alaric saltzan

Boy am I gonna get so much hate for this post.

So I’m reading this post about Julie Plec’s and Matt Davis’s tweets and I am honestly in utter shock.

(Here’s the link to the post I just saw:

I can’t say I hate them, because honestly I don’t. Plus I really don’t care about what others think because you know what, sometimes when a person is in a bad mood they say things they don’t mean. Then apologizing for some reason can make a person sounds worse or be a bitch. But then again why would you say sorry about what you feel? That’s like saying sorry for being realistic and who you are and I honestly think that’s wrong. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, so why can’t Julie have hers? And since when was it wrong for someone to defend their friend? That’s clearly what Matt was doing and he’s getting a lot of shit for defending Julie. 

Has anyone ever thought that the reason Julie Plec is so ticked off at the fans is because she’s constantly getting insulted about the plots or their otp ships not happening or ruining a certain ship? Dude. You don’t run the show, you’re suppose to enjoy it and go with it. It’s entertainment, you don’t like it then stop watching it’s as simple as that. You don’t control the show, don’t get mad if things you wished for don’t go your way. How Matt and Julie responded was rude for some people, it doesn’t give you the right though to automatically label them as horrible people cause really, we all know you have somehow done the same thing and maybe even worse. From my opinion, I think they’re both just pissed off at the fans who have shipping wars and hate on Julie for “destroying Delena” or “ruining Forwood”. You people have these massive shipping wars that ruin the show, and honestly if I were writing it I would be extremely pissed off and confused because if I don’t have it the fans way people will be angered and give death threats to me. 

So despite how much you people probably hate Julie Plec and Matt Davis right now for being rude and ignorant, I am still watching the show because you know what, even though you hate them you can’t deny that they put a lot of effort to keep this show running. I actually appreciate Julie Plec for writing the show and sticking to it and not just quitting because of all your insults to her and her storylines. I’m going to still watch the show on Thursdays on TV and watch it with an open mind.