I'm Featured on Hoop City this week. Check it out

The steampunk hooper photo is featured on Hoop City! (Look for the photo of the girl in the Edwardian outfit). I’m excited to be featured in the photos! This is the 2nd time I’ve been featured on a hooping website. One of my videos was featured on about a year ago and that made me blush too ^^ It’s an honor that makes me feel excited and giddy XD Go there and like my photo onegaishimasu!


The photo on the right is a photo of me and a random Japanese stranger taken at the Kawasaki Halloween Parade on Halloween, 2009. The photo on the right was taken on World Hoop Day in Tokyo 2011 for the Hoop Race Around the World featured on The girl on the right hit the nail on the head for Japanese fashion. She’s nailed the Japanese cyber wear look to a T. Nice.