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Hope this doesn’t come over as selfish promotion, but I wanted to share this Tumblr of an online magazine where I’m one of the writers/editors. I’ve reblogged a few articles here before but if you are interested in art and culture from the ‘Arab and Islamic world’* I recommend this blog and magazine.

About it and us: we’re a small team from Belgium and the Netherlands who want to bring articles in Dutch and English about art we feel has been either neglected or portrayed as 'exotic’, 'world music’ etc. in the mainstream Dutch and Belgian media. We wanted to bring a new medium that shows our worlds and countries in a way where its inhabitants are seen as human beings. That may sound weird, but in mainstream media here our people are rarely shown in a context that is not about 'countries with corruption’, 'poor countries’, 'underdeveloped countries’, 'war-torn regions’, 'oppressed people’… while we see a region with people who have ambitions, dreams, create art and express themselves and show their lives with all their beauty and struggles through art. Another part of our motivation to write is to just be ourselves and tell about what we see and like about our heritage instead of waiting for (white) European mainstream media to write our stories for us.

*This description is temporary: we’re looking for a better way to describe the worlds of our magazine because not everyone here/there is Arab or Muslim, and not everything is 'Islamic’.