Exes For Cash (Shalaska) - Mac

AN: Hey guys, so I have been working on this for a bit now. Before anyone comments, I know that sometimes they didnโ€™t play the game the right way, but honestly what did you expect from Sharon and Alaska? They never follow the rules. There is a bit of fluff and a lot of angst. Hope you enjoy.

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Got a secret, can you keep it? (Viadore) Chapter 6 - Libra

a/n: these were meant to be two separate chapters but they the snapchat part was really short so i combined them and now itโ€™s really long, sorry. iโ€™m pretty sure most big venues have showers in the dressing rooms and stuff, but iโ€™m not sure about where they have BOTS. lets just pretend they do shall we?

Jason/Violet; Danny/Adore; Jerick/Jinkx, Brian/Katya; Aaron/Sharon; Justin/Alaska; Shane/Courtney; ย Michael/Pandora; Kurtis/Fame; Joshua/Ginger; Ben/Dela; Karl/Manila; Jaremi/Phi Phi; Matt/Pearl; Matthew/Detox;

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My Alaska vlog!!!

This was my first time editing anything like this so it’s a bit loud/ shaky / blurry