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Stellar’s morning wake up alarms are now available on the app “Alarm Mon”! You can find “Alarm Mon” on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Please support the girls! :) The app is in English, and alarm recordings/videos subbed, so no need to navigate any Korean here! There is also a promotion going on that purchases go in to a draw to win Stellar prizes (like signed albums) for the next 3 weeks! :)
Enjoy your mornings with Stellar~
- Stellar Twinkles


Again, not a snowball in hells chance of any awards for photography (apart from worst of the year!) but I was equally excited to get a couple of male Blackbirds feeding on the lawn. They are such a rarity in my garden. Wish I’d been using my other lens!

I’ve filmed two males fighting, and recorded the alarm/territorial call of a female, but they rarely visit lower than a tree. 

Photographed through closed window

Seventeen waking up in the morning
  • S.coups: *Has a photo of Jeonghan next to him so he's his first sight in the morning*
  • Jeonghan: Has a picture of himself....EVERYWHERE.
  • Joshua: His alarm is a recording of him on his guitar jamming out.
  • Jun: He wakes up by chance, if he's early more sleep for him, And if he's late, oh well.
  • Hoshi: Wakes up at 10:10 everyday, even on weekends.
  • Wonwoo: Wakes up by his alarm clock blasting My Chemical Romance; Teenagers.
  • Woozi: Wakes up to seungkwan "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WA-WAKE UP!"
  • DK: Wakes up just to hear woozis suffering. THEN helps Seungkwan out.
  • Mingyu: Wakes up in the same bed as Wonwoo, with the same alarm.
  • THE8: Wakes up Bboying.
  • Seungkwan: "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WA-WAKE UP!"
  • Vernon: Wakes up to his own mixtape on reply, just jams out to it instead.
  • Dino: "Mom, I don't wanna get up!"
  • Jh: "Dino who's baby are you?"
  • Dino: *Long depressing sigh* "Jeonghans baby..."
Tokimeki Alarm
Kohinata Hozumi (CV: Ono Kensho)/Kadowaki Ayumu (CV: Shimono Hiro)
Tokimeki Alarm

Prince of Stride Audio Drama - Take a Day Off Track 01 (snippet)

This is an excerpt from the Take a Day Off drama CD. In this part, Hozumi wakes up to the alarm he and Ayumu recorded the night before, and is planning to sleep more since it’s a holiday, but Ayumu, clad in armor(?), barges into the room… Enjoy the weird alarm~ (・ω・)b

(8:00 AM, at Ayumu’s home; Hozumi is still asleep)

(Hozumi’s phone alarm sound goes off)

Ayumu: It’s not gonna stop~ (Hozumi: Yeah!)
Ayumu: It’s not gonna stop~ (Hozumi: Wow!)
Ayumu: This ringing alarm sound is not gonna stop~ (Hozumi: Hmm!)
Ayumu: Stop sleeping!*
Hozumi: Wake up!
Ayumu: Stop sleeping!
Hozumi: Wake up!
Ayumu: Check your phone!
Hozumi: Slide the screen!
Ayumu: Check your phon–

(Hozumi switches the alarm off)
Hozumi: Uh…huh? This place is…
      …Oh, right. Today’s a holiday, so I stayed over at Ayumu-kun’s house. But this alarm we recorded last night…it’s just too loud! I don’t want it! Delete!
      (yawns) I can still sleep more today…so happy, hehe~ I have to thank Mom for this, since she said not to worry about the house once in a while and have fun. Thanks, Mom! Aah, the mattress feels so comfy…
(heavy footsteps)
Ayumu: (shouts)**
Hozumi: (surprised) What’s the matter, Ayumu-kun?! …You look kind of gallant…like a knight preparing for battle, wearing a full plate armor–!
Ayumu: Sir Hozuminstan! The time of our departure has finally come!
Hozumi: What…did you say!?!
Ayumu: Come now, it is time! Leave that peaceful mattress behind and stand up! Sir Hozuminthos!
Hozumi: (gasps) …I understand, Sir Ayumundes! I have absolutely no idea what is happening, and I also do not know where we are going, but that is of little concern!
      I will trust you, and be with you wherever you go!
Ayumu: Thank you. Your bravery will be praised for years to come…!

* I couldn’t really understand what they were saying from this point until the alarm was cut off (I’m hearing the word 画面, but I’m not entirely sure if I’m hearing that correctly), so I just placed here what I thought would be sensible as an alarm tone… :P
** Same as above, couldn’t get what Ayumu was shouting orz (I think it was something like ザ・ホラーズ or ザフラズ). Was it something referring to a work involving knights/knighthood? Something else entirely? If anyone knows, please do enlighten me, it would really help! Thank you! m(_ _)m