Villainous in Mexico Pixelatl

As you all may know by now, there was an animation festival in Mexico called “Pixelatl” in which there was a conference about Cartoon Network: Villainous, imparted by the creator Alan Ituriel.

He began thanking the fans for all the support he has receive from them and how happy he was watching fans all over the world and the content that they can create (fanarts, cosplays and crafts). He also thanked the Pixelatl staff for giving an opportunity to those in mexico, like him, who want to enter to the animation world. If you don’t know about this, Alan was able to pitch Villainous to Cartoon Network thanks to the Pixelatl.

He was just so glad to be there giving that conference, and thats why he gift us an exclusive poster. The “Villainous Crew” literally put one poster per chair in the forum, so we all in the conference got one!

He show us some “cut scenes” from the shorts, and little extras or modifications that didn’t make it to the final product due to screen time limitations (which I’m pretty sure you all have already seen)

And of course, it was officially announced the continuation or “Phase Two” of Villainous. They will be making more shorts, comics, YouTube shorts about Black Hat reviewing weapons from others villains in other Cartoon Network shows and most importantly, they would begin the production of the Pilot.

Alan said that they were already working in the new shorts and he showed us as a little “surprise” one of them (not finished yet). I didn’t take pictures of it nor video because I wanted to respect the fact that it was a work in progress thing that they decided to show us as a sneak peek. But I’m sure there are already pics of it here on tumblr, so you can watch them if you scroll in the tag.

Honestly Alan is such a good and cool guy, he was really chill with fans, he drawn characters from Villainous for fans and he took lots of photos with them …but I think he’s just a little TOO good with everyone. He was signing autographs for HOURS, the conference ended at 11am and he was still there signing after 4pm I think, I’m not even sure how much time he was there, but he and his crew looked really tired after all that. All the other guests decided when to stop signing, like Jhonen Vasquez (Yes, Jhonen Vasquez, was in the festival as well) after some long time he asked the staff to not let any more people in the line, because there was a lot, and I mean A LOT of people already waiting. But Alan stayed there until the people stopped coming.

I almost wanted to ask him if it was okay to bring him something to eat, because he really spent a loooong time there. Really, he’s such a kind person, he even gave me and my sister two signed posters (because we already got our posters signed in the morning but later in the afternoon we wanted to ask the crew to sign the poster too so, when we got there with them again Alan said that they had posters already signed by the crew and that he didn’t had a problem signing two more posters again, so they give us another one. I imagine he did this with other people as well!)

So, yeah! Soon we’ll have more Villainous.

Black Hat’s Origins: 72 65 84

72,65,84. That is a combination of numbers when put into the ASCII table to discover secret messages, but what does the number spell out? Well, as many of you may come to realize, it spells out, H.A.T. 

We had many hints throughout the episodes of Villainous and from the website; As seen from this screen shot from the actual website created by a secret organization (Men without Hats) who are against Black Hat’s  agenda. 

Note: This screen shot was taken before the corruption of Black Hat’s influence, when he discovered the organization. Screenshots provided by @gabygirl1243​ 

But Black Hat swiftly shut the website down, corrupted it and those involved. 

But in the latest episode, it was over a minute long. It was the anniversary episode when we discover two interesting paintings that stood out behind Flug, when he so casually began to reference Black Hat’s origins before being cut off.

Let’s focus on this first image. This is Black Hat. There is no doubt and it is extremely obvious that this painting is of Black Hat. But his face his hidden. If we can out line it, we can see a bit of hair and a face structure. Not as flat as what Black Hat looks like not. I believe this painting is referencing “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. The novel follows Dorian, with a desire to live forever, sells his soul and ask for eternal youth. He gets his wish, but his portrait begins to age for him and record every sin he had ever committed. 

This painting is a record of Black Hat. A record on who he was before and just like Dorian Gray, the painting also holds a secret and that secret is his weakness. Hidden in the black, there is a message. 

“When you read/seen this, I’ll be free” 

Black Hat was once human. Many of you might disagree right away. Many might say he was always an eldritch demon, or a monster but no, he was once human and that is his weakness. When everyone realize his secret, his “origins”, it will also reveal his weakness and that weakness is that he can be defeated. He will revert back to what he once was and being centuries old, he will disappear into dust. Just like Dorian Gray. 

Here is one evidence, provided by Alan himself (the creator of Villainous) in a tweet from his twitter account. 

This is interesting for him to admit. Black Hat in the painting, was always evil. He was born evil and he was made evil. That might be a little bit confusing but let me evaluate further. From the first painting, the viewer can see who Black Hat once was. Now, from the show, we know Black Hat is centuries old. A century equals out 100 years. Centuries is plural, which means more than two individual centuries. 

Let’s look back on Black Hat’s “Hat”. 

Its a top hat. Of course its a top hat! What’s so special about it? He likes it. Yes. He does. It appears in the first painting and if Black Hat is centuries old…and he  favors the top hat. Top Hats were invented in 1793 which indicate on what era he was possibly living in. 

But what about these screen shots?!

Obviously if he has armor and a shield from the medieval times, its obvious he was around that time, not to mention during the cowboy era. Yes, its true, he has many objects from different time periods but he originally appeared during the late 1700s and early 1800s. Many of you might turn your head and scoff but let me explain the fundamental powers of Time Travel. 

In a previous episode of Villainous, they talk about Aku. The Master of Masters. Aku with limitless power, which includes Time Travel. Aku invited Black Hat for a party (who didn’t show up) but is seen screaming at Aku. 

But how did he get to the future? It is because Black Hat can also manipulate time.If he can manipulate time, what’s stopping him from going back to the past and forming it to his image. An image to fear him.  If we go back to the original painting of Black Hat, we can see a change from the first to the second. 

At the left hand side, we can see a subtle shift of change in Black Hat’s facial structure. You might need to zoom in and compare but his face is noticeably more flatter. As if, he is missing his nose. His hair has also receded back. He is losing his hair. He is turning into the face we all know, the face of “Black Hat”.

You can see him in a secret society shaking hands with what it might be his first customer, to willingly give up his soul and many others standing around him. It was the beginning of Black Hat’s organization. But why all the secrecy? 

He won’t let you know. He won’t let you see. It’s not Flug they are talking about. Its Black Hat. Black Hat won’t let you know his origins. Black Hat won’t let you see his true form. But, whoever wrote these secret messages. Also gave us a clue as to why and it is Black Hat’s weakness. 

H. A. T. 

His Hat. His hat hold the power. Why is it that Black Hat is so fixated on soul contracts? Villains give him money and he is rich but he wants their souls too. Is it because he also gave up his own soul, for power? Like Dorian Gray? He gave away his own soul for power, the powers he has now, the powers the Hat has given him. But it didn’t only want his soul. It wanted something more, a little extra. A self-sacrifice, like an eye.

His own eye. An eye he personally cut out himself with a sacrificial knife. Once the ritual was completed. The contract was made and he became a true Black Hat and without the Hat, there is no Black Hat. 

But that’s just a theory. 

A villainous theory!

Villainous Conference!


I’ll go straight to the questions part because he basically repeated what he said in the previous conference about how Villainous came to be and a bit about his life, click here to see that.

-WE’VE GOT THEIR AGES! 505 is the youngest, he has been with the gang for 2 years and he’s 5 years old in bear years. Demencia is the second youngest, she’s about 19-20 years old. Then goes Flug, he’s 24-25 years old. And finally Black Hat doesn’t have a specific age but he’s VERY VERY old, he’s ancient. Alan also said that he’s bad with technology lmao, what an old man.

-Alan LOVES crossovers, that’s why there are so many references in the comics and shorts! He also mentioned that Black Hat can hop between universes, that’s how he’s able to judge the different villains of Cartoon Network in his special orientation videos. We can also expect a crossover if it becomes a show…

-Talking about the show, THE PILOT IS COMING IN 2018! He did not specify any dates, but the love that we give to the pilot is CRUCIAL for Villainous! If the pilot gets enough support, it’ll become a series! If not, then well… So when it comes out, I want everyone looping the goddamn video in the background.

-HE WAS ASKED ABOUT SHIPS AGAIN. And then specifically about Paperhat. I had a stroke in that moment, like omg HOW DO YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO ASK THAT. But yeah obviously he said that Black Hat is very very bad and disgusting and horrible and can’t love, so rip.

-He knows about the Heroic AU! He likes Slug’s design the most.

-Everyone’s backstories will be revealed eventually, in shorts/future episodes or the secret website, we don’t know yet.

-He has his old doodles of Black Hat and the crew and might post them in twitter when he isn’t busy!

-Alan’s friend, who was Flug’s inspiration, has a book specifically about plane crashes. Like, he knows EVERYTHING about them and he’s really obsessed. When they were on a plane, his friend began ranting about the possible ways that it could crash. Poor Alan was like ‘um thanks?’ So we can confirm that Flug does that as well.

-Flug’s underwear will be revealed soon…Very important information indeed. And he will sing if Villainous becomes a full show! SO GIVE LOVE TO THE PILOT IN 2018 PLS.

Aaand that’s about it, if I remember more stuff I’ll add it.