Sharon Needles

As requested by @hotmexicankid

Disclaimer: Sharon is my second favorite queen of all time, I absolutely love her and respect what she does, this is just a compilation of things she has done in the past that made her known as one of the most controversial queens to ever be in the show. This is in no way intended to bash on her in any way shape or form possible. 

So after Sharon won drag race she was caught up in some events that pissed people off especially considering she had just been crowned as the next drag super star. During the time it was said that she had abused with different drugs and alcohol which is said to be the cause of many of those scandals. The thing that I believe got a lot of people  upset was this video that was posted of Sharon putting off cigarettes on a fans arm and slapping her afterwards. What most people forgot to mention in the story is that the fan had apparently requested to be slapped and all those things because she was into some S&M stuff (or so  I have heard). There have been other people claiming the same things about Sharon but there’s no clear receipts on them, the only thing known is that it might have happened more than a few times. 

The only video I could find : 

As you can see from the fans face it doesn’t seem like she was opposed to the act. 

Sharons abuse with substances have also affected her performances, fans have been complaining a few times on reddit and other social media about her showing up late to a gig, showing up completely trashed, spitting on the crowd multiple times (the last one I’ve heard from was last years drag con) and just being rude to fans over all. I’ve read fan accounts claiming that she had made obesity comments/told people to kill themselves among other things, causing her to lose some of her fanbase. Her alcohol problem got more public after it was revealed that it was one of the reason why she and Alaska ended their relationship back in 2013 (if im not mistaken). Alaska confirmed this on her HeyQween episode (

The accusations shes had about racism are also a part of why she’s disliked in parts of the community here’s a master post on that alone 

Those are a few things that come to mind when people talk about her problematic behavior. You can choose to believe whatever you want and if you want to continue to support her or not.

Personally I’ve had friends who had met her tell me that she’s an absolute sweetheart and super kind to her fans. I believe that Aaron Coady is a super smart person and his drag persona Sharon Needles is supposed to be the opposite of him. She does everything clearly knowing what people are going to say and think about her and she clearly doesn’t care because that’s what she wants. I don’t think Aaron is racist or abusive, and I don’t think Sharon is either, I just think that that’s her way of pushing the envelopes further than other people dare to do cuz that’s what drag is about. Clearly if you’re a sensitive person or if you belong in the communities she’s offended, or if you’ve had a bad experience with her you’re not gonna agree with my opinion and I understand. But at the end of the day she still remains the most iconic,well rounded queen to ever be on the show, she changed drag forever and I really like her for that. Anyways enough rambling from me, I hope this was informative in some way.