alarm clock

hey friends who have smart phones, i have two apps to recommend to you that have made my life a lot easier, and maybe they will help you too!

the first one is an alarm app called I Can’t Wake Up!

you can find it here on google play or here on the itunes store.

i have disordered sleeping and i take a medication every night that makes me very tired, so it can be nigh impossible to get myself out of bed in the morning (or afternoon, for that matter). this app is super customizable and it gives you tasks that you have to perform before the alarm will shut off - you can do math problems, memory and matching tasks, ordering numbered tiles, re-typing randomly generated text, etc.

my two favorites are the ones that get your body moving: “shake” - shake the phone vigorously until a bar is full - and the “barcode.” the barcode is great because even if you keep your phone right next to you while you sleep it forces you to get out of bed and scan a code (or several) that you’ve chosen previously. i cut mine out of a receipt and taped it behind my bathroom mirror, but you could also use something like a product barcode that requires you to locate the item.

i can’t speak for the iOS version but the android app, while effective, does not have a particularly user-friendly interface - that said, once you dig through some menus you can customize it almost any way you want. if you’re like me, your half-conscious brain will do almost anything to avoid being fully awake, and you can’t rely on willpower to get you there. with this you can plan for your own devious tricks by disabling free snoozes or giving yourself awake tests after the first alarm to make sure it worked. once i figured out that i could press an “i can’t find it!” button to avoid getting out of bed for the barcode task the app became way less effective for me…so i turned off that option!

the other app i really like is called MediSafe

(here for android and here for iOS)

i take three different medications at three different times every day, and to remember i used to just set an alarm on my phone’s clock. that sort of worked, but more often than not i would turn the alarm off and then promptly forget about it.

i like this app because the notification noise sounds like a bottle of pills being shook and isn’t similar to any other noise my phone normally makes. it pops up with a window containing the name of the medication and a picture of what the med looks like, which is a really nice visual reminder. if i ignore this notification, it reminds me again continually every half hour (you can set this however you’d like) until i tell the app that i took it.

in the app you can see your daily pill box, track measurements like blood glucose, pulse, or weight if you need to, and you can designate someone to be your MedFriend - a person who will help you remember to take your meds if you forget.

i still don’t always take my meds exactly on time but since i started using this app i only forgot my cymbalta once.

okay that’s all, i know this is kind of a long post but these two apps have been really amazingly helpful for me and i hope this helps someone else too! <3

Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is like no other, it wakes you up with the greatest thing to wake up to in the world… BACON! Just pop in some bacon in the warming tray before you go to bed, set the alarm and the alarm clock with heat up your bacon for that time, along with filling your room with the sweet scent of delicious bacon.

“My alarm clock goes off at 6:00 sharp. By 6:05 I’m in the shower. And out by 6:15. By 6:30 I’m dressed and my hair is done. By 6:40 I’m trying to eat breakfast. By 6:55 I’m brushing my teeth. And by 7:00 I’m out the door and on my way to school. From 7:15-8:30 I’m finishing homework and studying for my classes in the library. From 8:35-3:05 I’m in the prison walls we call school. My brains scattered and confused filled with equations I have to remember. My day is filled with "you’ll need to know this for the test” “if you fail this you could fail my class” and “this project is worth a lot of points” it’s a continuous cycle of hearing kids say “I don’t care” “it doesn’t matter” and “I need to do this” “I need to pass” Walking down the hallways I see kids who look like zombies. I see kids hyped up on red bull or monster or whatever keeps them ‘going’ so they can make it through the school day. By 6th hour everyone has checked out and the worst part is there’s still 45 mins left of school. By 3:00 the teacher has stopped talking because no one is listening. They’re all too excited to get out of this place. But what slows them down is that by 3:15 they are home. And by 3:30 they’re leaving to get to their jobs that start at 3:45. And by 9:00 when they finally get off they just want to sleep. But they can’t because even though it’s now 11:50 they still have a essay to write for English and the draft is due tomorrow. By 2:00 we finally go to bed. And at 6:00 sharp, the alarm clock goes off. And we do it all over again.“
—  Day after day, it’s the same routine.