“My heart is full of her still.” -Peter Glenville

“Beautiful nose- lips- violet eyes- long neck- heart-shaped face.” -Cecil Beaton 

“She had an extraordinary poise….a sort of inner peace about her.” -Lady Lambert

“How would I place her among beauties? A nonpareil.” -Alan Webb 

“She was a rara avis, if ever there was one.” -Meriel Forbes

anonymous asked:

Excuse me I was wondering, if you're comfortable talking about it, what your history with exercise, sports, and martial arts is like? As another trans women interested in those things

Well, I don’t think I’d ever have referred to myself as a jock but I’ve always had to be at least somewhat athletic. Growing up I was super skinny. Downright tiny. My freshman year of high-school I was 5'3" and weighed 83 pounds. I was always getting in fights though. My parents also had me doing pretty hard labor growing up. I was splitting firewood with an axe, doing roofing, sheetrock, framing, and construction with my dad from around age 8 maybe? I had to clear wooded lots for my dad too, by hand with an axe, bush axe, shovel, and machete. When I was 9 I got in trouble for digging pitfall traps in the woods so dad made me dig a hole as deep and wide as I was tall. It took me all day and my hands were blistered and bleeding and I was sunburnt and my back was spasming. When I was done to his satisfaction he told me to dig another one next to it the same size and use the dirt from it to fill in the first. I spent the next day on that one, barely able to move, and only got about halfway into it. At the end of that day he let me fill them both in and stop.

After I told on my rapist at age ten my parents let me take two weeks of karate classes, but then canceled them when they discovered they would have to pay for a uniform.  I wanted to dance ballet and be a cheerleader, but my parents flatly refused both of those because they were activities for girls and they weren’t having it.

My parents wouldn’t let me play actual sports either because it was against the teachings of their church (even though other church members’ kids played sports) and because they supposedly thought I was too frail for sports. I was always an accomplished runner though, and in PE classes I would outrun kids that were on the track team.

My sophomore year of high school I got suspended from riding the bus, so my parents made me go on foot. It was a 6-mile trek, and walking took way too long so I would run it. I got noticed by the track coach, so I started running track and cross country for my junior and senior years. I also threw discus my senior year. I had to run every track event from the 4x400 relay up just about every meet, and I think I had potential to be a higher performer but I didn’t have great coaching and I didn’t have time to recover between events. I still went to state in the 4x800 and regionals in cross country my senior year. I improved enough between my junior and senior years in cross country that The State newspaper (the biggest newspaper in south carolina) did a story on me and it got me noticed and signed to run cross country at Newberry College on scholarship. Again, we didn’t have much in the way of coaching there so I never reached my full potential, but I was a middle-of-the-pack runner in NCAA division II athletics. I was running about 50-70 miles a week and my 8k PR was a little over 28 minutes.  I also ran against Alan Webb at the Great American Cross Country Festival. I believe it was the first college race that he won.

I transferred schools after two seasons and since Newberry refused to release me I couldn’t run for the school I transferred to (Winthrop University) and I was super depressed and dysphoric and dropped out after a semester and joined the army. After being a college cross country runner, running in the army wasn’t a challenge for me and I barely trained it because I would max the run on PT tests without needing to train. I focused instead on lifting weights and gaining mass, and I was doing basically an old-school 1970’s soviet bloc powerlifting routine three days a week off and on the entire 6 years I was in the army.

My whole life I dabbled in trying to teach myself martial arts, and I was pretty obsessed with Bruce Lee. I’ve had a copy of The Tao of Jeet Kune Do since early high school and I did my damnedest to learn everything in there without a teacher. In the army I was doing the LINES system, Modern Army Combatives, and once I got to my SF ODA I was cross-training with a golden gloves boxer, a West Point wrestler, and a legitimate Jeet Kune Do practitioner as well as dabbling in MMA training at Team Roc in Fayetteville NC.

When I got out of the army I stopped doing anything athletic for a while. I was focused on transition, but then I gave up and started lifting again. That’s when I got my biggest and was up to 190 pounds and pretty muscular. Then I got back into transition and moved forward with it. I’ve been trying to get active with running again for the past 5 years or so, and I’ve run 3 marathons, but I’ve run all three of them basically without training. Each time I ran for about two weeks before losing motivation and giving up but was too stubborn to not run the races so I ran them anyway. I had the same result in all three: ran the first half of the marathon in under two hours, slowed significantly after that, and had my quads cramp up and reduce me to walking somewhere in mile 18.

Now I’m pretty focused on MMA training and I’m doing running for my cardio, but I’m still not keeping quite where I want to be. I’m really watching my diet consistently for the first time ever, and I’m trying to be in the gym 5-6 days a week but I think I’m averaging more like 3 or 4 right now.

At any rate, my goal is to have my first fight in the spring of next year, and I would like to run another marathon after actually sticking with a training plan with the goal of finishing under 4 hours. I’m 34 and planning on starting my MMA career (lol) and as unlikely as it is to happen, especially after transition, I’d like to try to beat my college 8k PR.

Basically, I’ve always been naturally athletic, but I’ve never fully applied myself to training and I’ve never really had real coaching. I hope this is the answer you were looking for.

Awesome Thing #29 - Blow Dry

The film Blow Dry directed by Paddy Breathnach, and written by Simon Beaufoy is the heartwarming tale of a Northern town brought together by a sports competition. The sport? Hairdressing. The star? Alan Rickman! Of course!

This movie has several things to recommend it. First, it has a stellar cast: Alan Rickman, Natasha Richardson, Bill Nighy and Hugh Bonneville come together to bring us a comic masterpiece. Second, the storyline is ridiculous: high drama at the British hairdressing competition featuring a lesbian affair, nefarious conspiracies and a decades-old rivalry - what’s not to like? Finally, it is possibly the campest movie I have ever seen.

Warren Clarke delivers an excellent performance as the mayor of Keighley, where the movie is set, growing more glamorous with every round of the competition. Bill Nighy is perfectly coiffed as villain Raymond Robertson, who conspires with his minion Hugh Bonneville (with FROSTED TIPS) to cheat his way to victory. Alan Rickman is sublime as grumpy, jilted barber Phil Allen. This is genuinely one of my favourite Rickman performances, with all his trademark aloofness and charm, now with added Northern twang. Natasha Richardson, the true heart of the piece, ads grace and warmth to a film overflowing with glitter and sequins, which is no easy feat. Josh Hartnett, Heidi Klum and Rachel Leigh cook also join the ensemble - adding horrific accent work, comic relief and girl-next-door charm respectively.

This film may remind Mitchell and Webb fans of the “sports film” sketch, where a small Northern town become cricket champions, as the well observed tropes of the sports film genre all apply to Blow Dry. Phil Allen is the one time Champion, retreating into obscurity following his wife’s affair with his model (played with wit and charm by queen of the nineties Rachel Griffiths). Bill Nighy is his team-mate turned nemesis, out to steal the cup by any means possible. The story unfolds with rhinestone-studded twists and backcombed turns, with romance and catharsis thrown in.

You have to be in the right frame of mind for Blow Dry. It is far from perfect: Josh Hartnett’s accent wanders the British Isles aimlessly, never stopping off at the same region twice. The fashion is incredibly dated (I guess some people would consider it a bad thing, not a glorious showcase of horrendous early noughties style). With all its flaws, though, the film has heart. Alan Rickman takes on the role with the same seriousness and commitment that he brought to Snape, or Colonel Brandon, while we see a whole new side to Hugh Bonneville, one that wouldn’t say no to a leopard skin coat. There are a few laugh out loud moments, and some real tear-jerkers too. For me, this film sits squarely in the same category as Calendar Girls, The Full Monty and the lesser known On A Clear Day - films that all combine regional accents with heartwarming stories to bring something truly special.

Blow Dry is a film that doesn’t take itself seriously, and yet has an elegance and joy to it that is missing from so many cult classics and Hollywood blockbusters.

lilybw One of many memorable fantastic evenings with Alan & Rima. Such fun we had. You will be forever missed Alan. You inspired me then & inspires me now. I take you with me into my future xxx💫

Alan Rickman with Rima Horton and a family friend and/or goddaughter, Lily Bertrand-Webb, (who attended the DH2 premiere with him in 2011), c. 1990s-2000s [x] [x]


Alan Webb’s 3:46 minute mile.  NUTS.


Episode 118 (skip ahead through about 12 minutes of dead air…)


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