Ice Age Fire Pits in Alaska Reveal Earliest Evidence of Salmon Cooking
More than 15 ancient cooking hearths unearthed in Alaska are turning up surprising new clues about the lives and diets of Arctic hunters during the Ice Age. The oldest of the fire pits — dated to 11,800 years old — has revealed the earliest evidence of salmon cooking in the New World.

Read on to learn more the hearths, burials, and other features of this Ice Age camp, and how it’s changing perspectives on life in the ancient Arctic.


8/19/16 - we go for a short boat ride to get away from the bugs for a moment, and get to see our cabin from the river. looking pretty cute! those trees sure look tall… and our cabin sure look small. i’m so glad we’re building a tiny place. i hate huge houses. anything over 600 sq ft feels too big to me. luckily, we also have the entire great outdoors as our living space.


Evening at Wonderlake Campground - Denali National Park by Sinar84 - www.captures.ch