alarming stats

god. i deeply resent white trans women. you try so hard to make it look like ur the centre of transmisogynist violence.

but you aren’t. i promise u.

you know what the alarming global stat i saw the other day said?

99% of globally reported trans murders are all trans women of colour.

the vast majority – globally – being Black and/or Latina (since Brazil alone accounts for about half the yearly reported deaths)

i’d like it. just once.

if these white trans women could just like. recognize that they aren’t at the greatest risk?

i know i’m not. i’m light skinned and i live in canada. the chances of me being murdered are pretty slim (despite the past 2/3 murders in canada being SE Asians). if only bc i also don’t do sex work and while i do date men, i’m not in an abusive relationship.

look. unless you have one or more of those factors going for you, you aren’t at the greatest risk. and you should shut the fuck up about ‘violence against trans women is at an epidemic’


but which ones? what are the actually factors that play into who is the most vulnerable and, thus, who needs to be centered?

god. i hope you all realize that by framing things in this way. by flattening it out. you’re just violently erasing the most vulnerable in our community. and fuck u.