1. i fell in love with you before i even realized i did

2. i once dreamt of kissing you, and it almost felt real

3. you made me cry a lot… and you still do

4. i don’t know what pains me more: the fact that you cannot love me back or you love me but only as a friend

5. even if you keep telling me that i matter to you because i’m your friend and you care about me, i still have doubts

6. the scars you caused me when you left are still bleeding

7. your eyes are my favorite shade of brown

8. your smile hurts me the way the sun hurts my eyes, but i’d still stare at the beauty of it

9. i will never regret falling in love with you

10. i love seeing you happy, but i hate how you could be happy even without me

11. sometimes i wish i was him, because i know that there will always be a part of you that’s always going to be his

12. i honestly feel worthless when you ignore me

13. i feel like i’m not good enough, because no matter what i do, you would never love me the way i love you

14. i dedicate coldplay’s ‘yellow’ and 'ink’ to you

15. i actually made a playlist of songs that say the words i’m afraid to tell you for you, and it saddens me that you’ll never get to hear it

16. it amazes me how just the thought of you could hold my demons back

17. you are my painful happiness and my beautiful sadness

18. you’re the first girl i cried over

19. i’m mad at him, but not because i love you and you love him. i’m mad at him because i love you, you love him, and he doesn’t love you

20. darling you hurt me so bad, and the pain you caused me almost killed me, but i would do it all over again even if it means getting hurt all over again

—  20 things i’ll never tell you (via lost-with-alaskayoung)

helloo okay idek if people do this anymore lmao but  i wanted to do a follow forever in a long time but every time i did one i always had trouble posting it so imma try it again this time. For those of you who may remember, i use to be idontrecalls for the longest time and then i changed to caradelovigne and then to fakebeys and now to kimswests and i actually love this url so lmao i promise i wont be changing again for a while, i havent really been on tumblr since march but started getting on more this month after making some major life and stan choices so thought this would be a good time to do this since i follow different people now. The blogs im listing on here are some blogs i’ve loved for the longest of time and also blogs that i have followed in the past month or even today that i’ve fallen in love with! i dont wanna do bold or italics to say which ones are my fave bc tbh i check most of these regularly lmao. I follow 800+ people so if you’re not on here please dont be upset! these are just blogs that stick out to me and ones i love and always see on my dash! anyway have a good day!!


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lmao that was a lot anyway thank you guys for having such amazing blogs bless your souls ily!!  

so since i recently hit 7k+ (WHAAAAAT LIKE I CANT EVEN) i decided to make a new follow forever, im gonna forget so many of you im sure! thanks to all of you who put up with me daily (especially who also follows me on twitter and has to bear my emotional breakdown over taylor or my babies from the 100) anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU ALL

little shoutout to my favorite mutual for obvious reason: taylorswift i love you more than anything in the whole world



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I reached 5.5k followers a few weeks ago (thank you all so much!!!) <3

Here is a new follow forever to send some love to all the amazing people out there and their wonderful blogs <3

(no favourites this time because you are all hella dope and wonderful <333)

((i hope tumblr won’t mess this up again and tag some blogs a billion times in this post!))

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I am so happy to announce that i hit another huge milestone! When i started 1 and a half years ago i never though even one person would pay attention to my blog and now i am here, having all of you guys. You’re always so supportive and caring, it makes me happy to be a part of this huge tumblr community. That’s why i want to show how much i cherish all the people who make my dash an awesome place! tada: a follower forever.

I really hope i didn’t forgot to include someone but if so, i am sorry! So i totally rec you guys to check my blogroll :D

(favourites = people i regularly talk to and/or adore)

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Heyyyaaa been waiting to make one of these, and here it is. i definitely took such long time to get this thing done and it’s not really in a right alphabetical order heehee. First of all thank you all so much and i love you. i love you. I never expect to reach this number and i’ve never thought i’ll find really nice and absolutely amazing people. Tho i never talked to you guys (i hope we could) you sincerely my friend, and thank you for brighten my dash everyday!! And i really wish we can be friends.

Here’s list of people that i think really cool if its bold = flawless blog, fucking awesome, we need to be friends. Doesn;t mean the rest are not okay?!?

alaskayoung / babyiknowplaces badsblood bae-tay bestapologies / breakburnandends chasingfortunes / colldasyou / colorsinautumn / daerjohn / dancinroundthekitchen / dressuplikehipsters / drunkswifts / enchantedswift13 / eightysnines / fakersgonnafakes / feariess fetusswift / flfteen / fear13less / fortuneandfames / futurewasmegoodgirlwhoshopefulgotbadbloods / gotyourdemons (hi indonesian fella) / holygrounds hheystephen / iconfessbabe / itsathugstory / innocehnt / iknitsweatersyo / jumpthenfalls / juniorjewels / kingdomlightsshine / kissesoncheekss / keepcruising / lightsglisten / longlivethegirlinthedress / loft89experience / likeapromises / maximoft mipsyanddibbles / mygoodgirlfaith / newromantisoutofthewoods / onehandfeel ofastarlightoldfavoritesong / outoftewoods / piecesintoplaces / picturetoburnsshakeitoffs / sawalightinyousadbeautifultragic / swifternet / sixtiequeentalldrinkoftaylor / treachreous / taylortreasures theblameisonme / themomentiknews / tayllorswifts / thatwhitedress (yo another indonesian fella) / taylorsweeft / upinlights / voguetaylor / weheartswifties / wentmad / wilclestdreams / youbelongwithmes / youareinloves / youareinllove / youreclean / +blogroll

and my spirit animal, pegacorn: taylorswift

once more, thank you for everyone who follows me and stick around even when i talk shitty things and often rant, if you’re american happy 4th of july to you all if you are not like i am have a great day! ♥ ♥

alaskayounged replied to your postDear Back Up Plan,

My mom took me to see that movie. After we left she goes, “Look there’s hope for me to still have grandkids somehow.” My mom’s a really nice person.


I laughed so hard but that’s awful omgggg.


I would oppose but honestly, there isn’t anything wrong with it.

That’s probably how I’ll end up having kids, let’s be real. LOLOLOLOL LAWD.

Your mom tho. OHGOD

I recently reached 2.5k followers which is SUCH A BIG MILESTONE!! Since I joined tumblr I had the change to get to know some of you a little better and I am so happy I met all of you! You are amazing people, and you are always able to cheer me up with you messages or the posts you tag me in.

I just want to thank you all and send so many hugs and so much love into 2.5k directions ❤

Some amazing lovelys I will fight for till my death because they are my tumblr family and i love them lots ❤

@kyngbellamy ☆ @bobmorleyisking ☆ @clarkescurves ☆ @komtrashkru ☆ @wulfganges ☆ @forgedfoxes ☆ @justyoungods ☆ @shcdowhunter ☆ @mama-clarkegriffin ☆ @bellarke-sailor ☆ @savedbythebellamy ☆ @strongblake ☆ @rockingstydia ☆ @adamparrisih ☆ @jinglebaellamy ☆ @montychristsass ☆ @commanderbellarke ☆ @darling-we-are-all-just-dreamers ☆ @dxranmartell ☆ @itstheaqueen ☆ @wetbellamyblake ☆ @wittching


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