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Albert Clock by Axel Schindlbeck

The Albert alarm clock is a design, that is supposed to keep you thinking and get kids involved in mathematics. The clock can be set to four different levels of complexity for the calculation of time. Albert and its designer Axel Schindlbeck have been nominated for the Designpreis Halle 2017 (in Germany) this year.

There’s a new alarm clock where Seto Kaiba yells at you when it’s time to wake up, each one with a different Kaiba-related fantasy

Get up! What? Are you still trying to slip back into dreamland!? What cowardly nonsense
In that case, I’ll have my servant swing down his hammer of fury on you!!
Go, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!! Burst Stream of Destruction!!

Duelists, now is the time, get up, for the Battle Tournament being held!
Bet everything on the Deck that’s your soul, and take on the fight!

Why you, get up already! How much longer do you plan to sleep like a lazy bag of bones!!
Isono, bring them to the R&D Department quickly!
Show me your way of doings things, one that won’t make me ashamed of you being an employee of my company!

Now you can understand how it feels to get murdered by Kaiba every morning of your day

Translation by ygorganization

some object heads i doodled in class earlier today