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"we're all made just a little bit broken."

“Hi,i was wondering if you could write an imagine with Alan Ashby and maybe have it about you self harming (it can be triggering) and Alan finds things (taken apart razors and such) and comes to the conclusion that you cut and he confronts you and you can pick the ending super fluffy please c: ^-^." 

title- Bones exposed- Of Mice & Men 

I desperately snatched onto the handle of the razor as I ran it across my legs, removing the unwanted hair. leaving smooth skin behind.

I quickly ran the 5 small blades cross my knee cap and nicked off a patch of skin, blood immediately bubbling up, mixing into the water that was running down my body. 

i traced my finger over the cut, the crimson liquid gathering at the tip of my quivering finger, resting below my fingernail. 

I quickly grabbed the tool from the floor of the tub and broke off the handle, dissembling the cheap plastic material.

I stuck my head out of the shower and listened for Alan.

nothing, the house was silent except for the sound of running water and the quiet Blink-182 i had playing in the background.

As the song switched over i finally detached the blades from one another, setting 4 of the 5 on the corner of the tub, twirling the 5th one between my fingers, staring down at the scarred skin.

I bit my lip and drug the blade across my skin, the bittersweet sting of relief washing over me.

I made a few more lines before i heard the front door slam, jolting me back into reality, the blade falling from my fingers, being carried away by the water, and down the drain before i could stop it.

"Baby i’m home!” He yelled into the bedroom.

I frantically brought myself to my feet, running my sudsy body pouf quickly across my body, the soap burning as it settled into the fresh wounds.

“Okay!” I shouted, rubbing my body with fresh water, focusing on cleaning out my cuts.

“shit.” I mumbled, looking at the empty bathroom.

“Alan, baby, could you bring me a towel and some clothes?” I called into the steamy air, awaiting my response

he quickly walked into the bathroom with my favorite towel, my favorite shirt of his, and clean undies.

“here you go baby.” He smiled as he sat the clothes onto the counter, handing me the towel. 

He pressed his lips to mine then exited the room, his scent still lingering in the room.

I patted down my body and wrapped my hair up before i stepped onto the cold tile, immediately rummaging through the cabinets for a box of gauze and medical tape. 

 I pulled the two of the wreck Alan and I had grown to call ‘organized chaos.’.

I patched up my new self inflicted wound and pulled on the clothes Alan had given me, his shirt falling mid thigh and a few inches below the covered gashes.

I Tossed my towel into the hamper and ran my fingers through my damp, wavy hair before i practically skipped down the hall to see him.

“Alan.” I sang songed as i ran up behind him, wrapping my arms round his shoulders.

“Buenos noches mi amor.” He spoke, turning his body to face me before he pressed his lips to mine.

“And how are you today on this fine night ms.(y/l/n)” He asked, bringing your body onto his lap.

“Better now that you’re here.” I sighed, ;leaning my head against his chest, his heart rhythmically beating.    

I looked down at my lap and noticed the edge of the band-aid wanting to peak out from below the edge of his shirt.

I nervously pulled at the fabric, attempting to cover up.

“what’s wrong baby?” He asked innocently, staring up into my eyes. 

“oh, it’s nothing, just cold.” i sighed, wrapping my arms around his neck.  

“well, come on baby. maybe we could take a bath like we used to.” he smiled, picking me up bridal style. 

I smiled into his chest and didn’t protest as he slowly walked us up the stairs and into our shared bedroom. 

he gently laid my back onto the bed and walked into the bathroom, his hips movement slightly move visible from his bare torso and low slung sweats. 

“hey baby, come here.” He called to me. 

I quickly crawled off of the side of the bed and waked into the bathroom, my hands nervously gripping the edge of my shirt. 

Alan slowly walked towards me, his hands attempting to pry the fabric from my trembling hands

“Alan,what are you doing?” I cried,attempting to shove his hands away from me. 

“baby, just let me.” he spoke quietly. 

I quickly gave up and dropped my hands down to my side, quietly beginning to sob as he folded up the edge of the shirt. 

“that’s what i thought.” He sighed, walking over to the bathtub, he grabbed the multiple pieces of the disassemble razor, throwing the blades into the toilet, he flushed them, setting the plastic into the waste bin by the door. 

“Alan, please done be mad.” I cried to him as his face turned from anger to disappointment. 

“I would never be mad at you for something like this, I just dint understand why.” He spoke, his voice slightly breaking. 

'I-I.“ I began but was cut short by Alan turning around and thrusting his arm into my face. 

"If you want to cute something! Cut me! Call me nasty names and slash up my wrists!” He cried, tears spilling down his cheeks. 

“Alan…” I almost whispered,reaching up and wiping the tears from his cheeks. 

“Baby, I love you. when you do this it hurts me just as much as you, please. please just talk to me.” He begged, pressing his body against mine. 

“I promise I will Alan…..i’m sorry.” I sobbed into his shoulder, my tears soaking into the fabric. 

he sat me up onto the counter he place dis hands onto the sides of my thighs, being careful not to touch the newly healing wounds

“I just want you to be okay.” He spoke to me, bringing me back into a hug, he wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me back to the bed, laying the both of us down he nuzzled his head into my neck and kissed my jaw. 

“(y/n), I love you.” He whispered. 

“I love you too Alan.” I mumbled as I Kissed the knuckles of the hand he had wrapped around me


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