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A Path for Two

A fanfiction for Gency Week (yes, I am a whole week and 2 days late). This is for the prompts Couple, Healing, and Protect.

Action. Romance.

Everyone did it differently. Everyone took it at their own pace. Some a little at a time and some not at all. For Genji, falling in love with Angela had been a long process. One which he did not realize was happening until it already happened.

He was never one to be tip-toeing about the topic of dating and asking someone out. At least not in his younger days at the very least. But it was arguable that perhaps he had never really been in love with everyone before Angela. To him, she was much too different from any other woman for him to even think about using the same technique as he did with others.

She was an elegant doctor who worked with confidence and without rest, one with so much selflessness that he couldn’t possibly think about trying to influence. After all, how could he make someone like her confess her feelings to him? She was much too considerate and too sweet to put him in such a situation. Or well, that was what he thought anyway.

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uglygender  asked:

Hey Morgan! I was wondering how you've experienced trans centered attraction over the years and how it's changed perhaps throughout transition and the years. for example, did your attraction for ftms develop after being out in the community or did it happen differently? also how have you seen the t4t community change throughout the years? i've only been out for 6ish years so i have no concept of the time before that sincerely, #ftm4mtf4life

Helloooooo handsome!

As you well know, I appreciate any opportunity to wax poetic about my masc-loving ways. So I’m happy to field these questions and give you the low down on the T4T moment.

I got into the mascs seven years ago. Let me back up a little. When I first transitioned as a teen - this was in the Bronze Age, when livejournal was king - I was a deep stealth woman (girl) of trans experience. Back then, the MTF and FTM worlds were rigidly divided, and I was only marginally aware of FTMs even existing. I did have a minor curiosity about two mascs back then - one of whom is now a well known go-go boy in Toronto, the other of whom has a tragic tale of ftm4mtf widower woes that obviously given my own background I highly relate to - but in general I was all about cis men (side note: I was a member of ftmundressed on LJ, though, so there was certainly some foreshadowing). However, my dreams about finding the perfect str8 cis man were met with the reality that mostly only chasers and nerds are into trans women, and they’re almost all bottoms and rarely will treat a trans woman as a viable partner.

Like many trans ladies, early on I dipped my toes into the T4T pool - but on the mtf4mtf side! I dated this girl, who is now my lifelong sister, and she was dating this trans dude who I developed a mild crush on. Anyways, suffice to say, lesbian life was not for me (I have tried and tried, but alas, I am hardwired to want MEN, and also anyone else who is masculine enough like certain butches).

I did manage to wife up with one lovely man (although, it should be noted that he is kind of a they and calling him a man has always been a stretch). We lived together for several years and it was a the period of greatest stability in my life. He’s like a brother to me now. But that was also the problem: he became more like a brother. Around the time that I began realizing that, I got involved in trans community for the first time, leaving my deep stealth life behind. So, I promptly fell in love with this masc I was running a support group alongside. After nearly a year of the most awful relationship drama I have ever been through even to this day, I finally got over this first masc, but I was hooked!

It was like I had finally found exactly what I wanted! Not in that “best of both worlds” gross cis way - just more in that I found a pool of men I could actually enjoy getting to know, who wouldn’t be chasers and also wouldn’t have to be the very specific type of nerd who is for some reason always into trans women, and with whom I could have the best sex of my damn life. And I haven’t gone back since. It’s trans men for me, from here on out. (Confession: I actually have tried to kick the habit a few times but I find sex with cis str8 men so deeply unsatisfying now that I’ve been spoiled by A+ trans man sex that I just cannot bring myself to give up trans mascs - I could go on and on about this, but this message is already too long).

T4T has always been a thing - even way back in the 1940s with Roberta Cowell and poor unfortunate Laurence Michael Dillon. I would say that back when I came out, it was mostly (and really, still is) mtf4mtf and ftm4ftm. And I have so many thoughts about that, but you’ll have to track me down IRL for the scoop on that one! The big game changer is our own dear Hussy - her column for and her Tumblr dearhussy played a big role in establishing a specific sexual identity, with attendant lingo. Certainly it did for me and most of the people I know!

Though our love that dare not speak its acronym has always been a thing, it seems really only since The Hussy’s existence that there’s been a gradual shift to treating T4T as its own thing, rather than as simply being subsumed into gay, lesbian, or str8 identity. The Hussy (and also myself) began articulating a cosmopolitan sexual identity specifically without relation to cis people as a positive, rather than as a compromise/second best as it had previously been viewed.

This happened at the same time that, post-Whipping Girl, trans communities finally started to slowly become more integrated. Whereas in the past I would usually be the only trans lady at the queer dance party, now there were dozens of them with asymmetrical haircuts! And with all of this mingling, mtf4ftm was bound to happen eventually. And now it’s almost becoming an actual Moment - which is wonderful, although I feel slightly less special being not the first trans lady many of my gentlemen callers have dated before.

So that is a brief history, both personal and communal, of the T4T. As I’ve seen it, anyways. Good luck with the ladies!

victorialee-93  asked:

So I've only seen a handful of Steven Universe episodes. Can you explain the relationships between the gems? Can they all fuse with each other? Plus Pearl was in love with Rose? Or do they all have a love thing? Because they need love in order to be a fusion? Plus I saw a thing on tumblr about a pink lion? Pls help.

Lol well, I’m no official source on the matter, but I do LOVE the show and have seen all the episodes so far so I think I can help. I’ll try to keep it brief.

Can  they all fuse with each other?

- Yes, once they get in sync, they can form a fusion with one another. When all three of the crystal gems fuse, they form Alexandrite.

Pearl was in love with Rose?

- Yes. She was devoted to her to the point of infatuation. As Pearl put it, Rose made her feel like she was everything. But, alas, Rose fell in love with human Greg (Steven’s Dad). It’s unclear whether or not Rose ever returned Pearl’s feelings before falling for Greg.  

Do they all have a love thing?

-This question depends on who you ask and what you want to believe. Personally, I don’t think so. Not romantically anyway. 

Garnet, is a fusion between two gems that are currently in a relationship and in love with each other (Ruby and Sapphire), so she is complete on her own and doesn’t feel the need to be in a romantic relationship with anyone. Pearl was/is in love with Rose Quartz. And Amethyst is technically single and never had overt romantic feelings for anyone yet from what we have seen. The love they all feel for each other is more familial/friendly than anything else. Though that strictly depends on who you ask. Some people ship the crystal gems with one another, and its easy to see why. Lots of fans like to ship Pearl and Amethyst romantically because of their opposing personalities, and though they have moments of squabbling, they get along from time to time and show they care for one another. But, in my personal opinion, its nothing more than the type of relationship you would see between two family members who care about one another. 

Garnet and Pearl is another ship that you can find depending on who you ask, though as I have stated, and as Garnet makes it quite clear in the show, she doesn’t desire to be in a romantic relationship with anyone. Though Pearl may lean on Garnet and greatly admire her for what she has, being so complete, I hardly would say there is any romance there. But again, that’s just my opinion. To put it in more human terms, their dynamic is essentially this: Garnet is the wise grandmother figure, Pearl the worrying mother, and Amethyst the reckless teenager/young adult if you want to think of it that way. By the “gemetics” of these characters, it is completely possible for them all to be in a relationship as age means nothing to them and they can never be considered children. But by means of their individual personalities and characters, I personally don’t see them romantically involved with one another.

They need love in order to be a fusion?

-Yes and no. Fusion, is meant to represent relationships. All kinds of relationships. A good, stable fusion is a representation of a good relationship, meaning both parties can collaborate with one another and trust one another. A bad, unstable fusion represents a bad relationship. 

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

Fully formed gems can fuse without love, as long as they consent to it, as we see in the show with Jasper and Lapis Lazuli fusing out of revenge and scorn. And as a result, their fusion is highly unstable and would have come apart, but is only held together by Lapis trapping Jasper in the tiresome fusion, or relationship (think of any abusive relationship between two individuals: parent/child, two friends, two lovers, etc. this is what often happens. One or both persons feel trapped and it’s toxic). 

Most fusions we have seen so far in the show, have been somewhat stable, but tend to come apart at minor discrepancies. Such as Opal, formed by Pearl and Amethyst. They care about each other when it really matters and will put their differences aside to be able to fuse when it counts. Which is a good description of their relationship as a whole. Opal represents what they can accomplish when they can collaborate. But it doesn’t last long because of their clashing personalities and perspectives. If you want to think of fusion as romantic, then its a good representation/prediction of their dynamic in that as well. 

The Homeworld gems are even experimenting with fusion, fusing broken gem shards against their will,… and it’s working. There is certainly no love in that. But, they are all highly destructive and monstrous (A relationship without any agreement or consent even, is just, well…. disgusting), nothing like Garnet. There is speculation that Garnet is basically the types of fusions that Homeworld strives to create, but because of its fantastic caste system, and apparent disdain of gems fusing for love, they fail at it.  Garnet on the other hand is the ultimate stable fusion we have see so far in the show. She can keep her composure under intense pressure and circumstances. Ruby and Sapphire can stay together as Garnet through almost anything. And it’s because they love each other unconditionally. Love ins’t necessary to fuse, but it is if you want to create a stable fusion such as Garnet. 

I saw a thing on tumblr about a pink lion?

-Yes! that’s Steven’s pet,… Lion! Lion presumably belonged to or was a friend of Rose Quartz. Lion found his way to Steven who begged the Crystal Gems to let him keep his new pink friend. 

I really hope that helps!