I stood there watching her as she walked around the livingroom she was just looking around then she looked back at me and smiled and I saw that sexy chin dimple sink in.

“So you made up your mind what you wanna do?” I asked and I watched her kick off her shoes and walked towards me.

“I just want to” she said softly as she unbutton my vest grabbed a hold of my tie “Do something that will make me feel so good.” She undid my tie and held on to one side of it and leaned up to my lips kissed me softly I moved to deepen it but she moved to fast from me. “That will make me so fucking relaxed” she then swiped my tie off real fast that it made me jump.

“Oh yea?” I asked

“Yep, So you need to get to” she said backing up some. “Getting my ass some ice cream cause I wanna watch a movie in bed” with that she giggled and took off running.

“WHAT THE FUCK” I yell cause my dick got hard as hell.

“Shut up Lemon head” she giggled from the room I took off my suit jacket and vest and went following her. Once I got to the room I looked for her but I didn’t see her anywhere.

“Bae” I said

“Bathroom” she said and giggled.

“I’m going to call room service what kind of ice cream you want?” I asked taking of my shirt.

“Cookies and cream” she said

“Okay” I said and called room service and told them what we wanted now I was taking my pants off to I was standing in my t shit and boxers.

^CHIME, CHIME^ I looked and saw it was her phone ringing.

“Bae your phone” I said

“Answer it, not if it’s my Mom or my Dad” she said

“Okay” I said picked up her phone and saw.



“It says mutant” I said and she started laughing.

“That’s my brother” she said laughing

“Hello” I said

Ph) “Dang Lasia I know you sound like a man when you wake up but come on now”  Mutant said

“This isn’t Lasia, this is Chris” I said

Ph) “Oh did she lose her phone again?”  Mutant asked

“No this is her boyfriend Alasia is in the bathroom” I said

Ph) “Oh her boyfriend since when I need to meet you nigga size you up see if you good for my sister” mutant said

Laughing “Really okay umm wait a minute… Bae what are you doing?” I said and the bathroom door opened a little and her hand came out I walked and gave her the phone and closed the door. After about 30 minutes the food was here and I was sitting on the bed waiting on her. “Bae foods here, they got you your”

The door opened up and I stopped what I was saying when I saw her in…


“What was you saying?” she asked walking towards me, I sat what I had in my hands down and looked her up and down.

“I don’t remember” I said she sat her phone down and leaned down on me and kissed me deeply and I ran my hands all over her body.

I held her tight in my arms, feeling the warmth of her, the softness of her skin and the fullness of her breast as she pressed them against me and wrapped her long lovely legs around me.

 "Ooh,“ I breathed. "I love the feel of you against me.”

 "I can tell. I can feel your dick is growing and seems to know exactly where it wants to go.“  She said as she kissed my neck and slide her tongue from my Adam’s apple to my ear where she then bit down on it making me moan. I flipped her over to where she was on her hands and knees and I slapped her ass making her jump and I sooth the spot with my tongue. I then began to kiss, lick and nibble her neck, but I didn’t stop there. Bit by bit, I ever so slowly started to work my way down her spine, My tongue was now down at the base of her spine and the beginning of the crack of her ass.

I slowly pulled her panties off kissing each ass cheek listening to her exhale as I helped her out of them, in one quick movement, I slid my tongue up her spine to the nape of her neck and was rewarded with a full body shudder. I lingered there for only a half a moment, before sliding my tongue all the way down her spine and into the crack of her ass, stopping just before I came to the edge. Once again I was rewarded with a shudder and she raised her ass high enough for my tongue to come in contact with her puckered asshole. I wasted no time, as I started to run my tongue around it and probe its opening.

“Hey was you in the bathroom taking a shit?” I asked and I leaned my head on her ass and I felt her body shake hard cause she was laughing and she turned on her side looking at me laughing. I rested my head on her thigh still looking at her.

“If I did you already licked it..” she said giggling “But to answer you no I was not in there taking a shit, I was fixing these belts and looking at myself in the mirror and” she says but I cut her off.

“You got yourself off too I can smell you bae that sweet musky smell of your sweet pussy.” I said and she giggles.  I open her legs up and I crawl up to her laying her back down on the bed. I kissed her eyes shut and held her face in my hands. Ever so softly, I kissed her lips, her chin and her neck. She responded so well when I kissed her neck, I decided to suck on it and she became excited. I sucked harder and left a mark, before moving to her breasts. 

She kept pushing her hips up and down, and I got the idea that she wanted to fuck my mouth. I pushed my lips forward, almost like I was going to whistle and that let her clit slide in and out like it was a small dick fucking a small pussy.

 On each of her thrusts in, I would lick the tip and that seemed to send additional quivers into her.

 When her humping became faster, I knew she was close, so on one of her thrusts, I sucked in as hard as I could, pulling her clit into my mouth as far as possible and I held the suction, applying pressure to the base of it with my lips.

 Lasia laced her legs over my shoulders and around my neck, pulling my head into her pussy as she arched up, and came, with grunts, growls and groans of pure animal pleasure.

 I was so proud of her for having such a loud orgasm and I was so fucking horny from it. I wanted her to stop cumming and suck my dick into her mouth, after all, I probably wouldn’t last twenty seconds, cause she had me so turned on.

 When she was done and her hips were back on the mattress, she pulled me up from between her legs and kissed me, this time sliding her tongue into my mouth and tasting her own sweet juices for a long moment we explored each other a little more.



This made my pussy even wetter I wanted him then and now I opened my legs wider as my hands started pushing down his boxers, and my hand stop for a second then I reached for his dick and moved it to line up with my pussy and I felt him thrust a little in between my fingers. I used two fingers to slide the head between my pussy lips waiting on him to thrust again my hands went to his waist.

“Bae?” he said breaking the kiss looking at me. I wasn’t sure I was scared shitless but I didn’t want him to get bored with me. leaning up kissing him as he slowly pushed in me and the pain OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS I wanted to scream and he was pushing in me and I closed my eyes tight in pain and I felt the tears start to come hoping he wouldn’t see them.

He knew I didn’t want to do this but I kept pulling him on to me, kissing him he then felt my body tense up and he broke the kiss and slowly pulled out of me. He looked at me and my eyes was closed.

“Bae” he said and I opened my eyes and looked at him and he saw a few tears fall

“Yes” I said forcing a smile on my face he wiped my tears, kissed my eyes and sat all the way up, and pulled up his boxers then he pulled me to his lap wrapping his arms around me.

“I can’t bae” he said kissing my shoulder

“What? Why not I’m ready Chris I’m so fucking ready this night is perfect” I asked with a hurtful look on my face.

“I know you think you are but your not and don’t get me wrong your pussy felt so good on my dick but your not ready yet” he said and kisses me.

I made him feel beautiful. It was funny feeling that way, he wasn’t used to feeling just so lovely, inside and out. And, after wanting me so badly, in each and every way since he first saw me, even me teasing, kissing his body, biting his ass, and finally, licking his dick like it was a popsicle stick, and sucking it softly like a lollipop had been so amazing that he came. He never came with such gentle stimulation but it felt so good, he felt like he was coming forever. Best orgasm he’d ever had in his life! He’d never had such a gentle orgasm before.

 He was ashamed to admit that he came before I even started to suck him good. He never came so fast. Premature ejaculation overload. Doing sensual things with me excited him so much, because he’d wanted me for so long, and I was such a shy little creature, that for me to get nasty with him, to get sensual with him, confide my fantasies, hell, for me to even use the words dick and pussy, only with him, well, that proved how much I loved him, and how close I was feeling with him. The way things were with that sensual little creature, the hotter and sensual it got, the deeper his feelings of love for me was.

 If he couldn’t even last when I licked his dick like a tootsie roll how the hell did he expect to make it when he finally got to push deep inside my juicy, tight little pussy. He had to get control of himself before I was ready to have sex with him. Damn it if he’d bust a load after five seconds of thrusting and not even make it a good experience for me, like a fucking sixteen year old, because he lusted for me so badly. Part of him putting me off was that he’d lost his nerve. He wanted me so badly he was scared he would cum the second he was stroking in my hot little pussy, which why I think he stopped but I won’t tell him that, not to his face! I was a temptress alright, without even meaning to be, the way I moaned, the way I looked at him with the big surprised eyes when things got lusty. Those sexy faces I made when he started making me feel good. The adorable way my cheeks would flush.

 The sexy faces I made when I sucked his dick. I really did suck it like I loved how it tasted and I did, I do. He never had a woman make such a big deal over him before. He was starting to see, it was because those women didn’t love him. It now seemed to him that for a woman to be enthusiastic for dick, she had to really love the man. He had his dick sucked before, and it felt good, but those women didn’t do it with the enthusiasm that I showed. I loved him, and I licked his dick and looked at him with puppy dog eyes that made him melt. And it seemed his sweet little Lasia had dick fever now.

"Chris, you are the most beautiful man I’ve ever met! I want to make you feel so good just how you make me feel!” I exclaimed. I started kissing him so ravenously that I startled him.

 Even though we been kissing a little while now, the feeling of my soft sensual mouth, and my luscious tongue never failed to simply startle him with the pleasure of how good it felt. How wonderful I tasted.

 He squeezed me tight in his arms, reveling in the feeling of me mashed up firmly against his chest. He traced my little chin dimple as I forced my tongue even deeper into his mouth, tracing his tongue in sensual rapid circles with my own smaller tongue. My eager, kitten like aggression both turned him on, and tickled him to laughter with me spontaneity.

 So he laughed playfully into my mouth. I was giggling too. I nibbled and bit at his lips. Then, I looked into his beautiful big brown eyes. I kissed his cheek, and his forehead with gentle lips. He loved the tenderness between the two of us, and the closeness.

 "How can I make you feel good Chris? How can I make you feel like heaven like you make me feel,“ I whispered sweetly in his ear.

 I made him feel so sensual and good, he squirmed on the bed with me in his lap, and then he was embarrassed that wriggling like that was girly, the way I wriggled when he kissed me. But I stoked such a fire in him. Such a fire of passions and temptations denied.

 Oh sometimes, sometimes he wanted to make love to that sweet little thing so badly. Sometimes he didn’t want to wait anymore. Hell, he never wanted to wait anymore! But he did it for me. He wanted me to enjoy sex, and penetration, and understand what pleasure and love felt like. He could wait for me to me his mamma, Hell his mother Joyce already loved me, and now, Joyce had asked him to put me on the phone so early in the week I had gotten better from being sick and Chris was so cute cause he was jealous.

 My pretty little body was aching to be made love to, by a gentle man who loved me with all his heart, and would give me pleasure. And once I understood about the sweet pleasure of tender lovemaking, maybe then he could fuck me sometimes. If I wasn’t too scared of fucking because of my previous experiences. He only wanted to fuck me sometimes. I was too sexy not to fuck. Jesus! He’d be gentle most of the time. He’d only fuck me occasionally.

 "I want to make you happy like you make me Chris,” I murmured sucking his earlobe.

 "You do make me happy sweetness. You make me happy every day,“ he murmured patting and rubbing my ass.

"I want to make you happy like I did earlier today when we compared bodies, to see which body, God was talking about, a man, or a woman, when he said, he made man in His image. Oh Chris, I dream about it. I know you said, let’s not have sex yet, but ever since, it’s all I can think about is tasting you, so much I feel sick,” I groaned.

 I kissed him again. This time, there was a sexy, nasty cadence to my kiss. The way I kissed him, made him know exactly what I was thinking about. His dick.

Such a sweet, innocent, freaky little creature. No one would know but him. He loved it. Yes! What he’d been dreaming of since he first saw me. A secret, special, nasty bond between two people who loved each other like mad.

 "I….I want to…I want to feel you,“ I murmured deliriously against his lips. My hot breath made his groin throb.

 "I…I want it in my mouth so much Chris,” I moaned sucking and gently biting his lips. My hand moved sensuously up under his t shirt.

 "Oh, oh Lasia, bae, I love you so much,“ he murmured.

 "I love you too. Oh it’s so hard for me,” I moaned, and she squeezed it in his boxers. I wanted to try again I can’t be scared of the pain forever.

 "Lasia baby it aches. Don’t tease my dick like that. I don’t want to cum like this. You make me feel like a helpless little boy,“ he moaned.

 "Baby, you wasting your cum in those boxers, is, is the last thing in the world I want you to do,” I murmured. “I can’t help squeezing it Chris. It’s so sexy all big and hard like that,"  I moved my hand between my legs and squeezed, rubbed my little crotch, with my right hand, while squeezing and rubbing his dick in his boxers, with my other hand

 I wanted to try again so bad I was playing with my cute little pussy, just thinking about it…what I was about to do, once the pain went away.

 God damn it, sometimes he wanted to bang the living daylights out of his beautiful little woman. I was just like a pot full of tasty treats on the stove filled all the way up to the top and about to boil over. I hopped out of his lap so quickly I startled him.

 "Mmm pull down your boxers Chris, I wanna suck it so bad!” I cried.

 "Oh my sexy little sweetheart,“ he called gently, and before he could even take his boxers down, I was pulling them down around his ankles. Then I was kissing around his stomach and all over his pubic hair and his balls, and his haunches as I pulled down his boxers over his thighs, calves, and ankles.

 I kissed everywhere that I exposed except his aching dick. Oh he felt so good already he thought he might cum everywhere and I hadn’t even sucked him yet.

 I pushed him down towards the bed. I was small, and he was lean, tall and muscular, so I couldn’t really push him off balance, but clearly, he knew I wanted him to sit down, and he obeyed me like a schoolboy, his dick ramrod hard, pointing towards the ceiling.

 "I love your sexy dick!” I said  Just like before, I started my tender explorations of him, around his haunches. I gently licked and nibbled at them while he groaned with pleasure.

 Then, the glorious licking and kissing of his testicles while I gently stroked his shaft between my index and middle finger.

 Then I picked up his hardness, and licked a trail from his ball sack, all the way up to the tip of the underside of his dick.

 "You aren’t gonna waste it this time are you my lemon head? Your bae wants to taste it,“ I murmured and I pouted.

 Oh God did he love his woman! He traced my sexy full lips with his fingers so gently and kissed my forehead.

 "I won’t waste none baby,” he said

 I drew the most erotic circles around his dick, with a hot tongue that took his breath away, before closing my mouth on his dick like a humming bird.

 His body was throbbing with the raw pleasure of the sweet, hot, wet feeling of my lips, but his heart was throbbing with love, looking at my sweet little innocent face, looking up to him for love, and approval.

 Wanting to please my man.

 He wanted me to know, just how much he adored me too. He dotingly stroked my cheeks, and ran his fingers through my hair. He wanted me to know what a good job I was doing sucking his dick, and how good I made him feel. He wanted me to feel special, and proud, and sexy, like a good lover. He felt me pick up the pace of the sucking.

 God, it felt good, and he couldn’t hide the pleasure flashing on his features and flushing his face as he stroked the crown of my hair. He wouldn’t break eye contact with me. He wanted me to feel how much he cared about me, even as I was on my knees, serving him.

 "Suck it good baby. I love you so much!“ he moaned I looked at him angelically and took his dick even deeper into my mouth, further back towards the soft pallet of my mouth.

 I lips felt so good on his head he was squirming in the bed again. Soon he felt me very gently start to masturbate the shaft.

 "Oh Lai, that’s perfect. Don’t stop,” he murmured tenderly, stroking my lips with encouragement.

 Those hot innocent lips on his dick, slurping him with a fever. Sweet little lips that had never been cum in before, I taken him so deeply into my throat. Just a little bit further and the little creature would be gagging.

 He would never gag me though. He was careful not to thrust. It was beautiful intimacy, and I putting so much of his dick, deeply into my hungry lips, let him know that I trusted him, not to betray my trust and cause me pain and degradation by choking me, being overly eager. That was coming a long way for me…the way his poor little creature had been victimized in the past.

 But the sensation, the sensation of my hot mouth enveloping him like that, it made him want my pussy more. I suckled him like I was sucking a Popsicle, slow, but with passionate force.

 "Oh Lai, bae,“ he moaned. He leaned backwards into the bed, removing some of his dick from my lips. It felt so good and he needed to move.

 I was on my knees, and I crawled backwards a little bit. I was sensing his rhythm. I released some of his dick from my lips so I could suck more passionately. I was learning to be such a good little lover. I worked my mouth back and forth slowly, gently on the head, rubbing the shaft with my cupped hand. Then I started tickling the slit with my tongue while I sucked. While I sucked him, he saw me, masturbating myself, as though, touching him had me so torqued up I had to touch myself.

 God, he couldn’t stand the little visual of that sweet nasty little creature anymore, or the pleasure those hot wet lips and eager tongue were causing his dick.

 He bellowed with joy.

 When I saw him, grip on to the sheets, my eyes looked over his fingers and back into his brown eyes.  Nothing had ever felt so good to his dick. No one had ever given him such pleasure before. The joy and pleasure engulfed his aching shaft.

 "Oh shiiitt bae, I’m about to cum. Oh Lai, sweetheart, I love you!” he moaned loudly.

 He just felt gobs, and gobs of pleasurable, spine tingling relief shoot out of his dick. He couldn’t believe he was cumming in my sweet little lips while I sucked the head.

 His hot cum splattered everywhere in my mouth, his balls were tight, and aching, and they now spewed relief and pleasure everywhere. Just gobs and gobs of sticky white cum. Soon it wouldn’t even fit all into my innocent mouth.

 I furrowed my brow a little bit, and he worried at first that I didn’t like it, but soon he saw this love sick look flash on my features, and I had tears in my eyes, but they didn’t look like bad tears. It looked like I loved him so much.

 His load seeped everywhere, down the corners of my mouth, some dribbled down the pad of my lip. All his white creamy cum on my perfect, pouty little lips, my perfect, dark skin, it even dribbled on my sweet, sexy little chin, towards that little dimple. Sweet little thing, he hadn’t meant to fill my lips with so much cum that it would be gurgling out of my mouth.

 "I’m sorry bae,“ he murmured as I gently, slowly released the head of his dick, but not before kissing the tip.

 He impulsively pulled off his t shirt and used it to reached for my mouth, to wipe his cum off my face and down my cheek.

 "Oh baby, I love you too, I love what you do to me too,” he said “Come give your man a kiss baby,”

 He knew my mouth still creamy with the outlines of his come, but he didn’t care. He wanted to do every secret, tender nasty thing he could with me just like he shared the taste of my juices with me.

 "Really?“ I asked, as I used his shirt to get it all up. Damn! He’d cum a lot, he’d been aching to ejaculate so fiercely in any sweet part of his little woman for so long. Mercy! He pulled me up towards him passionately by the back of my neck. I stood up, sat in his lap, and he kissed me, then ran his fingers thru my hair.

 "Mmm, you taste so good to me Chris.” I groaned between our passionate tongue kisses.

 "Nothing is forbidden for us to share Lai. I want us to have our own sweet, loving, nasty playground. Freaky stuff that only we do,“ he said.

 "Oh Chris, I want to be your nasty little sweetheart forever. I love you so much,” I said

 "I love you too bae. You will always be my nasty little sweetheart…I’m never gonna stop loving you. And soon you’ll see how much. Now, someone ice cream is melting" he said and we got in the bed found a movie to watch and ate the junk food he had got for us.


The next day I had been up and out of the suite before she woke up I knew was tired cause we was until like 5 this morning I wanted to stay in bed with her but I had to get up and handle some business but I kept calling her every hour I was gone to see if she was awake so I could tell her where I was at but she slept and I didn’t mind doing what I had to do with her.  After I got done I went back to the suite and once I walked in I jumped on by her.

“Whoa shit” I said she court me off guard she was kissing and hugging on me and I hugged and kissed her back.

“Hey missed you” she said and walked to her purse grabbing it and looking at me. “Come on I gotta go”

“Where we going?” I asked following her out of the suite.

“I promised my brother that I’d hang out with him so we’re going to go Go Kart racing and Chanel and Tee are going to meet us there, and you’ll get to meet him and see that he’s not a bad guy” she said and with that we left. After about a 45 minute drive we got to the Go Kart place and went in.

“Chris I called ahead and yall got the place to yall self’s” Pat said and I nodded we went to check out the helmets and to pay for unlimited races.

“Lasia” a male voice said and we both turned and looked and I saw it was her brother she went to him and punched him in the stomach they both started laughing.

“Tammy dropped you off” she asked

“Yep” Mutant said

“Come here meet my boyfriend” she said putting him in a head lock bringing him towards me. “RJ this is my boyfriend Chris, Chris this is RJ aka Mutant”


“Nice to meet you” I said and dapped him

“I didn’t know you knew him, man my sister is like a super fan of your drives my parent’s crazy. Can’t say how many times she got grounded because of you and one time” he said but was cut off.

“SHUT UP MUTANT” she said punching him again.

“It’s okay bae” I said kissing her cheek making her blush.

“Yo let me get a picture with you no one will believe I met you” he said hand Lasia his phone.

“You cant tell mommy or Dad” she said

“I know, I know” he said we both posed for the picture.


“Ready to race” she asked and He was too busy looking at the picture

“Chris Brown ha tweeting this ran in to the man himself at Go Karting” he said tweeting the picture. Soon we started racing and RJ was talking much trash to me throwing me off my game and Lasia just laughed at us. After a hour there we was standing around when.

“We made it” Chanel said walking in and that dude Tee came in behind her I watch Lasia go to them and hug them both, and Tee tried to kiss her on the cheek but she moved out the way. And I walked towards them.

“Hey Chris” Chanel said hugging me 


“How you doing” I asked walking to Alasia and Tee.

“Chris baby this is Tee, Tee this is Chris my boyfriend” she said smiling and I smiled at her then looked at him. We shook hands

“Nice to meet you man, I wanna be famous like you one day and pull all the bad bitches” Tee said and looked at Alasia but she was looking at something else then she looked at him.

“Huh?” she asked

“Bae why do you go help Chanel pick out a helmet while me and Tee talk” I said and she looked at me then at Tee then back at me. “Go on” I kissed her forehead and she walked away slow and I saw her mouth  ^BE NICE^ I just nodded and looked back at Tee.

“What’s man?” Tee asked

“I’m not going to mix words with you so I’ll say this stay away from my girl plain and simple she’s mine not your so just back off” I said

“Your joking right?” Tee asked

“No I’m not stay away from my girl I know dudes like you stay away from her just know you been told just stay away from her, don’t look at her, don’t talk to her none of that cause you won’t be using my girl” I said

“You gotta be joking with me cause she’s my friend man and what do you care super star you can always get another one to replace her” Tee said and walked away.  I stood there hot I was about to go fuck him up when Alasia came to me and hugged me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked

“I don’t like him, he’s up to something so I don’t want you talking to him anymore” I said

“Tee he’s a pussy cat, just get to know him like I do and that will change” she said

“What did I say” I said and grabbed her arm tight. “I don’t want you, talking to him anymore yall are no longer friends”

“Your hurting my arm Chris” she said grabbing my hand.

“I don’t want him around you, or you around him got it, got it” I said

“My arm let me go” she says and I do.

“YO CHRIS COME ON” RJ yells and I kiss her then go to race RJ again.




School was back in full swing me and Chris have been having a great time together but now he back in LA doing showing and stuff like that but we always called and Skyped with each other. I knew I was going to be seeing Chris again soon cause he told me either today or tomorrow and I was ready to see my man hug him, kiss him, feel on him all that good stuff that comes about with being with someone, right now I was in school.

 After several hours at school I was in my next to last class today was different I didn’t get out of school til 3 not like before I got out a 1. So I was sitting here not all the way bored but getting there.

^BUZZ, BUZZ^ I take my phone out and check it

Lemon Head-Hey baby

Me-Hey babe

Lemon Head- I just got in town so come on I’m outside

Me-I’m still in class I don’t get out til 3

Lemon Head- WHAT? You heard me can you come here please

Me- I can’t just dip Chris I’ll see you in 2 hours

Lemon Head- you must be crazy to think I’m going to fucking sit here for 2 fucking hours, if your ass is not out here in 5 minutes you can find your own way home

I just looked at the text and put my phone up, I can’t miss my next class I have a test in that class.


Lemon Head-you heard what the fuck I said, I will leave your ass here I’m not playing with you

I just shook my head he can be for real, I’m not going to reply back to him.


Lemon Head- I warned you I’m leaving have fun finding your way home.

After reading his text I cut my phone off and put it in my purse. After both classes was done I walked out the building and I did look to see if Chris was here and he wasn’t so I started to walk to the bus stop I was going to have to catch the bus lucky I got on my sneakers. I sit down and wait for the bus. Normally I ride with my friends but today they got out early and I knew Chris was coming into town so I didn’t bother asking them to come back for me. I was thumbing thru my phone when a car pulls up in front of me and I see it’s Tee smiling.

“Hey” Tee says

“Hi” I says

“What are you doing?” Tee ask

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m waiting on a bus here” I say and we both laugh

“Oh I see… Where’s your BOSSfriend?” Tee says

“Whatever he’s not here” I say

“Come on I’ll drive you home I haven’t seen your mom in a while maybe I got a shot?” Tee asks and I laugh and get up look around then get in Tee’s car and we pull off… After about 15 minutes in the car we get to a red light and my door swings open and I look and see it’s Chris.

“CHRIS” I scream as he pulls me out the car and grabs my book bag and leans back into the car.

“I TOLD YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER, THE NEXT TIME I’LL FUCK YOUR DUMB ASS UP BITCH” he yells and slams the car door and comes to me and grabs me by my arm and walks me to his car and opens the passenger door and somewhat pushes me into the car and hands me my book bag and he runs around and gets in then drives off.

“What the fuck was that? huh? Why are you riding in the car with that motherfucker? I thought I told you not to talk to or be around him” he yells

“Don’t yell at me Chris, you said for me to find my own way home and I did, it was either catch a ride with a friend from school or I was going to have to catch the bus” I say

“Well next time I fucking tell your ass to come outside fucking do it” he says and I look at him.

“No you don’t own me I had class and I had a test too, and I wasn’t going to fail for your ass you trippen” I say and he laughing and reaches over and take my hand and kisses it.

“Alright baby, just write down your class schedule and that way I’ll know what days and times I need to be there” he says and smiles at me…

“Okay I will” I says and scoot over some and lay my head on his shoulder. We drove for about a hour Chris said he wanted to take me somewhere.. once we got there I noticed it was dealership, we got out and he went to go talk to someone while I looked around.

“Bae come here please” he said and I walked to him and we went walking towards the back and out of nowhere he covered my eyes.

“Chris” I said

“Shush woman” he said and we walked and walked til we stopped.

“Chris, Chris” I said

“Okay 5,4,3,2,1 LOOK” he said moving his hand and I saw



“Chris what is this” I said  then keys was placed in my face and I took them.

“It’s yours baby you said you always wanted one” he said

“AAAAAAAHHHH” I scream and hugged and kissed Chris and went to it and opened the door and started to looking around it.



“You like it?” he asked smiling

“I love it Chris and I love you” I said hugging and kissing him.

“I love you too baby” he said the looked at my face I stopped smiling. “What’s wrong?”

“What am I going to tell my parents when they ask about where it came from” I said sitting in the driver seat.

“Tell them you had enough money saved bae, give me a kiss” he said and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply.



1 week later I was in Kroger’s in the checkout line with RJ I was getting a few things for dinner and I was looking at the few magazines that they had there then I saw it and snatched it off of the rack and looked at it I couldn’t believe it . After buy the food and the magazine we went right home RJ was bringing the food in and I walk into the living room and cut the tv off.

“What are you doing, what’s wrong?” Robert says and looks at me.

“This is what’s wrong” I say and hand him the Magazine he looks at it then He just stared at me like I hit him with a pie in the face.

“What?” He asked with wide eyes.. “This has to be a joke this is not”

“Alasia” I hissed. “It’s our daughter on the cover and inside as well”

 "No, no this has to be a joke,“ He spluttered, gesturing to the magazine in his hand. "I just don’t believe this is true Vera”

 "Robert it’s true!“ I said  “Read it, it says who’s Chris Brown’s mystery woman, he’s been seen out and about with this woman in Atlanta” I take it from him and open it up to the main story. “Chris Brown has been seen showing public affection to this unknown woman, he has been spending a lot of time in Atlanta  who is this woman? We don’t know but Chris Brown is smitten with her, sources close to Brown will not deny nor confirm who she it just that she a lot of fun to be around… Robert this is Alasia our daughter” and he takes it from and looks at the paper work then BOOM he blows up. After about an hour and 10 minutes I called Alasia and told her to bring her butt home that we needed to speak with her right now and we meant right now. We was in the living room when we heard the door open up and Alasia walked in.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” he yells as she walk thru the door he comes from the living room

“What are you talking about?” she ask

“DID YOU THINK WE WOULDN'T FIND OUT THAT NO ONE WOULD KNOW” he yells and he goes to her and gets in her face and I just wanted to protect her.

“What are you talking about?” she says

“You out here going out hanging out with the biggest sinner in the world CHRIS BROWN” he says

“I’m not daddy I swear” she says


“Daddy please, he’s not like that he’s a nice guy I’m sorry” she say

“You will call this boy and end the friendship then go to church and get on the alter and beg God for forgiveness and you will repent for yours sins” he said

“No daddy I won’t do that” she said


“Daddy please there’s nothing wrong with him, I just wanna be in control of my own life for once and pick my own friends” she said

“I want you to let me know how would this look in the church you running around hanging out with this boy huh and I wanna know right now Alasia” he said

“I’m under no obligation to make sense to you” she said



^SLAP^ he slaps her and it took everything in me to stand there and watch.


“You’re kicking me out” she cries rubbing her face

“Robert” I yell

“STAY OUT OF IT” he yells looking at me “Yes you wanna pick a sinner of the world over your family and over God then you don’t live here til you do” he says

“Daddy you can’t pass judgment on him like that you don’t have a Heaven or hell to put no one in” she cries

“I don’t wanna hear no more explanations, save your breath, save your tears. Honesty, the truth, saved life that’s the way to please the Lord.” he said and I couldn’t believe him, his daughter our daughter.

“Daddy please, please don’t put me out, Daddy you been my age and I bear no more guilt than you” she said and the look on his face. He raised his hand again and ^SLAP^ this slap was worst then the first one and it caused her lip to start to bleed and he turns walks toward the den and she runs up stairs. I follow her and we go to her room and closes the door and she goes to her closet and gets her suit cases, duffle bags and book bag starts packing.

“Lasia” I say and she looks at me starts packing faster I just watch her and start to cry. “Please talk to me I’m sorry, you know how your father is” she doesn’t say a word to me we was in her room for about An hour and 15 minutes she pack all her stuff RJ came into the room and grabbed some of her bags we all go downstairs and I did help her carry them we walk out the door and I see Robert walking out to us and I could see he didn’t mean for her to really go we put her bags in the car.

“Lasia don’t go please, I’ll go crazy without you trying to kill me” RJ says and she hugs him.

“I’ll call you mutant” she says then she gets in the truck

“Promise” RJ asks and for the first time I saw his eyes tear up she nods yes and she looks at me and bats her eyes I know my baby she’s nervous and scared.

“Bye mommy” she whispers and drives off. I look back at Robert and he watches her drive off then storms back in and right to his office I know my husband he’s in there crying, GOD WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

alexisneierscalling  asked:

are you still doing the name thing? If you are, Sheena(11), Norelle(3), and Alasia(14) :)

Sheena (C11)- YELLOW FEVER. Sheena was everything to me, I loved her from the second Cycle 11 began. She really repped the asian community harder than Gina and just as great as Jenn. Her personality kept her very likeable in the competition. I remember she stood up for Isis alot and i respected that. She came clean about her boob job and was non judgmental. Her argument with Elina/Marjorie made no fucking sense on their part sheena was like ”ugh marjorie ur french ass stinks lmao” and marjorie was like ”bonjourhacnjececimshyasfuck” and elina cried about being a lesbo idk. she called out hannah on being racist too lmao. she fell VERY short on all stars but she still is one of the greatest models to grace the show. 8.5/10

Norelle (C3)- PANDA EXPRESS!? too adorable 4 ur eyes. Norelle was a big dose of ”why is this bitch trying to model is she a prepubescent 12 year old” but actually when she took her ”grill” off norelle had miles of potential. She was really sweet before but when she went overseas she became a dimwit dumbass and I LOVED it. ”what do you call people from tokyo? Tokyians?” she was team pink positive with ann and eva, so i thought it was the saddest thing when eva fucked her over and wanted her to do bad. (and then she went home that week). despite that norelle was a huge burst of personality and bubbly light for cycle 3 and it was disappointing that she hasnt modeled since about 2005. 8.3/10

Alasia (C14)- when promos came out i was like ”hmm ghetto chick from georgia?” and hell yes i was accurate. she fell to the ground and pulled off that terrible wig and i literally stood up and clapped bc thats an entrance. [krista was HATING omfg] with an exotic look and gorgeous smile/skin, alasia was hella crazy but i loved it all. she argued with EVERYONE in the house (ren, krista, jessica, anslee, angelea, brenda, raina even a collection of house appliances, a pile of trash and deodorant). She started off WEAK with her ass shot nude photo to which perv andre wanted to hang in his salon. then she went and clapped BACK with some stellar shots. she got eliminated in new zealand and even though she didn’t cry her elimination speech is one of the saddest to watch. She’s done some modeling after but shes not done as much as id wish. i mean she literally almost killed ren with a spoon and called out anslee on being a bad mom. alasia had some balls and it got her to top 6 for a reason. 8.4/10



I must have stayed in my room for the next few days I told my Mom I didn’t feel good so she kept my Dad away from me I called my job spoke to my boss and told him I didn’t feel well and that when I did I was going to work over time to make up my hours and he said that it was okay for me to get better. My face and my eye and my side was all healed up. It was my heart that was still hurting I couldn’t believe what happen I still was having nightmares as well. I was home alone today my Mom and Dad both went to work and my little brother went to school. The time now is 10:30am I was laying in my bed when.

^Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap^, I closed my eyes back ^Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap^ I sat up and looked around my room then looked at my window I slowly got out of bed and walked to my window opening the curtain I saw Chris standing there. I closed the curtain back. ^Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap^ I reopened the curtain then he showed me.


“Open the window please” he said and I unlocked my window and opened it up. Chris climbed in handing me the flowers.

“Thank you” I said looking at them for a few minute then I finally looked up at him. “What?”

“Nothing it’s good to see you I haven’t seen you in what 4 days and you haven’t been answering my calls, texts nothing” he said and walked towards me and I jumped and backed up. “Are you scared of me?” I wouldn’t look at him I had my eyes looking down at the flowers.

“Thanks for the flowers” I said in a low voice.

“Your more than welcome but why wont you look at me?” he asked and I felt him move closer and I couldn’t look at him, I wanted to scream how could you let that happen to me, am I just some game you play.

“I don’t know” I said I felt his finger under my chin and lift my head to look to look at him.

“Hey don’t be scared of me please, I’m not a bad guy you know that” he said and touched my face and leaned down to me and slowly started kissing me softly slowly he wrapped his arms around my waist and started walking me back towards my bed. He pushed his body into mines, making me fall back on the bed. He leaned over me, moving his between my legs lifting my legs around his waist.

“Chris” I said breaking the kiss and his lips went right to my neck and I had a flash of what Charles did to me and I started to freak out. “Chris stop please, Chris will you stop…”

“Bae” he mumbled against my neck and I moved my hands to his shoulders and started to push him. But he didn’t move, his hands started rubbing my hips and I lost it.

“STOP, STOP, PLEASE PLEASE” I screamed and started to cry and this caused him to stop and look at me, he went to touch my face and I moved from him, he then pushed himself up off of the bed as I turned on my on side.

“God, you’re so innocent” he said and sat down on the floor and watched me ball up and cry.


After that day Chris was at my house I didn’t see him again I saw on twitter and tumblr that he had went back home to L.A. that same day. I cried myself to sleep that day and when I woke up he was gone but not before leaving me a note that I haven’t read I just put it up in my closet and just picked to be a fan and go on with my life and that’s what I did.

These pasted 2 months I been going to school and working I did hear from Chris when he sent me flowers to my job and he had a car service pick me up from work the nights I worked late I wonder how he knew the nights I worked late. Hmmmm I know my friends told him but other than the flowers I haven’t heard from him and I haven’t texted him either and I had been to a counseling session with one of the ladies in my church and begged her not to tell my Dad what happened and she promises and I believe she wouldn’t tell. It’s the summer time and here I am standing in my doorway trying to get out the stupid trip.

“Why do he get to go to his friend’s house for the summer and I have to go with yall?” I asked

“Cause we said so, now shut up and go pack” my Dad said walking away and I stood there.

“Sasha, Toya and Jackie are coming with us so there shouldn't be a problem” my Mom said and I turned went into my room to finish packing for 2 and a half months what a trip but my girls are going to be with me so I won’t be totally bored.

A 4hr and 21 minute flight and a 40 minute ride to the house and I watch them look around the house, I mean it’s nice but one of the many my parents own. I went right to my room and started unpacking while in my own thoughts I felt like I was being watched so I stop what I was doing and looked at the door and there was my Mom standing there staring at me, it’s hard to avoid eyes of your Mom cause it’s like they see everything. That’s been one of the main reasons why I haven’t really left my room, I would take my dinner upstairs in my room or I would eat my dinner fast and go right back to my room or I’ve been working late so I wouldn’t have time to talk to anyone but now I was stuck.

“Lasia” my Mom said

“Yes” I said as she walked in the room closing the door behind her, then walking to me.

“What’s wrong?” my Mom asked

“Nothing I just don’t wanna be here that’s all I would rather be at home that’s all” I said and shrugged and she looked at me and I felt her touch my shoulder.

“I’m your mother and I know you in and out there’s something wrong what is it?” my Mom asked and that’s when the damn broke and I started to cry.  “What is it tell me”

“I was beaten and sexually assaulted 2 months ago” I cried I felt my Mom pull me to her and she hugged me, I felt a lot better telling her this cause me and my Mom are like best friends we have our moments but we always did stuff together I would sit in her from when my Dad was gone and we would talk and laugh so after what happen to me I shyed away from her. I knew she noticed but I now that I told her I felt better I just pray that she didn’t tell my Dad.

“Oh My God, I’m so sorry when did this happen? Where?” my Mom asked and here I was face with telling her the truth or telling a lie, WELP I guess I’ll go with a lie.

“On the way home from work after I got off the bus walking home from work” I lied and my Mom hugged me tighter.

“I’m so sorry” my Mom said and leaned back to look at my face “Did he?”

“No, no mommy I was able to get away before he could” I said and she hugged me again. After a while my Mom prayed for me and told me it was going to be okay and for me to never keep a secret like that from her again and I promised I wouldn’t and I wont I don’t like lying to my Mom, now my Dad is a different story I don’t care lying to him.

Hour later me, Sasha, Toya, and Jackie was all in the livingroom sitting around talking and laughing Sasha was on her phone texting for most of the time.

“I love this house this living room is bigger than my Mom’s livingroom and dining room put together” Jackie said

“So stupid” Sasha says

“Well Tracy and John are here so we are going to go, we more than likely won’t be back til the day after tomorrow and probably won’t be here til that night since we will have an early morning” my Dad said looking at us.

“Oh can we have the keys to the rental please so we can go get something to eat or go do something the next 2 days” I said I was waiting for him to fuss, he sat the bag down and pulled out the keys coming to me giving them to me, then leaning down to me and kissing my forehead.

“Okay princess be safe” my Dad said and I looked at my Mom and she smiled at me “Yall behave”

“YES Dad” we all said and started giggling and my Dad and my Mom start laughing to as they left and then they all looked at me and I was looking at them, we all was shocked that he didn’t fuss or say anything about not being here or we better not have people here or nothing.

“What was that?” Toya asked

“I don’t know I’m just as shocked as yall are…I hope my Mom didn’t, I hope she didn’t.” I said I hope she didn’t tell him what I told her, I have a bad feeling that she did but why didn’t he freak out? She must have soften him up first before telling him.

“So what are we going to do now?” Jackie asked

“I say we go mini golfing, I just looked up one online and it’s the neon kinda lights off everything glowing” Sasha said

“Okay but let me go shower and change I don’t wanna where this tho” I said and they said the samething we all got up and went to our rooms and showered and changed I came out the room I had on


“Let’s go whores” Sasha says and we all laugh and leave. After about a hour we was at Neon minigolf and having fun laughing at acting stupid.

“Oh please I kicked yall butts and yall know it” Jackie said dancing around.

“Let us play” a male voice said and we all turned and looked and Sasha went off skipping away from us hugging Mijo and then kissing and that when we all saw it was Mijo, Keeis, Hood, Austin, Robb and Kid Red.

“Hey yall” we all said and there was a bunch of hugs going around, did I forget to mention we was in California.

“What are yall doing here?” I asked

“Sasha texted me when yall got to the house and told me where yall was going” Mijo said

“Oh okay” I said and I did do a quick looked around and I didn’t see Chris so I sighed not a happy sigh or a sad sigh.

“Hey girl” Austin said  

“Hey Austin how you been?” I asked

“I’ve been good what about you?” Austin asked

“Good umm everything is good” I said and we all went and started playing again after 30 minutes of playing I heard the voice.

“Damn yall could wait for me, now I gotta catch up” Chris said I felt like my heart had stopped but I didn’t look over at him, I kept looking forward, it was a good thing it was dark with just neon lights teambreezy couldn’t see him and he wouldn’t cause a riot but I did hear Mijo talk to Pat and another guy. We all went on playing and I was staying clear of him really I didn’t wanna speak to him but at the sametime I did ugh what to do. We was all having fun laughing and acting silly. We was walking to the next whole when.


“Are you planning on ignoring me the whole time we’re here?” Chris asked and I shook my head no, I still haven’t looked at him. “Seems like you are you haven’t spoke to me, or looked at me or been near me until now” I just nodded and I still didn’t look at him. “Okay I guess I’ll have to take this upon myself then” and that’s when I felt it, Chris pulled me to him hugged me and gave us a little sway side to side. I finally looked up at him as I took in his scent that made my knees weak. “Can I have a kiss…Please”

“I guess” I said and he smiled and leaned down to me and I gave him my cheek to kiss twice and looked at me then kissed my lips.

“Hey” he said smiling

“Hi” I said

“HEY YOU 2 LOVE BIRDS COME ON” Keeis said and I went to move out of his arms but he only moved his left arm and kept his right arm around me so I put my left arm around him and we went and started back playing. After we was done with that we all wanted something to eat so we grabbed some food and went to Chris’s house I was standing by the painted wall he did on ustream just looking at it touching it.

“Hey are you plan on eating your food?” Hood asked

“Yes I am it’s just it’s Chris Brown’s house so let me have my fan girl moment” I said and they all started laughing and I went back to the livingroom and sat down next to Chris and started eating my food, we was all talking and laughing.  After we was done we was watching they guys play video games and SOMEHOW I ended up sitting on the floor in between Chris’s legs while he had his forearm is resting on my shoulders while he played and every so often he would kiss my forehead. I listened to him and Keeis talk trash to each other.

“Well looks like it’s time to go so I guess we will see yall tomorrow” Keeis said  as he put the controller down and everyone got up and I walked to Toya.

“Are yall going back to the house cause I’m ready to go too” I said

“No girl I’m going to Keeis’s house and we will see yall sometime tomorrow I guess if we don’t make other plans” she said smiling.

“Oh” I said

“You haven’t noticed that Sasha and Jackie left already?” she asked

“No I didn’t I do now” I said looking around and court Chris’s eyes and he winked at me and I smiled then looked back at Toya.

“I see yall looking all cute, he had the puppy dog look on his face when you got up and went to the bathroom and the moment you came back he perked up and was smiling” she said and we both giggled

“He did not stupid” I said

“He did too that’s why he had you sit on the floor between his legs so he could keep you close to him” she teased.

“Ready?” Keeis asked and she nodded and hugged me.

“Take care of you” she said

“Take care of you piece of cake” I said

“Piece of pie” she said and her and Keeis left and I stood there by the stairs I felt awkward being alone again with Chris after 2 months.

“Wanna go upstairs and watch some tv with me?” he asked smiling.

“Sure” I said and we went upstairs and right to his room I was smiling hard as Chris went to his bathroom, I’m in Chris browns house in his bedroom I did a quick happy dance then I went and sat down on the bed and turned on the tv. And watch the cartoons that he had on.

“Hey when are you going to let me see some of your drawings” he said stepping out of the bathroom drying his hands and throw the towel back into the bathroom.

“I didn’t bring any with me” I said

“You can draw here, what you want a wall? Paper? What you need?” he asked

“Umm Paper and color pencils” I said and Chris brought me all I needed and I started to draw and I laid down across the bed drawing I was lost in my own little world Chris was off doing something. I was soon done drawing and I laid the stuff down getting up kicking off my shoes and I went and looked for Chris he was outside smoking. “Hey I’m done”

“Okay” he said flicking his Newport and we went upstairs and I handed the drawing to him and he looked at it.


“WOW this is tight bae I love it, is this mine?” he asked smiling.

“Yes it is all yours” I said. I watched him got and prop it up on his dresser and looked back at me and smiled again.

“You can relax you know or are you going back home?” he asked

“I’ll stay here tonight” I said and looked around the room.

“So you staying in here or the guest room?” he asked

“I can stay in here I mean we sleep in the bed together before and you didn’t try anything so I can sleep in here” I said and he smiled showing his dimples  I kicked off my shoes and climb in the bed.

“I’m going to go check around the house to make sure everything I locked up” he said leaving the room cutting the lights out. I got under the covers, I laid there smiling to myself I was in Chris Browns bed all of teambreezy wanna be where I am, I laid there smiling till I fell asleep.

I was sleeping when I felt someone touch me and I slowly open my eyes and I see him moving fixing the cover over us. I lean up to him then kiss him on the cheek and I rest my head on his shoulder..

“Chris how do you feel about me?” I ask

“How do feel about you, I think about you all day long I have to make myself think about other things but my mind goes right back to you, I’m crazy about you I want to protect you from any and everything out there… I would kill to keep you safe if I have too, and I care about you too much I don’t wanna see you hurt.” he says

“Chris, you said that you want to protect me from thing out there” I said

“Yes Lasia. I said it and I mean it, don’t we all do that?” he said

“Yes but about that night with what happen?  Where was that protection? How could you let that happen? Why would you have someone like that in your inner circle? He told me that you planned on passing me around anyway is that true?” I asked sitting up now, he followed me sitting up too. I looked at him and the look on his face I seen many times, it’s the look he has when he’s in court. I sat there staring at him this must be the first time he didn’t look at me and that’s when I allow the tears to fall cause it must be true he didn’t have anything to say cause he was wrong. “OH GOD it’s true you were” I got out of bed and grabbed my stuff putting on my shoes and went to walk out the door and I did look back at him and he was sitting there still not looking at me and I left the room going down the stairs and right out the door. I got in my car and put the address to the house in the GPS and drove all the way back to the house, which was an hour or so drive. I went in and right to my room took everything off and took a shower then got in the bed. After about a 40 minutes I was sleeping when.

^CHIME, CHIME^- ^CHIME, CHIME^ I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my phone saw it was Chris calling.

“No I don’t wanna talk to you” I said putting my phone down, and turning over. Threw out the night he kept calling and calling and calling to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. “What do you want Chris”

Ph) “Look I’m sorry okay I didn’t think you was going to leave, it just that” he said but was cut off.

“Chris I’m trying to get some sleep it’s” I said looking at the clock. “1:00 in the morning and I’m sleep so I’m going back to sleep good–”

Ph) “Can you come back please I don’t wanna explain over the phone” he said and I got up and sat there. “Lasia please”

“Okay here I come” I said…click…. I got up and just throw some stuff on. And left the house using my gps to take me ALL THE WAY back to Chris’s house. After this long drive which I was sleepy I made it back to his house and before I could knock on the door, he opened it up I guess he was by the window waiting for me to show up.

“Come on in, thanks for coming back” he said and I just nodded and we walked to the livingroom and sat down. “Okay there’s a lot I need to explain to you and I want you to listen to it all before you react or reply back ok”

“Yea” I said turning my body towards him and he was looking straight ahead.

“Okay before yall even got there Austin told us he had some girls coming over to the pool party, this is before he told me you was the one who let him in to get my shit for me. But anyway he said he got some girls coming over and I made the comment saying I got first dibs and yall can have my sloppy seconds and we all laughed cause my crew knew I was joking. Then yall got there and we was having fun you know, after we all went upstairs to chill in the room Austin came told me and he was like the one who you pulled in the pool is the one who let me in the store to get your stuff, and I was already feeling you anyway. Then I got to come over your house and shit. I remember one of the niggas was like I wanna holla at ole girl who was here the dark skinned one and I was like nawl leave her alone she’s not for you cause I really didn’t know dude that well he was one of Robb’s friends I just met him like 2 or 3 weeks before we all came to Atlanta. And night I don’t know what happen we was all outside having a goodtime and I remember you saying you was going to the bathroom and like after 5 minutes after you left ole boy got up and went in and I was like something ain’t right then it was like 10 minutes later and you still didn’t come back neither did he so I got up to see where you was at that’s when I heard you screaming at first I thought it was the music, but I heard you scream for help so I took off looking for you and pulled the motherfucker off of you and I gave him one punch and he was out.” He said

“Chris” I said but was cut off.

“Let me finish after I took you home I called my niggas and told them what happen and they beat the fucking shit out of him and sent him on his way to figure out how to get home. I’m sorry for what happen to you that was all on me I should have known better to let some nigga I really didn’t know hang out with me” he said

“Chris –“I say but was cut off by him putting his hand over my mouth and pull me closer to him.

“I do try to protect those I care about and I refuse to apologize for it! I care about you too much I don’t wanna see you hurt, and you have my heart.” he says removing his hand from my mouth. Did he say what I thought he said?

‘So…. you have feelings for me?” I asked

“Yes Lasia, I’m rather afraid that I do, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve acting a little more crazy than normal. I like you so much (he put his hand over my mouth again) you don’t have to or need to say it back if you don’t feel the same way” he says and slowly remove his hand again.

“I’m feeling you too I mean I like you too, I mean come on now your Chris Brown I love you but getting to know you I really like you too” I say




I was smiling ear to ear she really likes me too, I happy about that I pulled her closer and hugged her tight. I been going crazy for 2 months without her around now that she’s here I’m happy.

“Lasia when Mijo told me yall was coming to California man you talking about a nigga was excited man I think I got on Mijo’s nerves I kept asking him where was yall what time yall was going to be here. Then I had to go do something at the studio and once I left the house and went to the studio Mijo texted me and told me yall was here in town and that yall was going mini golfing so I was ready to get out of the studio and see you” I say and she giggles  

“You was doing all you could to make me look at you today” she said resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yea I was like she won’t even look at me, but I kept looking at you and I was like man she still look good, so I had to slow down walking so I could walk with you… Why are yall in Cali and for how long?” I asked

“My Dad runs vacation bible school sometimes he comes alone, or the whole family comes or just him and my Mom comes so yea and I will be here for the full summer” she said

“So I got you for the whole summer” I said smiling.

“Yes you do” she said

“Good, come on let’s go to bed it’s late, oh I got tickets for the Lakers game tomorrow you wanna go with me?” I asked we both got up then went up the stairs to my room.

“Sure I never been to a basketball game before other than my schools you know” she said and we walked into my room and I pulled off my shirt and took off my pants til I was left in just my boxers I threw it on a chair. I turned the tv on, I cut the light off then I climbed in the bed and I looked at her as she went to the bathroom.

Soon we was laying in the bed I had dozed off while she was in the bathroom but woke up when I felt her put the cover over her I opened my eyes and looked at her and she smiled and touched my face. I leaned over to her and kissed her forehead then her nose then her lips, I felt her tongue touch my lips and of course I welcomed it into my mouth ad deepened the kiss.

The moon shone brightly through the open window. We were tangled together in the bed, kissing deeply and passionately. I was on top of her, pressed against her body and grinding against her gently. Her legs were wrapped around me. My hands slid up and down her sides, feeling her generous curves. I left a trail of kisses from her lips to her neck. I heard her whimpers and sighs in my ear, sending my arousal on overload. My dick ached inside of my pants, desperate for release. I loved the soft touch of her hands gliding along my back and how she dug her nails in on occasion.

 Her pussy was rapidly growing slick, soaking her juices into her panties, I could feel it against my boxers which was making me harder. Every kiss, every caress, everything that I did to her was too much.

 When I hit the most sensitive region on her neck, just under her ear, her eyelids fluttered and she moaned,

 "Chris, that feels so good.“

 "I’m glad,” I groaned into her flesh. My lips lingered in that spot, and then took a detour down to her collar bone before returning.

“Is it okay if I touch your breasts?” I whispered “If you say no I won’t be mad”

 "Yes, yes, of course,“ she nearly wailed. I lifted myself off of her just a bit and steadied myself on the arm that was cradling her head. I planted soft kisses over every centimeter of her face as my hand drifted up over the curve of her chest. The soft fabric of her shirt scratched against my hand as I cupped her breast and the sensation from feeling her rock hard nipple against my palm through her clothing sent a jolt of pleasure to my erection.

 "Here, let me help you,” she mumbled, pulling her hands away from my back. Quickly, she lean up and took her shirt off, revealing the shiny silk bra that she wore.

 My mouth went dry as I admired her body. I pushed myself up more in order to get a better look. My fingertips trailed along the top of the cups of her bra, feeling her soft flesh. Her breasts were propped up and strained inside of her bra. I ached to feast on her, but was in no rush.

I looked up at her face and smiled. “You’re beautiful, Alasia. Absolutely gorgeous.” I said

 She bit her lip and shied away, looking off in the dark room. I took my hand off of her chest and gently nudged her cheek back over so that I could see her eyes. I kissed the tip of her nose.

 "You need to get used to hearing that. You are beautiful and you deserve to hear it more than I would ever be able to say it.“ I  said as my hand returned to her breasts, running back and forth and into the valley between her mounds of flesh.

 "Thank you,” she muttered, tracing her fingers along my scratchy jawline. She felt like she was melted into the bed, overwhelmed by the sensations I provided her, and even more so, the words I said. Her heart was warm, near the level of exploding with what felt like love. “Love?” she asked herself silently. “It’s too soon for that. Way too soon. But, this has to be what it feels like.”

 I kissed her lips, breaking off her thoughts of anything but what we were doing in this moment. My lips made their way down her neck and over her chest, leading down to her tits I looked up at her

“Is this okay?” I asked She nodded and smiled softly.

“Very much okay.” She said as her fingers twirled in my short hair while she watched me. She moaned as I kissed and licked her skin. It felt like I was absorbing everything that I could.

 Her nipples were so hard that they hurt, especially being confined inside of her bra. My tongue felt like it had dissolved into her flesh, leaving a trail of saliva as I tasted her. My hand lightly groped her as I devoured her tits.

 She could feel my dick pressing hard against her pussy through our clothes as she met my gentle thrusts and rolled her hips. She was desperate to have me and washed over with lust.

 "Chris,“ she moaned. I moaned a response into her delectable skin. Hearing her moan my name sent shivers down my spine.

 "Chris,” she tugged on my ear to angle my head up so that she could look at my face. Her breath was ragged and she panted, “I’m ready”

 I moved up so my face was over hers and my eyes locked with hers. I wanted for her as well, but I knew it was lust. Not love, I forced myself to push my desire for more out of the way. It wasn’t time yet. My hand stroked her face and I smiled down at her.

“Alasia, I want to. I really want to. But, I don’t think we should.” I said looking in her eyes.

 Her lips trembled as she asked, “Why? You don’t want me?”

 "Oh god no. I do be I do.“ I said and kissed her forehead repeatedly before lifting up again. "I know you want this and believe me, I want too.” I stroked my thumb over her lips. “But, you’re worth waiting for, and you held on to your gift for 19 years it won’t hurt to hold on to it a little longer”

 Tears began welling up in her eyes. ” My Gift…“ she stuttered. I leaned down and kissed the tears away that had escaped, and then kissed her eyelids.

"Yes bae this that you got is a fucking gift that any man would love to unwrap” I said She pressed her lips together and sniffled, trying to keep her emotions under control. Here I was this perfect man, gentle, warm, and loving, who obviously cared for her. It was something she had never felt. She didn’t know what to say, there were no words within grasp to explain what she was feeling. “Don’t be sad, baby, please.“ I pressed my forehead against hers. “We haven’t had a real date yet, depending on what you want to call the night I stayed over.” That line made her giggle, which in turn, made me smile. “We have plenty of time. I want it to be special when we do.”

 "I understand. Thank you.“ She said wiped her face. "Sorry, I’m such a mess.”

 "No need for apologies.“ I said then kissed her trembling lips. "I’m going to take you out on a date tomorrow the game then dinner okay” I saw her eyes sparkle, even though they were still wet.

 "I think I would love that.“ She said then smiled fully and her fingers tickled the back of her neck. "I hope this doesn’t mean we have to stop making out.”

 "Does it?“ I asked then started tickling her over her ribs, causing her to squirm under me. She giggled hysterically and shook her head wildly, causing her hair to whip my face.

"No, please. Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me, Chris.” She giggled and I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her again.

After kissing for what felt like minutes which was a lot longer I had to stop or I going to end up fucking the shit out of her and I didn’t wanna do that, not at all. We slept for about 4 or 5 hours I rolled over reaching for a warm body but it wasn’t there. I opened my eyes slowly and looked and she was gone. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth and came out and smiled when I saw her cell and her keys still there on the dresser. I opened the room door and then the smell of food hit my nose. I left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen where I can smell the food being cooked. I walked to the kitchen door and stopped when I saw Alasia at the stove cooking she only had on her white crop t-shirt and her black and pink boy shorts. I felt my blood rush to my dick and I rubbed my hand over my face and said a little prayer. Father keep my near the cross! I walked into the kitchen and right behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

“Morning bae” I said and jump.

“You scared me Chris” she said and popped my hand. “I hope your hungry”

“Yes I am I’m hungry like a hostage” I said kissing her neck and she turned and looked at me and started laughing. After we got done with breakfast we was laying back in the bed watching tv and just relaxing today.

“Oh I need to go back to my house and get something to where to the game then out to eat” she said laying her head on my chest and lacing her fingers with mine.

“Okay when you ready to go I am bae” I said and rest my left hand on her waist as we watch Law And Order:CI. I cant wait to take her out on a real date I think she will enjoy herself.