• Courtney:I feel that this Vanity Fair cover has now made the story about 'how good does Caitlyn Jenner look' rather than, the real story behind it, which is-
  • Alaska:=This is a person going through a journey and not everyone going through a transition is a fucking millionaire who can afford to go away and then be revealed as the gorgeous swan, like this is a journey for a lot of people and I think that's why 'About Bruce' was really great. I think the Dianne Sawyer interview was really great, because there's a lot of people on this journey and we need to be really understanding of people who are on every step of this journey.
  • Courtney:[w/r/t Willam saying the only thing that matters is passing from the neck up or whatever] this is a genuine issue that I have, right, with the whole trans argument, is there's this whole thing, a lot of our society at large, talking about 'passing' and 'how good does she look' but I'm kind of offended by the concept of 'passing'. It shouldnt be about whether you can pass in society it should be about how you feel on the inside.