Steve’s Prologue

Shit. Shit. Shit. It was a sting. Steve tried to sell him that plastic junk and it was a sting. Fuck. Why didn’t they just get me when they saw the fake Merchant’s license.

It was all too late now. Steven Jane sat in his cell, head in his hands. The life of crime can only last so long. They said 3 months, luckily they hadn’t linked him to some of the other stuff in the area he was clearly involved with. Guardsman were dumb like that. They only care about what’s right in front of their face. Only take people in outside of that if they have a warrant drawn up by a government official.

Not that Steve minded a bit. It worked out for him quite nicely that the law-keeping folk around here were dimwitted as can be.

A few days after he arrived in that miserable cell that a Guardsman yelled “Visitor for Jane.” Gah. Steve bit the inside of his cheek. He hated being referred to by his last name. Made him sound like a lady.

Who would have come to visit him though?

It was a young nobleman. Very prim. He looked cocky as all hell. The prick of his ears were a sign that this man was like him. Half-blood. Oh he knew this guy. Or rather heard of him. He’s the difference when your human parent is a noblewoman rather than a selfish whore like Steven’s own mother.

“Greymark. To what do I owe the pleasure.”

The man laughed. “I’ve come to offer you a deal, Steven”

It appeared that he had known just what to say to get Steve’s eyes and ears to perk up. “Does it involve getting me out of here?”

“It would benefit me greatly to have someone of your… talents… in my employment.”

“Go on…”

“In exchange for your freedom and a well respected salary and protection from -” he gestured to the cell around him “I’d like to have you on call to be able to help me with some favors”

“Do I get any more details Mr. Greymark”

“If you accompany me to my lodgings we can discuss more there.”

After brief consideration, Steve agreed. Greymark left and returned after presumably paying his Bail. A Guardsman unlocked the cell and escorted them out of the Jail.

“I’m not very good with the passage of time, Mr. Greymark. I don’t quite know how long I was in there.”

Garrett smiled. “Today’s the 27th of Harvest”