? Subhan'Allaah.

Subhan'Allaah how people never realized that whatever happens, we will always return back to HIm, both pertaining to death and the trials and tests we get in this dunya, we ONLY and will ALWAYS find refuge in Him. 

We do not realize that from the very moment we were born in this dunya, or even before we were born Allaah was and will always be there? That He is Al ‘Awwal (The First) and that at the very end when we meet our end and death comes upon us we will find Him again, that our last destination is Him, that He is Al Aakhir (The last).


Actually, it’s just fascinating how when we were just little kids roaming around we always flee to Allaah for our petite problems, we even ask him to give us candies, or colors so we can paint around the house? How faithful were we to Him when we were little, subhan'Allah.

What happened O dear Muslim?

Why now when your problems are as big as the dunya you cannot find time to flee to Him like you used to when you were a child? Why now you cannot ask for Him? Why won’t you stand up and pray for Salah? What is wrong with you? 

Let me remind you of what is said in the Qur'an;

[2] ”And Allaah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allah.)“

Before you couldn’t even walk properly but you were faithful to him, always asking him for this and that and whenever you get it you always get hyper and start O thank you Allah, thank you but now that you can stand and are able to pray, you can’t even remember His Name?

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Allaah gave you a mercy beyond mercies, He gave you a religion that He perfected, He bestowed upon blessings upon blessings but why when we are down with trials we blame him and forget that it is but just a way of calling from Him for us to come back to Him, that we should always flee to him.

O dear sound soul, don’t you know that Allaah loves to be asked?

[3] Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wassalaam said;

"Allaah the Most High is Munificent and Generous and is ashamed to turn away empty and disappointed the hands of a man when he raises them to Him.”

So do you think He will say NO? He never says no, but it is with His Love and Mercy that He answers our du'aas, and for the betterment of each one of us. So, never despair of it.

Realize that the one who have created you and gave you life can take it away anytime He wants as well, but more than that realize that when you were facing such trial He made and will always make a way out for you if you just stay faithful to Him.

Never let death come first to you before your lips can even utter Alhamdulillaah.


and we pray that through the happenings in our lives we become more thankful to His Blessings that before we could start complaining we are tongue tied with His Countless Favors and Blessing upon us.

May Allaah always be with you all! Amin




[1] Qur'aan 2:257
[2] Qur'aan 16:78
[3] Ahmad | Abu Dawud | Tirmidhi | Ibn Majah | Al-Hakim