‘I am not Trayvon Martin’: Dismantling White Privilege in Activism

By: Tyler S. Bugg

“It should be about the woman who clutches her purse when passing a person of color on a street sidewalk. It should be an ongoing discussion about normalized racism, and not only in response to the tragedies news outlets choose to sensationalize and blast across the media. (I’m equally as concerned for Shaima Alawadi and for all the other unheard-about minority-identifying people who were murdered by the violence of racism this week and did not have the same media attention to spread their narratives.) It should be about the too-legitimized institutions that perpetuate entrenched racism. It should be about removing the filters that silence the experiences of people of color. It should be about (deconstructing) the white savior industrial complex. It should be about reaching beyond the illusion that white people can forefront movements to “liberate” people of color.”


If you Love the Ummah, Stand for Justice, or have any sense of Humanity, help raise Awareness for Shaima Alawadi, a housewife BEATEN to DEATH with a tire iron. The murderer left the body in the family’s home with a note saying “go back to your own country, you’re a terrorist.”