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“…just one sprained ankle away from literally dying. And that’s a risk I’m willing to accept.” Video by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Miki Collins and her dog team on a subsistence trap line that runs deep into #DenaliNationalPark, Alaska. Miki and her sister Julie inherited the trap line (which existed long before the National Park) from a long line of trappers who also lived off the land in this remote land of kettle lakes, winding rivers, and winters that regularly dip down to -50 or below.


The alaskan salmon and the food chain in a single video

Hitch a Ride (Part 3) Katlaska - Vixen

So this is part 3 of “how many references can Vixen fit in a fic.” In this one we’ve got kpop, porn, Buffy, Harry Potter, Friends, Secretary and X Files. So this is my first time ever writing strap-on fic, I tried to watch a lot of videos of it (which Katya also watches) but none of them really felt…true I guess? So here is my take on strap-on smut, hopefully it’s good. Also, the lemon stealing whores porn is an actual porn. It’s very funny, go watch it. As always, I’m open to feedback and constructive criticism and hope you like! -Vixen (And I actually do find Bellatrix really hot just fyi)

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One thing I love about photography is that it gives me an explicit reason to talk to people. This is Ben VanderWeele, the owner of VanderWeele Farms in Palmer, Alaska. We chatted with him about his upcoming season of planting, raising, packing, and marketing Alaska-grown fruits and vegetables in his 50th year in Palmer. It was a good reminder to me about the challenges facing farmers in Alaska, from a short growing season to consumer habits, and the benefits of choosing local foods first.

Palmer, Alaska

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