Primary Care (a.k.a the Poundcake ficlet collection) 11/13 [Katya/Alaska] - Spoky

A/N: Promises kept? Check!
This chapter is consisted of small snippets of the relationship and can be a little confusing. So, please relate to every section as new glance into the relationship and how it is progressing (pay extra attention to the subtitles/lyrics, because they do matter!), the snippets do not strictly speaking link, but they do create a full picture. The two following paragraphs you can skip if you whish, as they are just me addressing the feedback of PC. Thank you! xx

(( + I want to thank you guys for every note, feedback, request and private message. Because every single one of them mean the world to me. They are my little treasures and I cherish them all, dearly. I never expected PC to became so popular or to establish such a steady fanbase (I think there’s 36 of you, because that is the ‘standard’ amount of notes PC usually hits). I am grateful and want you to know that without the feedback, without the requests and without people leaving notes I wouldn’t have pushed Primary Care to become what it has become (which atm is over 50 000 words of katlaska fantasy.) You pushed me to make it better. So thank you, yes YOU, right there, for reading. <3

++ I got feedback on the present/past tense change between scenes on chapter 9, and I’ve taken that into consideration. I asked feedback from multiple people, and most did not find the tense change bothersome in Ch9. I also piloted a section of this chapter with two other authors, and they did not find the tense change odd or too bothersome as the scenes are not linked. So I just wanted to apologise if this makes reading difficult for some people. I think it works well for this chapter. xx ))

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ok but listen

All this time when they sang KaiKai Alaska had to sing ‘she won the crown’ and now Sharon pointed and said ‘WE won the crown’ and the face Alaska made afterwards lets you know how happy she was about it.And then Sharon saying ‘We still make a pretty good Duo don’t we?’. Who would’ve thought that the freaks from Pittsburgh would both end up winning RuPauls Drag Race….but only after separating.  


This is amazing.