RWBY Ship names (that I’m aware of)

please add some if I missed any

(bolded ones are ones I ship mainly (in fanfiction that I will keep secret))

Arkos (Jaune x Pyhrra)

Black Sun (Blake x Sun)

White Rose/Ice Flower (Ruby x Weiss)

Monochrome/Checkmate (Weiss x Blake)

Bumblebee (Blake x Yang)

Combat Goggles (Yang x Neptune)

Freezerburn (Weiss x Yang)

Ladybug (Blake x Ruby)

Bunanas (Sun x Velvet)

Arctic Ocean (Weiss x Neptune)

Nuts and Dolts (Ruby x Penny)

Rosearc (Ruby x Jaune)

Renora (Ren x Nora)

Seamonkeys (Sun x Neptune)

Red Sun (Ruby x Sun)

Baked Alaska (Yang x Neo)

Veggie Pasta (Jaune x Sage)

Seaweed (Sage x Neptune)

Wise Dragon (Yang x Sage)

Sunflowyr (Yang x Ren)

Cancer Woman, Aquarius Man

An Aquarian man longs for affection just like anyone else, but he’ll struggle violently against being dunked, like a donut, in an ocean of it. Too much soggy possessiveness stifles his need for the fresh air of freedom of expression. He’ll certainly appreciate the flattering attention he receives from the Moon Maiden, but when that attention threatens to curb his independent research of the world and nearly everyone in it, he’ll become stubborn - or he’ll clam up and coast away.

He needs to fly free, and he can do without being dampened by Saturnine pessimism while he’s flying. His odd behavior may perplex the Cancerian girl into tears. He’ll often act as though he doesn’t even know she’s there, let alone that she’s weeping - then if she’s missing at the very moment he wants a baked Alaska, or has lost a shoestring and needs her to find it, he’ll be more than a little upset. It’s her fault. She’s the one who got him accustomed to her baked Alaskas and steamed veggies, and she’s spoiled him equally in the shoestring department. It also disturbs her when he tries to pry into her secrets. Even when she has no secrets. Sometimes she’s just quiet for no reason, her thoughts racing with the Moon, and he tries to race along beside her. But she’d really rather be alone on such flights - or at least she needs her companion to hold her hand in silent sympathy, not startle her with questions.

You can see that each of them prefers that the other doesn’t intrude upon his (or her) flying habits. Joining is all right, but not interfering. If she can learn not to try to restrict his urges to mingle with the masses and hike alone now and then - and he can learn to pry more gently into her secret place of dreams - at least half of their troubles will have been overcome.

A Lunar lady has a near compulsion to “mother” the man she loves. This man will think it’s neat to be mothered, at any chronological age at all, but she should be warned that mothering an Aquarian male can be a full-time job - at any age. Whether this man is five or fifty, twenty or two hundred, he needs a lot of mothering. Just so the Moon Maid who loves him doesn’t get the word “mothering" confused with the word "smothering.”

The Cancer lady who has chaotically cast herself within the general auric orb of the Water Bearer should resign herself to skipping through Wonderland with him, if not geographically, then at least mentally. If not mentally, then emotionally. If she’s “lucky,” it will be all three. Actually, when it’s analyzed carefully, it doesn’t make all that much difference whether her attitude toward his comings and goings with his many friends is strict or permissive, since neither attitude will make much impression on him. Oddly, the older an Aquarian man grows, the more Fixed his habits become, very gradually - yet the older a Cancerian woman grows, the more wistful she often becomes about visiting those faraway places of her girlhood dreams. It’s a situation calling for compromise. I don’t want to mislead the Moon Maid. When I said the Uranus male changes as he grows older, I didn’t mean to leave the impression that he’ll ever become quite as normal as the neighbors. He’ll still remain a little wacky, he’ll just be a touch more Fixed in his wackiness.

There will be times when she thinks he verges on peculiar, but usually the girl Crab will find the Water Bearer lots of fun. Her sense of humor is one of her lovelier traits, and might even be what attracted him to her in the first place. (Since she has a feeling for the ridiculous, her feeling for him is certainly logical enough.) He loves the way her smile ripples like a quiet stream, then bursts into a waterfall of merry, madcap laughter. And undeniably, her feminine secrecy intrigues him. Her moods may puzzle, even madden him, at times, but if he really tries, he can synchronize his metabolism to hers. After all, he’s a mental Air Sign and therefore more adaptable than lots of other people.

He’ll seem, in some way, elusive, just beyond her grasp somehow… and she’ll also find him physically appealing in a way she can't easily explain. There’s an undeniable sexual attraction between these two. A powerful chemistry draws them from the beginning. For he was born under a masculine sign, ruled by the also masculine Uranus - she was born under a feminine sign, ruled by the also very feminine Moon. Astrology’s warning to the double masculine men and double feminine women is to beware of the natural tendency for the “strong” to domineer the allegedly “weak,” bringing with it the danger of a trace of the sadistic and the masochistic. But there’s more likelihood in this case that the roles could be reversed, because the “double feminine” influence of the Moon Maid is also Cardinal. She may appear to be a submissive angel of docility, but I wouldn’t take any bets on who rules the roost if I were you. Of course, an Aquarian man will be ruled just so long, then leave the roost. However, if she can blend her feminine qualities with his masculine ones, and vice versa, so that each contains a happy combination of negative-positive in his or her approach to life and to each other… especially in their approach to sex… they’ll enjoy their lovemaking immensely, because it will bring them such peace and contentment. It’s a rare Moon Maiden and Water Bearer who don’t value their sexual union as a very special experience. She brings out in him a depth of tenderness he might not have known he possessed. And he arouses in her a wildness of passion she kept hidden, until him, like a touch of abandoned Moon madness. He murmurs a magic mantra to her with a single glance, like a lightning bolt. She hears it… as the Full Moon hears the thunderous sound of silently swelling, gathering waves long before they crash against the ocean’s shore… and she answers with a matching glance. No wonder their sexual Oneness is unique and unpredictable, potentially so deep and fulfilling, especially when their Luminaries are in harmony between their birth charts.

These two will constantly challenge each other in strange and haunted ways, inexplicably interwoven with the powerfully magnetic vibrations of the Moon and Uranus… through the eloquence of unspoken messages in their eyes. Neither of them is above using a spell to bind the other. He’ll think he can escape, but her delicate mist holds him with its beckoning secrets. She’ll think she can run away from the sometimes pain of love, but he’ll hold her fast with the sheer compulsion of his indefinable mystery.

~ Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

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