Dracula's brides CH. 3 - SHALASKA - Frida and Wick

A/N: Oh, so y'all wanted a twist eh? Chapter 3 is here! I originally wasn’t going to submit it until Sunday but I guess luck was on my side this time; unlike with a few individuals in this story…

If anyone was wondering, Countess’ Needles castle is very much based on the Hunyad Castle in Romania, both interior wise and exterior wise. The castle also borrows some elements from the Bran Castle in Romania but not that much at all. Just thought I’d share that little fact, so you all have a setting to put the story in :)

Thank you to the ones who sent in suggestions for characters! We’ve taken them into account. We now have our witch but we are still looking for hunters; I know that Laganja was suggested but I had already put her in the fic with her boy name (Jay Jackson) and unfortunately, she’s already come to pass.

As always, Frida wrote the outline and I beta'ed it, edited it and added details! We sincerely hope you guys like!! How fast you’ll get the next chapter depends on the feedback ;) xoxo Wick

TW: some adult language, as in swearing

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