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Nancy Mulligan (Ayla Hurst’s version)

I was thirty four years old                                                                                     when I met a woman I would call my own
hoping now our family growing strong
in the house together built

On a spring day when I proposed                                                                         I made an iron ring on my own
I asked my brother, but he said no.
“because I loved her too”

She and I went on the run
Don’t care about opinions
I’m gonna marry the woman I love
In the lost bush of Alaska.
They called her Ayla Hurst
My name was Matthew Brown
She took my heart and then took my life
on the lost bush of Alaska

Well, I met her writing a sad book,
she was studying life of bush people
Never had seen such beauty before
The moment I saw her.
Ayla was my bold princess
We will married like my parents before
They saw their children growing old
Five sons and two daughters

She and I went on the run
Don’t care about opinions
I’m gonna marry the woman I love
In the lost bush of Alaska.
They called her Ayla Hurst
My name was Matthew Brown
She took my heart and then took my life                                                               on the lost bush of Alaska

Her hair’ll turn white as snow
Sixty years’ll pass, and I still loving her
We’ll sit by the fire, like my parents do
You know Ayla I adore you

From an Alaskan boy grown up in a fishing boat
I never worried about who rules the world
Cause I found my heart in a city girl
There’s no difference I assure ya,

She and I went on the run
Don’t care about opinions
I’m gonna marry the woman I love
In the lost bush of Alaska.
They called her Ayla Hurst
My name was Matthew Brown
She took my heart, and then took my life
on the lost bush of Alaska

This quote. These words. This grammatically simplistic sentence. I use to smoke in hopes that I’d die quicker too. I didn’t have the courage to end my own life all at once or maybe I just didn’t feel at the time that I deserved a speedy death… I don’t know. But now it’s not like that. Cigarettes no longer reside between my lips and the smoke they produce no longer fill my lungs. I found that the only thing worse than living with a tormented soul, is to live with one and die because of it. I want to die on the universes time and do great things until then, no matter the hurt I feel inside. Alaska Young, I don’t feel would have hurt herself if she hadn’t died in the drunken accident she did. I believe due to her passion and excitement for things, she would have climbed from the hole she was in as I did. I guess what’s sad is that we’ll never know. She’s not here and we’ll never know definitively. What a loss to the world.

(I know there’s debate whether or not she killed herself but on a personal note, I don’t feel she did.)

-Winter Man-


Lost Files Part One.

These pics are from summer 2014 when we all went to San Diego for Diane’s birthday! I’ve been going through my hard drives lately digging up old dirt. And here’s a drunken mess for ya.

We dressed up in #jackedfashion designed and styled by Alaska and partied all night at an old hospital-turned-gigantic-thift-store. It was an amazing memory, and these are some pics I took. Minus the ones of me of course. There’s a lot of these so I’ll upload in waves. Njoy

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Rating: 10/10

I absolutely adored this book from start to finish. John Green yet again had me hooked and sat on the edge of my seat throughout the entire novel. It made me laugh, cry and completely ripped my heart out of my chest.

The story follows a boy called Miles who moves to a boarding school during his junior year. He has hardly any friends and when he hosts a birthday party nobody shows up. He moves to Culver Creek and meets a mish-mash of individuals all with different personalities and interests, making friends quickly with his room mate the Colonel and a girl called Alaska. Alaska is clever, outgoing, courageous and hot…but she also has a boyfriend. The narrative follows Miles as he begins on adventures with the different characters and becomes closer to Alaska, finding out more and more about her during one summer when they both stay at the boarding school during the Christmas holidays. But one night changes everything, leaving Miles with infinite questions and no answers whatsoever.

This was Green’s first novel and published in 2005 has recently shot into the limelight due to the success of ‘The Fault in our Stars’ (scroll down below to see my review of this book!) being made into a major motion picture and bringing his writing into the forefront of teenage literature. With rumours of 'Looking For Alaska’ being made into a film in the upcoming future.

The book received a 10/10 because I absolutely adore this book and highly recommend for you all to read it purely because I enjoyed reading it so much and made me want to be a little bit more like the character of Alaska. A must read for everyone this summer because I’m certain if you give this book ago that you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Respuestas al funcionamiento del Blog

Me habéis comentado que no entendéis muy bien el funcionamiento del blog y de si los relatos cortos son importantes o no para el desarrollo de Tierra Mojada (fanfic Mi Familia Vive en Alaska). En el post que colgué ayer en el blog intenté responder a estas preguntas, de todos modos voy a hacerlo por aquí:

-Si queréis leer los capítulos de Alaska en órden cronológico tenéis que acceder a la pestaña superior titulada Alaskan Bush People (si entráis por ordenador)

-Si lo hacéis por móvil o tablet encontraréis un desplegable en la parte superior izquierda que pone ‘Pages’, si lo desplegáis os saldrán todas las páginas del blog, entre ellas Alaskan Bush People.

-En dicha página, encontraréis los hasta ahora catorce capítulos que conforman el fanfic de Mi Familia Vive en Alaska, ordenados cronológicamente y con su correspondiente sinopsis. Para acceder al capítulo que queráis solo tenéis que clickar encima del título y el enlace os llevará directamente.

No está en mi mano poder corregir el tema del desplegable, esto es cosa de la adaptación de blogspot para móviles.

-Por último, el desplegable de Relatos Cortos no es que sea imprescindible para el desarrollo de la historia, es solo que cuando voy corta de tiempo y no puedo publicar el capítulo completo, cuelgo algún fragmento, que al colgar el capítulo completo aparecerá incluido. Actualmente en Relatos Cortos están colgados los fragmentos de los siguientes episodios:

1. Bear (avance): fragmento del capítulo V: Bear.

2. El Cazador: fragmento del capítulo VIII: Matt y el Cazador

3. 50 Sombras de Matt (avance): fragmento del capítulo X: 50 Sombras de Matt

4. Alfie (1a parte): fragmento del capítulo XIII: Alfie

5. La Chica Francesa: fragmento del capítulo XIV: Anne-Lisset.

Próximamente colgaré en este mismo desplegable el primer fragmento del Capítulo XV, espero sinceramente haberos sido de ayuda. ¡Nos vemos en los próximos días!


Alaska Young's Plummeting Tear Drop
  • Me: You've taught me so much. You seriously have no clue how much you've helped me in life.
  • Alaska: How so? I just hurt people. The Colonel. Pudge. My mom. If you're not careful, you'll end up hurt too. I always mess up.
  • Me: Hurt doesn't always translate to misery. You taught me that passion and excitement can exist despite the toxicity of depression. You taught me how to be a teenager. Everything else since then has fallen into place.
  • Alaska: I don't know if I'll ever feel that I truly helped someone in my life.
  • Me: Most people composed of greatness never do.
  • Alaska: ...
  • *A tear falls from Alaska's face and splashes against my cheek. I awake to the pouring rain.*


Ok so I wanted to give a huge shoutout/thank you to Rachel Whitehurst. Not only is she fucking amazing, she’s also really nice. Rachel is one of my favorite youtubers and people. She helped me when I was at my lowest point with this blog. And while I don’t own the top blog on tumblr, I’m getting noticed and having fun while doing it. That’s all I could really ask for.