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“It was my decision.  You know we’re not supposed to use our abilities to give humans unfair advantages, so once Alaric discovered James’ location, I made the decision not to alter the natural course of events.”

“That’s horseshit, Lucius.  It’s not the same thing as warning someone about their impending death or something.  Any high-ranking human in the government could have gotten that information.  It’s not like you had to pierce the mystic veil and search the cosmos for him.  You just wanted him out of the way so you could get into Amber’s pants.”

“Yeah, I just wanted to ‘get into her pants,’ that’s why I fucking married her and helped her raise someone else’s child.  Just to get my rocks off. I love her.”

“I know you do,  but that doesn’t give you the right to control her life.”

“What are you so mad about, anyways?  Cleared the path for you to get to James, didn’t it?  I should have know you’d go after him since he was playing guitar the first time you saw him.  You know how you are about musicians.”

“I think it’s time you left.  I don’t even know who you are anymore.  I realize that’s kind of the whole point of this demon thing, but you made the decision to withhold James’ location before your transition.”

“Mara, I–”

“Go home, Lucius.  I don’t think either of us is capable of saying nice things right now and I love you too much to risk either of us saying something that might do permanent damage.”

  • Stefan: *gives Elena a necklace as a gift*
  • Elena: *loves and cherishes the necklace*
  • Elena: *worries about the necklace when she loses it*
  • Elena: *necklace reminds her of Stefan after he leaves with Klaus*
  • Damon: *finds a necklace*
  • Julie Plec: wow what a beautiful and touching delena moment. Its the symbol of their everlasting love.

Shadowhunters + Characters of Color 


 Stefan Salvatore seeing his wife for the first time on their wedding day.

   [We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives. Done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going. Try to find some new happiness. No matter how much you’ve lost.]

Smooooooth Operator

(Our ranger, an introverted teenage girl without much in the way of social skills, becomes fairly tipsy drinking from their new Alchemy Jug full of booze, thanks to the encouragement of her warlock and paladin friends. She decides to go make conversation with a rather handsome dusky human NPC at the bar, to the surprise of the others.)

DM: You head over to this human. The human has a drink and is nursing it.

Ranger: I bring over my my jug. Sit down, try to act casual.

Warlock: (ooc) “Hey man, you look like you like the woods. I like the woods, too.”

Ranger: (cackling) That is *exactly* what I say. That is literally exactly what I say.

DM: Wooooooow.

Ranger: And, as I’m saying it, I don’t care how full his drink was, I pour more from the jug.

NPC: I do like the woods.

Ranger: Woods are good! [And I clink the glasses.]

NPC: And who might you be?

Ranger: I be Ciarà. What’s your name?

NPC: I “be” Alar.

Ranger. Alar. And where you be from?

NPC: Here and there.

Ranger: Funny! I went there once. It was quite interesting.

NPC: It is indeed.

Ranger: Mm! And here and there is even better than there and far. And then there’s here and there and everywhere and I have yet to see all of that but I hear parts of it are quite lovely.

DM/NPC: (ic/ooc) I’m impressed you managed to say all of that.

Ranger: (ic/ooc) Me too!


gif request meme // the vampire diaries + favourite familial relationship (requested by stefansalfatore)