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From ICP Curator Maya Benton:
Ruth Gruber took some of the earliest known color photographs of the Alaska territory, in the early 1940s. I will never forget the moment that she first held a color print of her Kodachrome transparencies, at age 100. Ruth had never seen prints of her color work from Alaska. The original slides had faded and a master printmaker at ICP, Nikol David, painstakingly color corrected the digital images and created stunning prints. When I visited Ruth in her apartment and opened the box with the test prints, she beamed. Ruth held the 14x11 inch print in her hands, looked at me, smiled wide and said, “Wow! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s really gorgeous. I never knew how beautiful my color work was until just now. Don’t you think that’s something?” Indeed. It was.
📷Eklutna woman reading LIFE Magazine, Hooper Bay, Alaska, 1941-43. ©Estate of Ruth Gruber, courtesy ICP


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Anthony Madden captured this shot of excited sled dogs ready to run last weekend at the Knik 200 Sled Dog Race, one of several that counts as a qualifying race for the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

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actually she explained later that she got defensive because she thought they were inferring that no one read magazines in Alaska. but if she instantly jumped to that conclusion at a v simple question, it sounds more like her issue than the interviewer’s l o l

what a strange person