Peonies in the Spring- Zutara Mother’s Day Fanfic

     Mother’s Day was a hard holiday for Zuko and Katara. Both of them had lost their mother in horrific circumstances far too soon, and at much too ripe an age. The holiday brought back the grief that came with being raised motherless as a child, but it also gave them the opportunity to remember their beloved mothers. For Zuko, it too meant celebrating the wonderful wife that he had, the beautiful mother to his two gorgeous daughters. The holiday had gone from painful, to bittersweet the day, four years ago, when their twins were born: Kya and Ursa, named for their mothers respectively. 

   The girls had become Zuko and Katara’s utmost source of sheer joy. Every day was blessed with them in it, no matter how hard. Today especially was full of nothing but a peaceful bliss.  Zuko had roused the girls bright and early, not to wake their mother to prepare the surprise. Ursa had trouble being quiet, the pre-school teacher would always mention her insatiable need for chatter at school. She was beyond excited to present her mother with her gifts. Her curly hair bounced as she hopped down their carpeted steps, clutching her card to her chest in her Barbie nightgown. 

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