alatreon armor

A detailed guide on solo farming Alatreon in High Rank and G-Rank

Welcome Hunters! This guide is dedicated to all those that got frustrated with Alatreon (due to the lack of online multiplayer on the 3DS) and just want to have all his awesome weapons and armors.

Lets get started with the strategies:

  1. Using a Hammer build to get fast and secure kills
  2. Sadly, Kelbi-Bowing, since you won’t break his wings in G-Rank with Blademaster weapons (you bounce with purple sharpness)
  3. Using a special Gunner build with the sole purpose to do Tail runs, as you cannot cut tails with strategy 1.

Requirements for the strategies to work: G-Rank unlocked as well as some high-end equipment which i will list below:

For the Hammer build you need: Helios / Selene Z armor set (Important: with the Helios / Selene X waist, so you get Sharpness +1 without blunt edge!) and the Novagio Demolisher (fully upgraded Brachydios hammer). Recommended Skills to gem in: Bombardier, Attack up, Speed Sharpener, Part Breaker. 

Items: As much healing as possible, Mega Dash Juices and Cold Drinks

I have more or less studied the openings of Alatreon watching this  (all credits to the makers of the video)

Alatreon will lower his head when he:

  • Roars
  • Turns around (watch your positioning and timing)
  • Spits fireballs
  • Uses his lightning superspeed flight at maximum range (and only then after this attack!)
  • Shakes his head to drop random lightning strikes (enough time to move in with a superpound)
  • Is midair doing the triple lightning ground strike
  • Is midair rising his head dropping lightning strikes (only when there is a one second delay between the lightning strikes, if there is only a very short delay he will keep attacking)
  • Taunts (shaking his head then standing still with a lowered head, his horns can hit you during the shaking)
  • Flies up in the sky to let glaciers rain, he will always land back at the center of the map, so position yourself to superpound.

It is most important to note your positioning once he gets knocked out: you need to run to his throat, facing his head at about 45°. From here on start the combo once his head is up with X, X and X for the gulf swing. After you hit the gulf swing tap R only once to chain the combo and spam X. Repeat until Alatreon stands up. 

Congratulatiuons, you should have him wrecked sooner or later (took me 20 mins on my first kill in High Rank, failed the quest 14 times before that)

If you have enough Skypiercers but lack Webbings, simply switch from hitting his head when he is KO’d to hitting his wings. This won’t work for G-Rank Ala since you bounce with purple sharpness (oh god why Capcom), so you will need to Kelbi Bow him in order to obtain Direwings…

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