alaric = klaus lol

eriberry89 prompted me with this:

Two scenarios came to mind and this is the first :)

Established Klaroline; +/- 6 months post 5x22

Caroline crossed her legs then re-crossed them.

Slowly her gaze slid from the view outside the window to the diner she was sitting in. More specifically, to the man sat opposite her.

Had it really been over two years since he’d been a teacher at her high school? It felt like two hundred.

“You should probably leave before he gets here,” she suggested.

Alaric scoffed. “I’m not scared of your boyfriend, Caroline.”

She opened her mouth to reply but was momentarily distracted by the bell at the diner’s doorway ringing, the sound bringing along with it a scent that was as familiar to her as her own.

“You really shouldn’t say such things, mate,” Klaus breezed beside them. “Might get you in trouble.”

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