I totally didn’t make a short comic solely cause I wanted to draw keith with some of his hair pulled back….

I’m thinking this is along the lines of Lance and Keith are chosen to accompany Allura to represent Voltron for a mission down to a planet that holds gala’s. They have to dress very Human like in some manner but there are many plant motifs to their outfits as well. ( as the planet they go to has many many beautiful flowers and plants. They’re a plant people)

And basically in this comic Allura is getting Keith and Lance ready and Keith is just too handsome for Lance to look away from. Lance probably surfaces feelings for Keith he didn’t realize he had, but tells himself he doesn’t want Keith taking away all the ladies’ attention from him during the gala.

Modern day!Marmin.

Armin would be a big fantasy nerd, and get Marco into obscure high fantasy novels. They’d dress up on Halloween as characters from Armin’s favorite book, despite absolutely no one understanding the costume. Armin would geek out and explain in detail what each of them were and Marco would love every minute of it.

Credit to deadfreckledboys for getting me into this ship and for hashing out the idea for this ;w;

Happy belated Valentine’s day guys! Have some LadyNoir! 

I kinda got thinking about why Christmas has something like a mistletoe for kissing, and Valentine’s day doesn’t, so I guess Chat had a similar idea and thought he could pull it off >:3