rosalie tells me about life in a small town in alaska

This is a series in which you help me not be a dum-dum about America

Rosalie was born and raised in Boston, and now lives with her husband and two daughters in a small town in Alaska (population: 2,000).

I met Rosalie 13 years ago, when we were living in Paris. (In fact, she was the first friend I made there!) Back then, she was working in finance and was a nationally ranked boxer. In her spare time, she took intensive cooking courses at the Ecole Escoffier and learned to prepare venison.

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PTMFBF: props to my fellow bloggers friday #1

I’ve always wanted to do one of those Friday round-up posts, but I never got my act together. Except this week I did. I wonder if I’m fueled by patriotism?!

Not only that but I clearly nailed the title.

What a week! Hope you had a good one. Here are some of my favorite reads: 

* PoliticalProf explained why politicians lie. It’s so simple when you stop and read his post.

* I finally got an answer to the question, “But seriously. Why are Americans are obsessed with Casey Anthony?” thanks to Bradley. Bonus (not like this matters now) it’s the *only* thing you need to read on that case. 

* IlyaGerner (of all people) shakes up stereotypes and shows how libertarians can save lives. An amazing story. 

* I may be a culinary dumbass, but thanks to Vrai-Lean-Uh, I learned how to make cherry infused bourbon. I love her blog about life in Maine. 

* Daisy Rosario writes a really smart post about relationships and language. To say more would ruin it for you.

* Brady spells out why it’s awesome to be from Indiana on the 4th of July. And she sees CLOGGERS!

* I discovered this Mormon lady, whose blog takes my Mormon stereotypes and then explodes, expands, shatters, and occasionally affirms them. 

AlaskaRosalie dazzles (yes, *dazzles*) with her life in the Last Frontier. 

Best Girl Betty is dealing with life right now in a way that makes my jaw drop with admiration and amazement. (I’m thinking of you!) 

Gennstarrin, aka, one of the funniest people on the internet, asks the big questions. Also she left a comment on this post that made me LOL three times. 


Have a great weekend!