This is Brock and me, Brock is a 4 year old Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog. He came to live with me a year ago after his owner did not want him anymore. I knew his owner abused him and mistreated him. It took a few months for him to adjust to living with us. Mainly he was scared to get close to you in fear he’d be hit. I can not say how many times I have actually cried just because I felt so bad for Brock having gone through that.
He would flinch and lay down and tuck his ears back if your hand was raised above him because he thought he was going to get hit. I have never hit Brock or raised my voice to him.
Through time and lots if reassuring and love and kindness he has become a very well behaved dog
I have never laid a hand to hit himi have never hear Brock bark or growl in a angry manner. He us the biggest baby ever, scared of almost anything that makes odd noises, we own a few small toy dogs that bully him and not once has Brock ever tried to attack or bite them rather he just runs away when they bark and charge him.
Brock has been a good friend and part of my family. I can say honestly that he has been a better friend than most of my human friends. He does not criticize , judge me or anyone. He is the sweetest dog, always loving always happy to see me, he only wants to be pet and loved and taken care of.
People get scared of him when they see him when we are on a walk they either fear him at first because of his appearance but once they see his face and eyes they know he is nothing but a softy.
I always look forward to seeing him when I come home from work. His excitement is so energetic he hops up and down so fast and his tail is like a billy club swinging back and forth so fast he bends his body inward and has hit himself in the eye with it.
I can’t imagine how he stayed so sweet and gentle after the first 4 years of his life were not so great but I’m grateful for him in my life.
Most never know what unconditional love is until they experience it from a dog or any pet. Brock is an amazing dog, I really do hope that people can experience that joy a pet can bring. I know I’m grateful for Brock.

i love bully breeds….i love high energy working dogs so like. apbt? fantastic. alapaha and american bulldogs? a++. dogo argentino? amstaff? cane corso? presa canario? i love all of them and im going to find every single ones fav toy and play with all of them