I’m really the happiest/proudest boyfriend right now my baby graduated yesterday and this was only the beginning you’re so beautiful, talented, smart and determined. Even when things seemed to be going bad I always tell you, you can handle it because I never had a doubt in my mind that you couldn’t you mean so much to me and I want to continue to be by your side through your journey. I love you from the bottom of my heart Alasia never forget that. @complexbeing


5. Twin-staken Identity

Bahahahahahaha. They sure played those twins, huh?

ANTM may have undergone a “revamp,” but rest assured that they haven’t changed the tried-and-true format of using makeovers to cripple the models with insecurity. They were straight up messing with Tash and Cody’s heads with their style assignments.

The twins look alike, but they have some key personality differences. Tash is the more typically feminine twin who enjoys behaving girly. Meanwhile, Cody is the tomboy who prefers a more androgynous aesthetic.

So the stylists come up with two makeover looks to complement these traits. One look is a long, flowing weave to enhance femininity, while the other is a harsh, squared cut that leans masculine. Perfect!

Oh, but there’s a catch. Tash the feminine twin gets the more masculine look and Cody the androgynous twin gets the girly weave.  

There’s no need to feel bad for the twins because the women on this show get makeovers they hate all the time, however, let’s at least acknowledge that the show is being unnecessarily mean in this particular case.

The argument the hosts use for giving Tash and Cody their looks is that they’re meant to enhance their brands. Except how in the hell would Tash’s brand be tomboy and Cody’s brand be feminine when it runs counter to their personalities?

You can’t even argue that they chose the makeovers based on what suited each girl’s face/body best because they look the same. It makes literally no sense that they couldn’t swap the makeovers to the twin for whom it made more sense. But, you know, if you wanted a show that made sense, you would have quit watching Top Model years ago!

Courtney, who the twins treated inconsiderately when she was sick, privately gets a kick out of the makeover fiasco, chalking it up to karma. Well, technically, she doesn’t call it karma, then immediately calls it karma.

This is an inexplicable Top Model confessional standby, going back to Cycle 14’s Alasia who said, “I ain’t gonna say I grew up in the hood, but I grew up in the hood.”

Cody mostly takes her makeover in stride, even though she “look[s] like a dude in a damned wig.” Those are her words, not mine, but I also don’t disagree. She tells the judges she’ll wind up rocking long hair better than Tash can, which is hardly the kind of boasting I’d expect to hear from the beta twin, but I suppose it is Cody’s time!  

As for Tash, she has a meltdown. At the salon, she locks herself in a bathroom and starts passive aggressively talking to herself loudly enough for everyone to hear that she’s a girly girl seductress who likes to flirt and wear skirts!

Tash is so upset she’s crying from her temple! Her facial expressions aren’t very model-y, but they are pretty hilarious. 

Ashley Graham finally goes over to Tash to calm her down, basically reminding her that working models change their hair all the time so Tash just needs to suck it up and realize this look isn’t permanent.

Wait, is Ashley allowed to say that? That’s certainly an unspoken truth about ANTM makeovers, but on a show with the usual narrative of “This terrible look is your brand that will make you famous,” it seems a little too honest.

Speaking of honest, it gets even better at panel when Rita compliments Tash’s Grace Jones-esque makeover saying it takes her from “here to here”:

Notice how that’s primarily a lateral movement. Usually when you’re talking about someone elevating her look, you’d say she went from here and then put another hand much higher to indicate some distance. Rita’s gesture is more like “we sent you out to left field… hopefully you can find some modeling gigs in this other plane.” Good luck, Tash! 

5 Funniest Moments from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 3

My ex leaving me was one of the best things that ever happened to me.. Even though I struggled with depression for at least a good 2 years, had major trust issues after and basically didn’t last long more than a month in any relationship after her once I got over those problems I dead ass became a better man and not to say I don’t still struggle in my current relationship at times but all in all I think she taught me the meaning of loving a woman.. She wasn’t perfect TRUST ME lol but I did a lot of bullshit and it’s things I dead ass try to stay clear of now because I truly love Alasia I want nothing but to protect her and make her feel loved I’d dead ass do anything to keep that girl by my side she’s really a nigga light and it sucks I had to get hurt to see I need to treat women better but I’m happy I did because I truly do try to correct my mistakes with Alasia when I fuck up I want my baby to always realize I love her with all my heart and nothing else matters but me and her.

itsaprescriptionsandwich  asked:

A, C, G, M ,O, Y

Ah okay!!! 

A - You, Alasia!!!!  You’re a darling angel who’s always there for me, and is the easiest person in the world to talk to

C - A good creepypasta in the dead of night when nobody’s awake, and my eyes can barely stay open.  Doing that has made some of the best experiences of my life

G - the ol’ Gamecube my brother and I have from when we were kids.  We used to play that thing all of the time.  Sonic Heroes, Pokemon Colosseum, and Kirby Airride made up some of the fondest memories I have.

M - Mariana’s Trench, the best damn band in the entire world.  Every one of their songs touches my heart in some sort of way, and they’re really fucking good in concert.

O - Olivier Mira Armstrong, one of the best characters to come out of the best anime of all time

Y - really well written young-adult novels.  Stuff like Eragon and the Golden Compass (and their respective series) hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much, Alasia!!!!