alan strauber

307) Here’s a Yorktown, New York Officer of the Peace threatening to confiscate my camera if I didn’t stop photographing him while he was being paid taxpayer funds to guard the historic Melbourne Farmhouse against menacingly peaceful preservationists. Such is the life of a preservationista/photographer/educator (and more)

photo © Alan Strauber (all rights reserved)


346) Winfield Scott, U.S. Army General, Gravesite - West Point, NY

Fought in War of 1812, leader in Mexican-American War and Civil War.

In 1838, General Scott led U.S. Army forces in the forced removal of the Cherokee people to land west of the Mississippi River. It was a brutal and tragic blight on U.S. History that became known as the Trail of Tears. Thousands of Cherokees died during the march, many from exhaustion in the mid-summer heat. 

photo © Alan Strauber (all rights reserved)