alaska 2012


Hmmmmm someone smells nice by Ross Forsyth
Via Flickr:
Coming over after picking up the scent I presume of the female in my “Sleepy Bear” image,this guy proceeded to do the “John Wayne” walk as the other male confronted him before backing down without any real interaction between them,love the way he is appearing over the long grasses.

things i learned from alaska

1. otters are fucking cute
2. porpoises are fucking cute
3. sea lions are fucking lazy
4. steamed clams are fucking good
5. whales are just as cool in real life as they are in puns
6. grey skies and 18 hour daylight kinda sucks
7. i can’t eat fish and reindeer for a straight week
8. RIP gshock, hopefully a worthy owner finds you in denali