Potato harvest today! Red French fingerling and Magic Molly purple - about 20, 25 lbs - small harvest compared to what I usually dig up! Trying to stall the yellow potato harvest… Here’s hoping they’re more prolific. #alaska #alaskafood #akfood #alaskagrown #potatoes #taters #organic #organicproduce #organicgardening #alaskagardening #yardens #exquisiteingredients #delish #foodasart #veggies #growsomething


Cabbages and Kodiak! This fine-sounding slaw is from Sally, who clearly knows her way around a mandoline. Just saying.

½ large cabbage
1 small beet, or ½ large beet
2 carrots
Mandoline cabbage or FINELY slice cabbage. Shred on medium carrots and beet.

¼ cup pumpkin seeds
Dry roast over medium heat until you hear one pop then flip and turn off.


½ cup olive oil
1/3 cup rice wine vinegar
1/8 cup soy sauce
1 TBS sesame oil

Via Meals for Moderns

It’s Future Foods class at a Fairbanks magnet school, where students visit farms, learn about local foods at farm markets, and here get some cooking tips from Culinary Arts professor Chef Michael Roddey.

He worked with veggies students had selected at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market.

“Nestled among the kale and collard greens; kohlrabi; large, red heritage tomatoes; fennel, carrots, leeks and locally produced herb vinegars was raspberry jam, which Roddey used for sauteed cabbage and apples with sour raspberry sauce and fennel.

“The kids picked the raspberries and made the jam,” said teacher Colleen Smith.”

Via Juneau Empire