Party or Bust (AAA Girls)

AN: This is what happens when you love musicals and Drag Race… I was listening to “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now” from Hairspray and came up with an AAA girls AU where they’re in a girls boarding school and Michelle Visage is the dorm advisor. This is no way shape or form anything similar to Hairspray, just the idea of an overbearing authority figure ruining everyone’s fun lol. This is mainly dialogue because that’s what I felt like writing…
(If you never heard the song before, I’m using the one from the Hairspray Live! Soundtrack if you wanna know what I based the girls off of. Alaska – Penny’s verse, Willam – Amber’s verse, Courtney- Tracy’s verse)

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We've Got Tonite (Jivy/Shalaska/Trixya/Pearlet) Part 2 - Saiphl

A/N: Not so much to say, hope you enjoy the reading or re-reading, I’m very thankful from your support and the love showed to the first part of the story, so I hope you enjoy this second part as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Part Two: So Many Stories of where I’ve been, and how I got to where I am.

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