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Everything Will Be Okay.

Anonymous asked: Hey hey beautiful, can you do a Alan Ashby imagine? :3 You guys get into a fight about something (anything you can pick) anyway he compares you too his ex and you cry and at first he doesn’t even realise what he’s said he just keeps shouting at you then he clicks into his head and he’s all super sorry and super cute and shit. Please my love? ❤

“Tell me! Just fucking tell me!” Alan yelled, banging his fist onto the wall. My back was turned towards him as I kept pulling my hoodie sleeves down over my hands. I shook my head and he gave a frustrated shout.

“Why can’t you tell me?” He asked, grabbing onto my shoulders and turning around. I gave a frightened squeak as he did so. He made me look into his eyes as I tried to get away from him.

“B-Because, I can’t.” I whispered, and he let his arms fall back to his sides. He ran a hand through his already messy hair. I kept looking to the side, trying not to let the tears slip out.

“Why do you do these things.” He growled, leaning against the wall. “You’re a lot like my ex.”

 "N-No, I’m not!“

"You both wouldn’t tell me anything, you’re both quiet, you’re both stupid.” I balled up my fists as I realized that I started to cry. I wiped at one of my eyes before slapping him across the face. He just laughed, and I continued to cry. “I don’t understand how you don’t trust me!” He yelled, slamming his fist on the wall again. “Its stupid, I’ve done all this stuff for you, I’ve been here for you. And yet you still act like an ungrateful bitch." 

I had had enough. I felt the tears fall off my face and onto the floor, as I stared at him. His eyes that were full of fury disappeared. I stormed out of the kitchen, and grabbed my coat and went to the door. But before I could open it a hand grabbed my wrist.

"Let go.” I yelled, trying to pull away from Alan. He pushed me against the door, both hands holding onto my waist. My bangs that usually drooped over one eye was now gone behind my ear and both tear filled eyes was visible.

“I’m so sorry I said those things.” He whispered, and I looked away. “You’re nothing like her, you’re amazing and gorgeous, and just perfect.” The tears kept streaming down my face, and I couldn’t catch my breathe well.

“I don’t want to play this game anymore.” I whispered, as I pushed away from him and over to the wall. I put my hand against it as I started to hyperventilate right there, and I started to cry harder.

“Shh,” Alan wrapped his hands around my waist and slowly brought me back to the kitchen, and lifted me up to sit on the counter. “Its gonna be alright, okay?” He whispered, as he wiped at my eyes. He looked around the cabinets and soon found a paper back and gave it to me. I started to breathe into it, and soon calmed down.

“I’m sorry, about this.” I mumbled, handing him the paper bag to throw away. He did so, and came right back to me. He put both his hands on my face and stroked my cheeks with his thumbs.

“No, I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry I was a dick to you.” He put his forehead against mine and I closed my eyes. “Please forgive me?” He asked, as I opened my eyes he was staring at me.

I gave a sad smile, and nodded. He buried his face in the crook of my neck and sighed. “I think I can tell you now.” I whispered, running my hand through his hair, and wrapping my legs around his waist.

“I’m listening.” He murmured, and I took a deep breath.

“A couple years ago, my mother and sister left the house for a bit and someone broke in. I didn’t hear it at first until the footsteps were coming up the stairs. I thought it was either one of them, so I opened my door but it was some strange man. And then, that night he, um, raped me.” I pushed Alan away and got up off the counter. “That’s why I won’t do it with you.” I whispered, hugging myself.

“No, no, its okay.” He whispered as I started to cry again. He turned me around and held me in his arms, until I finally stopped and put my arms around him too. “I love you,”


I kind of turned this into a bit of something else! I was thinking, maybe I could have a second part to this, where its smutty? Everyone loves smut. But I hope you liked this, ducklings! Peace, love, and rubber gloves. -Jamie(: