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As usual, I am always late with all the chibi posts. And yeah I am still gonna do it for sss if anyone is wondering (psh who would) the chibis I got were minami fox and alan cheshire cat :D (and I am happy there is always a Rachmaninoff in the chibi gachas so far)

Innocently Deadly

Who : Scott McCall
From : Teen Wolf
Requested by  : @bexbetterxthanxwords 
I took your request and kind of put my own spin on it. I know it wasn’t exactly what you asked for but I hope you like it! It took me forever and I’m sorry D: 

                There’s a wild fire hidden underneath that innocence 

You were still relatively new to Beacon Hills but you knew all about its secrets. In a way, you could say that, that was the reason why you were drawn to it. But, you sought it as a safe haven from the beings that were relentless in tracking you. Unfortunately, you should have known better than to go to where the Nemeton was housed because now you were faced with an even bigger problem that you couldn’t quite figure out how to solve. The less people that knew about your secret the better and the only person aside from the people who claimed to be your parents for a charade was Alan Deaton. He had known your real family for ages, most of them in the same line of Emissary work.

You were currently working a late shift with Alan at the Vet Clinic, not because you needed money but because you needed answers. It was a quiet night which struck you as odd, considering all the deaths that have been popping up around the town. But, you gladly accepted it as a possible retreat. 

The door of the clinic sprung open, the door colliding with the wall as Scott emerged with his usual group. They were soaking wet from the rain that had been pouring for the last few hours, the only ominous thing about the night. 

Both Alan and yourself jumped at the sudden noise, Alan raised a brow at their cold looks towards you. “Scott? Everything okay?”

Alan had introduced you to Scott in hopes that you would be shielded by the monsters that were coming after you. You had changed your name, your style, and even personality. He wanted you to blend in as the girl next door with a shy personality. Albeit it being extremely hard to go from one personality to the next, you found solace in the fact that you didn’t have to fight for once. You had gotten a little closer to Scott than Alan had anticipated but he nonetheless cared if you two went past the normal friendship he had planned.

He had told you all about Scott and his friends. Saying that adding you to their pack would make it that much stronger but again, you liked the fact that you didn’t have to fight and if Scott himself wasn’t going to reveal himself, than you weren’t going to do the same; if at all. You were here to be hidden from the people who wanted you dead. 

“Get away from her, Deaton. She’s not who she says she is.” Scott growled, clearly upset that you had betrayed him. 

Alan sighed, removing himself from behind the counter, he put his hands up in defense. “Let us explain-”

“-us” Scott asked incredulously. Squinting his eyes, “You knew?”

“Scott, if you would listen-”

“-no, [y/n]. If that’s even your real name.” Stiles countered, his tone reading angry and confused. He threw his hands towards you, “You look so normal, so innocent. How could you be anything but human?” 

Sighing, “It’s not my real name and I have an extremely good explanation on why-”

“-you’ve been lying to us this whole time?” Lydia added with an arched brow. 

You sucked in air, “I’d like to think I haven’t been lying…more or so just bending the truth.” Running a hand through your hair, you closed your eyes. “I never meant to get this close to you guys. I’m here for safety-”

Before you could even continue, the lights of the clinic shut off. A loud crash was heard from the back door where Alan kept his medical supplies. You froze as you heard a familiar show tune whistle. The only form of light was the lavender candle you had lit to calm the animals that would be staying the night. Looking up at Alan who wore your same expression, “He’s here.” You quietly shrieked. 

“What? Who’s here?” Scott asked, his tone suddenly changing once he heard your heart rate increase to an incredible speed. He ignored Stiles’s whine at walking towards you, “[y/n], what’s going on?” 

You were frozen, the man behind the whistle was getting closer. You could hear his heavy boots and the clanging of his chains and whips that he had used to kill your sister and brother. You started to shake, it had been so long since you had shifted, Alan helping you keep your animal side at bay. You weren’t even sure if you could shift. You were hardly scared of anything but this man was terrifying. He could singlehandedly take everyone here out in a matter of seconds. 

“Scott, get her out of here, now.” Alan growled, he reached underneath the counter and grabbed a weapon, “I said now!”

Scott scrambled to get you out, his hand griping yours tight as he pushed the others out into the rain. You picked up your paces as you heard more commotion coming from within the clinic. Your heart hurt for leaving Alan behind and despite him always pulling through, this man was not someone to mess with.

You were almost towards the wood line when you felt severe pain lash across your neck. He had used his barbed whip that was laced with mountain ash to hook around your throat. It yanked you back, causing you to hit the concrete hard. You screamed from the impact and rolled right at his feet. 

“Hello, kitten.” He grinned, “been a long while since I seen ya.” 

You tried to pick yourself up but the burning pain from your wound was making you incredibly woozy. One hand propped yourself up from the ground while the other instinctively reached for your neck that sounded like it was fizzing. 

“Took me some time, it did. But, I gotcha ya now, kitten.” He bent down, his rough hand grabbing your hair and pulling you up to his level. Your feet were dangling and if it wasn’t for the burning sensation from your throat, you would have struggled to get away from him. “You look different, almost didn’t recognize ya.”

Scott growled, “Let her go.” 

The man took his attention off of you for a moment and chuckled at the sight of Scott’s changed formation. “Tisk, you found yourself a mate, you did, eh?” Quickly with his free hand, he reached for his whip and snapped it towards him. 

You turned your head as much as you could and screamed, “No!” 

Luckily, he just barely missed Scott as he rolled to avoid it. Standing up, he growled out again. “I said let her go.” 

“M’fraid not, pup.” Finally releasing his grip from your hair, he chuckled out again. “Been huntin’ this kitten for years, almost got the whole family ‘cept this one.” You closed your eyes at the confirmation of no one left in your family. “But, now the rewards much sweeter, it is.” He bent down, smirking, “Got a little bounty for your head now, you see. Ain’t just a game no more, kitten. Satisfaction is a wonderful thing, is it not? But adding money into the equation is a no brainier.” 

Blood was coursing hot through your skin now. You were sent here to be safe from this man but now he found you. You cracked your neck, evening out your breathing to allow you to shift. It had been months but all you kept thinking about was your family and how the suffered at the hands of the man standing before you. 

Scott took a step back, reading your heart break. Looking back up at the man, he raised a brow. “What do you want with her?”

“Not time for story time but ever heard of prophecies?” Scott nodded cautiously, “Mine was read to me when I was a young boy, said my life would be taken at the hands of werewolf girl and not just any werewolf girl, this one.” He pointed a crooked finger at you, smiling wide at the intense gold ringlet closing in on your [eye color] eyes. “Spent my whole life training to find this one, I did.”

Scott was taken back, did he just say that you were a werewolf? “I don’t understand.”

You turned your head, the physical features that he wore, you matched. It was much more feminine but nonetheless the same. Glancing at Scott with apologetic eyes, you spoke out. “This is my fight, you stay out of it.” And with those last words, you snarled and lunged towards the man and kicked him down to his back. 

It was a swift and quick movement that he had no time to see coming. Jumping on top of him, you clawed at his face. Blocking his right hook, you snagged the whip from his belt and wrapped it around his neck, trying to end it as quickly as you could. But, he was just a bit stronger and a tad bit quicker and took advantage of you trying to strangle him with his own weapon. He hooked his left leg over your torso and slammed you down into the concrete. Your head smacked loudly against it, creating your vision to go blurry. Rolling over on your stomach, you shook your head to clear your blurred vision.  You felt him grab a hold of your leg, twisting your body you grabbed his arm and rocked backwards to create uneven weight. He crashed forward, causing you to have the upper hand again. You climbed on him again, swiping your claws across his face, hoping and praying that one  would catch his eye. 

He had other plans, he unhooked you from him and kicked you over towards the dumpster. Chuckling, he wiped the blood from his lip as he stood up. “You can’t win, kitten. I will say you put up quite a fight, you aren’t like your sister who cried and begged for her pathetic life. It was easy with her, I just had crush her skull with my bare hands, eh.” 

Hearing that made your sight go black. You picked yourself up from behind the dumpster and put yourself in a trance. The sound of blood rushed through your ears as you hummed low and let yourself find the balance between humanity and your wolf. 

“Hiding from me now, kitten? Tisk, don’t be like your sister now.” He trudged towards the dumpster, his foot kicked the dumpster out of the way but to his disappoint, he didn’t find you there. “Come out, come out, wherever you are.” He turned towards the snarl you gave, smirking he saw you standing on the overturn dumpster in wolf form. If he weren’t trying to kill you, he’d comment on how beautiful your form was. “Perfect, kitten. I’ll use your pelt as a rug in my house.” 

Snarling and growling, you barred your teeth and lunged for him. Your senses and skills were heightened in your wolf body. It took a lot to get you there but once you were there, you were virtually unstoppable. You grabbed a hold of his neck with you teeth, blood spilling out over your tongue. 

He yelled loudly at the pain, trying to beat you into submission and get you to let him go. But you weren’t having it. You pulled forward, ripping flesh from his throat. Blood spilling heavily from his wound, he choked and fell back onto the concrete. The rain was easing up as you pounced on his chest, snarling again. This was the moment where you would end it. Pawing at him, you barked not that he could understand you but it was dignifying. 

This was for your family, your mother, your father, your brother, and your sister. 

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia stood in shock, not being able to tear their eyes off of you as your tore the hunter into pieces. It was like watching a dog tear apart a stuffed animal. Blood stained your coat and after you had taken your vengeance and overkill to the point where you were done. You retreated towards the overturned dumpster and changed back into human form. 

You were completely unclothed, “Can someone please grab my bag from the clinic.” Laying your head on the dumpster, ignoring the revolting smell, you flickered an exhausted look towards Stiles, “And that was my extremely good reason on why I lied to you.” 

Stiles shrugged, still baffled at what he had just witness. “Eh, you only bent the truth.” 

Scott rushed towards you with your bag in his hands, ignoring the fact that you were naked, he bent down next to you. Helping you put your spare clothes on. “Are you alright?” 

Nodding, “I’m fine, how’s Deaton?”

“He’s fine.” Helping you up, he propped you up against him. “Let’s get you inside, let him take a look at you.” 

“I’m sorry I lied.” 

“Don’t be, I probably would have lied too.” After getting you inside and on the table, he pursed his lips with a smile lingering behind. “So you’re an alpha?” 

Looking at him, he smirked. “And so are you.” 

Stiles stepped forward, knocking into the table causing you to wince in pain. His eyes widened, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I’m so-shit.” Scratching the back of his head, he looked at Scott. “We need to use her a secret weapon or something. You know keep her on the sidelines until we need her and it’s like BAM, what’s good.” 

You laughed against the pain in your ribs and then let it slowly die, giving Scott a raised a look. “How did you know?”

Pulling out a sopping wet, crinkled paper. “It’s a hit list of all the supernatural beings in Beacon Hills. Your name was on it.” 

“So that’s what he meant.” You whispered as you relieved what the hunter had been saying about a bounty, Sighing, you groaned. “Guess you’ll be needing me to stick around, huh?”

Scott smiled, his hand running over your hair. “You should never leave.” 

Thunderbirds Are Go – ‘Goat Simulator’

Fic inspired by text posts by @wonderavian

Scott: Emergency Question

Virgil: Fire away

Scott: What do I do with a goat I just impulsively bought


Virgil: …this is a joke, right?

Scott: [image]

Scott: This is Billy 

Virgil put his phone down and stared hard at his bedroom wall. His left eye was twitching, his right hand balled into a tight fist. Somehow, he resisted the urge to punch the wall in front of him.

Goddammit, Scott. Self control really isn’t your biggest strength. Never was and probably never will be, but this takes the fucking cake.

Virgil counted to ten and texted a reply.

Keep reading