alan roman


By Alan Piper on Flickr


Alan is the best at drawing, and Ryota is the worst. Ryota trying to justify his drawings by saying his bad drawings are flowing with originality lol


Ryota drawing of the principal it’s not that bad actually.. i agree, it does brimming wit originality lol

A rather good linguistic map of Europe. Seen in red, the Basque are the sole remnant of the prehistoric Atlantic European megalith builders who once stretched arguably from Crete to Scandinavia. They now only remain on the western reaches of the Pyrenees and the eastern Cantabrian mountain ranges in northern Spain and southwestern France. The Indo-European speakers on the other hand seem to have originated in the Caspian Sea region of Eurasia, spreading out in all directions in a series of waves beginning as early as 4000 B.C.E., with a final phase around 400 CE known as the great migratory period of the Huns, Germanic tribes and Alans - which brought the Roman Empire to it’s knees. -H.J.N.


Austin carlile gif set appreciation.                                                                   Gif’s are not mine, credits to the owners.



Old Roman wall. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Hardknott Roman Fort, the walls of one of the inner buildings catching the light..

That moment when you fall in love with a song

Then the album

Then all the albums

Then the lead singer

Then the guitarist

Then the bassist

Then the drummer

Then the band’s crew

Then you make an appreciation blog Then watch all their music videos Then watch all their interviews

Then BOOM you realized you haven’t left your room and haven’t talked to your family in years.