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Remember You and Me (Isaac Lahey)

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Summary: Weddings are romantic affairs; from the suits and dresses to the lights in the sky to good company, it’s quite easy to get lost in the moment.

Author’s Note: AU where everyone is alive and happy and if they left Beacon Hills, they came back because I wanted goddamn sunshine and rainbows. (Also, this is an actual imagine now? Cause I used [Name]. Baby steps, yo.) And to add one more thing to be excited for, there is smut in this! No small teasing stuff; just my very first, full blown, fully written out smut in my whole writing career that is actually finished. I’m quite proud of this story, so enjoy <3

They hadn’t seen each other in seven years, and the first time Isaac sees her, it’s a glimpse of her profile.

He had gotten off the plane from France not three hours ago before rushing to the McCall residence to shower and change into his suit. Isaac would have had time to greet her if his pants had not caught itself on the hook of his hanger and ripped open; Melissa had to hastily sew it back together to make it look presentable. Melissa rushes them both to the wedding with a few minutes to spare, and Isaac chooses his seat beside Boyd.

Scott and Kira’s wedding is small, (Isaac guesses a little over a hundred guests) with everyone packed into a small clearing in the Beacon Hills Preserve. Sunlight pours through the foliage of the trees, and Isaac notices the thousand paper cranes tied to the branches, along the chairs, and hanging from the wedding arch amongst the flowers.

The pack’s seating chart is in complete disarray. It’s impossible for them to sit just on one side because they were there for both the bride and groom. He’s sitting on Scott’s side, and he spots her sitting on Kira’s side between Allison and Mason. She laughs and leans across Mason to whisper something to Hayden. The four of them laugh, and when she leans back in her seat, she catches his eye. He grins and waves at her; the corners of her lips turn upwards and she waves back. Her eyes linger on him until the string quartet begin to play and the procession starts.

He doesn’t stop staring at her though because all he can think about is the softness in her eyes that reminded him of when they first met.

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The relationship between Theo and Stiles is equivalent to the relationship between Dinkleburgh & Mr.Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents.

Can we just take a moment to actually appreciate Jeff Davis? Not because he’s giving us Stydia moments and basically confirming that Styida will be endgame so all of us Stydia shippers can stop bitching about it as often as we do (as a Stydia shipper I am totally allowed to say this so please don’t attack me), but because he’s given us Teen Wolf. Jeff frustrates the hell out of us by not giving us exactly what we want when we want it, but at the same time he’s given us a show to fall in love with. Without Jeff Davis there would be no Teen Wolf. There would be no Stydia, Scallison, Sciles, Scira, or even Sterek and Stalia. Without Jeff Davis we wouldn’t have snarky comments from Isaac Lahey or adorable moments between Daddy McCall and Baby Liam. There would be no Scott and Stiles. There would be no Momma McCall, Sherrif Stilinski, Alan Deaton, Vernon Boyd, Allison Argent, or any other character or the show because without Jeff freaking Davis there would be no show. 

I see people joke about Jeff’s clever asshole moments like giving us the wrong Martinski couple and that’s totally okay. It’s hilarious actually because we know he does it on purpose. What I don’t think is okay is when I see people seriously bashing him, yet they continue to obsess over the show. Take a minute to realize you’re saying Jeff “has no talent” when you’re completely and utterly obsessed with HIS show. Clearly the man is doing something right. 

He baits and he trolls but, in all honesty, Jeff Davis is freaking amazing and we all need to take a minute to appreciate our middle aged gay god for coming up with a show which has beautifully ruined our lives. And maybe no one agrees with anything I just said but you know what? I love Jeff freaking Davis and I will praise him gosh darn it because my man needs some love!


Lewis’s woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis)

… is a large North American species of woodpecker which was named by ornithologist Alexander Wilson for Meriwether Lewis. One of the largest species of American woodpeckers, Lewis’s woodpecker can be as large as 10″ to 11″ in length. The wings are much broader than those of other woodpeckers, and it flies at a much more sluggish pace with slow, but even flaps similar to those of a crow.

Unlike other American woodpeckers, it enjoys sitting in the open as opposed to sitting in heavy tree cover. It ranges mostly in the western to central United States, but can winter as far south as the US border with Mexico and summer as far north as Canada. Lewis’s woodpecker engages in some rather un-woodpecker-like behavior in its gregarious feeding habits. Although it does forage for insects by boring into trees with its chisel-like bill, the bird also catches insects in the air during flight…

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photographs by Naturepicsonline and Alan Vernon