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Yup, she got deleted again today. I have a similar theory as @alaska-riversong, as it doesn’t make sense that it would keep happening even after changing urls if it was just a fluke.

I’ll see if I can draft something after work tonight for us to use for expressing our concern to Tumblr (unless someone else wants to draft something in the next four hours). But I wanted to bring it up during peak hours and get the word out.

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OMG - I just realized that David has that one sweater (you know the one) in all 3 colors (red, blue, and green) of the 3 nephews in Duck Tales. Those sweaters were purchased in the last year, so I'm wondering if you might think that maybe he intentionally bought them with Duck Tales in mind?

genius. If he didn’t purchase them intentionally, I definitely think he’s wearing them intentionally. 

(Although the red one kinda looks like it went through the wash and shrunk amiright? Do you think he borrowed it from someone even smaller than him… like a leprechaun? or a preteen asian supermodel? or a pencil?


The lazy girl’s guide to colouring gifs, part 3: Greenish.

1) find a bit of DW that is mostly greenish

2) make a gif of it

You are welcome

Part 1: Orangy-red

Part 2: Blue

alaska-riversong  asked:

How do you think David chooses his socks? Is it randomly reaching in the sock drawer and putting on whatever comes out first? Does he specifically choose a sock to clash or stand out with an outfit? Is there a pattern or is it random? What are your thoughts?

I’m sooo glad you asked. This is a GREAT subject of conversation!  There’s so much to go into!  In fact, I’m just going to go ahead and designate this post an official 

DT Style Rundown- The Socks

So I must admit my first instinct was to say that Georgia sat him down at some point and had a conversation with him about men’s fashion socks.  But having done some photo research I have to say, David’s always had a pretty tight sock game.  

So here he is back in 2009, and dressed really casually, but even though the socks aren’t really anything to write home about, they’re absolutely the correct socks for the outfit.  And remember, this is waaaayyy before the mens fashion sock trend.  But despite their banality, the socks above are perfect, they blend into the shoe, are the correct height and don’t draw too much attention to the trainwreck of those shorts!

Now to answer your question about how he chooses his socks I’d say there’s a few things going on.

Firstly given that we know he owns at least two pairs of Paul Frank socks, I’d say in general he tends to buy the socks for his public appearances in the same pre-junket bulk shopping spree with the express intention of matching them to his outfits.  

When choosing them, sometimes he picks socks in a pop color that coordinates rather than contrasts with elements of his outfit, like say this tie.

(I’m not going to talk about that suit. It’s a whole post in it’s own. So don’t try to tempt me in the comments.)

Sometimes the sock/tie matching works better than others.

In another strategy, David will  sometimes go with something with a little more visual appeal to jazz up a toned down outfit.  I’m guessing in the photoshoot below he got some direction from the photographer to go monochromatic, because the setting is quite busy visually.  It’s interesting that they aren’t dressing him for his shoots anymore, these are still obviously David’s clothes. The subtle pattern (it’s stripes, but they’re so thin that visually they blend) and golden tones of the socks work really well to compliment the setting and offer a nice visual pop to an otherwise pretty dull outfit.

Again not sure how much of this we can attribute to the photographer, but it’s consistent with David’s overall public style.

He tends to go for patterned socks with solid suits and solid socks with patterned suits.  Which considering the patterns of his patterned suits I think we can all agree is smart.

While he’s firmly ensconced in the happy sock trend at the moment, looking back vintage David very much stuck to blue or black socks.

Or did he after all?

Sometimes you just gotta pick a sock that helps you remember what day it is!


The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (3/12)

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