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I find it funny when people will tell kids of mixed ethnicity’s to choose one ethnicity over the other but will tell bi/pansexual that it’s ok to like both/all genders and there’s no reason to choose. 

How about before you tell that precious mixed baby that they need to choose, instead of celebrating themselves to the fullest, maybe you should a) look at yourself and b) realize that whatever ethnicity a person chooses to be is none of your goddamn business then c) log off and think about your double standards.

Focus on yourself and your culture and sexuality and stop intruding on other people celebrating who they are. Ok?

First time drawing Alaska Thunderfuck!

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I’ve seen lots of posts about ppl wanting a season of all winners, all I gotta say is Raja already won it

Alaska is the real MVP with her feminist views:

On women getting cat-called: It’s annoying. It’s rude, and it’s like men claiming their space like they own you.(x)

On how the media pits women against each other: *when asked about Kris and Caitlyn’s rumored feud* No, I don’t love this because it’s like, of course, as soon as she transitions into a woman they’re like “all women hate each other, no woman could support another woman”. They’re always pitting women against each other, and it’s so typical. I’m sure Kris is tickled fucking pink that her ex is doing well, you know. And I’m sure it goes both ways.(x)

On vaginas:*unlike so many other drag queens* I’m not afraid of Vaginas. I think Vaginas are beautiful. I came out of one.(x)

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