lilybw One of many memorable fantastic evenings with Alan & Rima. Such fun we had. You will be forever missed Alan. You inspired me then & inspires me now. I take you with me into my future xxx💫

Alan Rickman with Rima Horton and a family friend and/or goddaughter, Lily Bertrand-Webb, (who attended the DH2 premiere with him in 2011), c. 1990s-2000s [x] [x]

 I don’t know what that Method is. Acting is life, to me, and should be. 

- Vivien Leigh

Alan Webb said to me that if you found yourself naked with Vivien in the Sahara Desert with absolutely nothing, twenty-four hours later you would be coming out in a Rolls-Royce, covered in minks and drinking champagne.

- David Conville.

In the thinking now of that moment the recollection of her evokes all sorts of images: quicksilver; elegance and composure, like a small Siamese cat; and the tinkling charm of a Chinese lantern.

- Olivia de Havilland

What to say.. Vivien, dear Vivien… exquisite actress, thoughtful, fearless, gracious and enormously kind… a little pink cloud floating through the lives of all her friends, hovering over the setting sun, and thinking of everyone else but herself.

- Katharine Hepburn

Vivien, you’re going to be a great star - as great as Garbo.

- John Gliddon to Vivien, 1935.

Happy 101sth birthday to Vivien Leigh, one of my most favourite actresses and a true inspiration.


Alan Webb’s 3:46 minute mile.  NUTS.


Episode 118 (skip ahead through about 12 minutes of dead air…)


Mogwai / EP + 6 / Superheroes of BMX

Mogwai / EP + 6 / Now You’re Taken

Mogwai / EP + 6 / Small Children In The Background

Mogwai / EP + 6 / Burn Girl Prom Queen

Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Song Of The Silent Land / Outro

Polmo Polpo / Song Of The Silent Land / Dreaming (…Again)


Antibalas / Who Is This America? / Elephant

Leonard Cohen / Old Ideas / Darkness

Hope Sandoval / Through The Devil Softly / For The Rest of Your Life

Martha & The Muffins / Danseparc / Whatever Happened To Radio Valve Rd.?

Lee Ranaldo Band / Just Tell Me That You Want Me / Albatross

Bob Wiseman / Giulietta Masina at The Oscars Crying / Neil Young at the Junos

Beck / Modern Guilt / Chemtrails

Beach House / Teen Dream / Norway

Doldrums / Egypt EP / Egypt


Minotaurs / New Believer / Open The Door

Washed Out / Just Tell Me That You Want Me / Straight Back

Black Atlass / / Castles (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

Wolf Parade / / Lousy Pictures

Misun / / Harlot

Twin Library / The Abandoned Reel / Filled With Friends

The Postal Service / / Sleeping In (P’house remix)

Derek Allen / / 1979

Purity Ring / / Belispeak (Nacey remix)

Nico / / These Days (Daisy O’Dell Version)

Dan Deacon / / True Thrush (Nacey remix)

Gardens & Villa / Just Tell Me That You Want Me / Gypsy