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Sharon & Alaska perform  “Tainted Love”  at “Powder Room” Brighton, UK 27/10/2015


Brown Bear Mother and Cubs by David & Shiela Glatz
Via Flickr:
Brown Bear (ursus arctos) mother shelters her cubs. She had twin female cubs. One female cub was curious and bold, the other female cub was curious but a little shy as you can see. Fast forward two years later during the 2012 Salmon Run the twins had been cast off by Mom, and are trying to catch Sockeye on their own. Labeled by the Guides as the “Terrible Twos”, these cute little terrors have been known to false charge pretty much any photographer they see. Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.


Alaska Thunderfuck and Jeremy Mikush play some songs on Periscope to give the children life.

klarer, leerer blick,
die lungen voller rauch
und die augen voll mit tränen,
steh’ ich da
dem ende so nah
wie noch nie.

die stimmen schreien,
das herz fleht.
ganz allein,
einsam mit den depressionen
steh’ ich da
dem ende so nah
wie noch nie.

noch ein tiefer atemzug.
ich weiß nicht mehr weiter,
finde keinen ausweg mehr.
ich habe verloren,
bin dem ende so nah.
zu nah.

We cannot forgive ourselves

… Remembering a sin we have committed does not mean that the sin has not been forgiven. This remembrance of our sins is only a warning to us lest we become proud and sin again. In fact, we – not God – are the ones who cannot forgive ourselves. We cannot forgive ourselves because of our pride. A genuine sign that a sin has been forgiven is the fact that it has not been repeated, and we are at peace…

— Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives. Saint Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 2010.