My aesthetic: Roxxxy and Tatianna looking at each other and laughing meanwhile Phi phi and Alyssa are having a very heated argument. Coco looking into the camera. Alaska plugging her ears.

Let's Play a Game - Cece - Group fic

Hello my lovelies, don’t worry you’ll still get your epilogue for LOL, but i wanted to introduce you to my new fic. Please promise to tell me your honest opinions, if you guys don’t like it, let me know so i don’t waste a lot of time writing something for no one, if you do, let me know, it encourgaes me soooooooo much. <33 Enjoy this you guys it involves: Pharon, Trixya, Witney, Jalaska, Pearlet, and Biadore for the ships, and some other girls are there too.

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Tatianna vs Alyssa Edwards Lip Sync For Your Legacy