Egyptian Tarot!

A unique and beautiful simulation of ancient Egyptian art combining traditional Tarot concepts and the mysticism of Egypt.The charts of this play are painted moderated some (technical used by the Egyptians) on papyrus, in order to make you feel with authenticity and the mysteries of this great civilization. The Egyptian tarot dates from the modern time creates by Silvana Alasia - It takes its roots starting from the traditional tarot of Marseilles. On the charts the famous hieroglyphs are reproduced which show the way of clairvoyance. We find through the blades of the Egyptian tarot the secrecies of ancient Egypt.

Some think that it is the Thot God, God of the Egyptian scribes, who inspired it, others think that the Egyptian tarot comes us from the Ptoléméenne period, it took the road of Europe with the advance of displacements of the people around the Mediterranean. The tarot of Marseilles would go down in hot line from the Egyptian tarot. It is so old that one has difficulty going back to his origin.

This splendid tarot will enable you to collect in you the power of the mysteries of Egypt Antique. It contains 78 very beautiful charts on black bottom and gold with a neat iconography and an environment really inspired by the Egyptian magic.

The Egyptian tarot is a set of 78 charts to the format of 7 X 12 cm. Instruction Booklet included.

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[TRANS] Fans’ comments on XJL’s Weibo Update 140629 and XJL’s reply. All fans are referring to the first picture. Q - Fan’s comment. A - XJL’s answer.

Q: You’ve worked hard Director Xu. What are you looking so happily at?

A: (Looking at) the monitor. Someone playing a string instrument.

Q: Why are your eyes full of… affection?

A: Hahahaha, isn’t it full of hatred?

Q: Does the way you’re smiling means you’re pleased?

A: I guess so…

Q: What’s with your expression that is full of love/affection!!!

A: Its an expression while watching a joke please.

Q: It’s an expression of distaste…

A: Hahahahahahaha