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Standing Up For What’s Right
Cute Shirt
Tongue Tied
Living Room Mishap? & 2nd Base (Sequel)
SHIELD or HYDRA? (Part 1)  SHIELD or HYDRA (Part 2) 
I Am Real  (Sequel)
Do The Honors?
Disposable Phones and I Love You’s
Headcanons (Part 1) 
Captain Morgan and Happy Endings
Vance Joy: Mess is Mine (Drabble)
David Bowie: Life On Mars (Drabble)
Not What It Seems


Play Catch Up
Taking Out the Trash
Music Helped
It’s Not Your Fault  (Part 2)  (Final)
Rogue Power
“I love you, Barnes.”  (Part 2)  (Final)
Written In The Stars
Headcanons (Part 2)
Elvis Presley: Now Or Never (Drabble)
Sia: Bird Set Free (Drabble)
Paramore: The Only Exception (Drabble)
Oh Wonder: Without You (Drabble)
Alannah Myles: Black Velvet (Drabble)
Plums and Innocence
Ferris Wheel Fun
You Did What!?


Headcanons (Part 1)
Stupid Handsome Stark


You’re Old!
Worthy Opponent
Headcanons (Part 1)


Headcanons (Part 1)
Halestorm: Mz. Hyde (Drabble)
Lana Del Rey: Video Games (Drabble)
Hozier: Cherry Wine (Drabble)


Headcanons (Part 1)


Headcanons (Part 1)
Bloody. Sweaty. But Happy.


Inconspicuous Kisses 
Headcanons (Part 2)


Headcanons (Part 2)
Halestorm: Break In (Drabble)
Mark Ronson: Valerie (Drabble)


Headcanons (Part 2)


Headcanons (Part 2)
Halsey: Garden (Drabble)


Loki Headcanons
ABBA: Waterloo (Drabble)
Josh Groban: In Her Eyes (Drabble)
Is It Possible


Steve Rogers x Reader - You’re Safe
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
(Part 4)
(Part 5)
(Part 6)
(Part 7)
(Part 8)


Bucky Barnes x Reader


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Good Tunes

Rated: M (only for swearing)
KRISTANNA MODERN AU - ONESHOT (set in their mid-twenties)
WC: 3750 aprox
A/N: So i was looking through all my WIP’s, trying to finish some of the ones for my older multi-chap fics, but my brain was having none of it, so I finished this, because it’s been sitting in my drafts for months, and was the closest to being complete (and it was about 95% done too - my drafts are a mess)

Also, this is kind of a fic with a playlist, if that makes sense?  I included the names of the songs and the band, and it’s all classic rock.

She didn’t see his face the first time, but rather the scraggly blond hair poking out from under the hardhat as he stood on the side of the road with a bright yellow sign that read ‘slow’. 

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Black Velvet: Part Two

An Erron Black/Kung Jin slash fanfic in two parts (oh lord, it’s actually here). Enjoy! :)

Part 1 here.


“Back off, Black,” Kung Jin warned, assuming a fighting stance as Erron Black drew nearer and nearer, yet the Shaolin monk was dismayed to find that a sliver of anxiety had accidentally crept into his tone.

To his even bigger dismay, the gun-slinger seemed to sense this. Narrowing his dark-blue eyes, Erron stopped in his tracks and remarked lowly, “Think I’m gonna hurt you, kid? I wouldn’t think of it.”

“Yeah, threatening to shoot me and disarming me sure as hell aren’t indicators of trying to kill me, let alone trying to hurt me,” Jin barked.

“Touchy, aren’t you?” Erron murmured, raising an eyebrow. “You’ll be wanting a stiff drink to calm your nerves.”

“What I want is for you to give me back my chakram and leave me alone, you trigger-happy raccoon!”

“Hmph, like I’ll honestly do that after hearing you sass me,” retorted the former Earthrealmer, frowning behind his mask.

Then, to Jin’s consternation, Erron took the chakram and hooked it onto the back of his belt, where it dangled next to his numerous sand-grenades. Giving it a tug to make sure it was hooked on properly, he looked back up at the agitated, younger man. “Don’t give me that look, Junior – it’s not going anywhere.”

He paused. “Neither are you.”

“What do you want from me, Black?” Jin growled; his animosity for the other man was obvious.

Erron shrugged. “Like I said, I could do with some company. Drinking isn’t something that should be done alone, ‘less you got some serious problems.”

His eyes quickly darted up and down the Shaolin monk’s body. “Is that why you’re here, kid?”

Jin’s face flushed a vivid rose-red colour (why, damn it, why?!), but he replied heatedly, “How many times do I have to tell your deaf ass that I don’t drink bloody alcohol? I’m Shaolin, and the Shaolin don’t drink.”

“Apparently the Shaolin don’t refrain from swearing,” the gun-slinger tutted, “unless that’s the liquor talking.”

“No way, cowboy, it’s me you’re hearing,” Jin returned, exasperated with the other man’s calm demeanour and nonchalant remarks.

“I can believe it.” Erron’s eyes travelled once again up and down the length of Jin’s body, albeit slowly this time round, and the younger man felt an uncomfortable burning sensation in his chest, enveloping his heart in a painful, vice-like grip.

What the hell is he looking at me for?

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So I made a mix inspired by a freaking AMAZING story ‘Blackbird Fly’ by artsyUnderstudy (Check her out! -> x) It’s from Cas’ POV. Give it a listen? *Still a work in progress. suggestions welcome!* **Edited

I’m No Angel (x)

// Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons // Preacher - OneRepublic //Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab // Cross That Line - Joshua Radin // Black Velvet - Alannah Myles // Devil’s Backbone - The Civil Wars // Hopeless Wanderer -Mumford & Sons // Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran // Blackbird - The Beatles // I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie // I Always Knew - The Vaccines // Winter - Josh Radin