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5 Facts About Your OC
Give five facts about your OC that you’ve never shared before.
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Alan Mercer:

  • Intensely into MMA/UFC fights. All his favorite fighters are girls because “They kick the most ass outta everyone, dude.”
  • While only a car mechanic, he understands a lot about propulsion, mechanical engineering, and general tinkering that makes stuff go fast. When asked how, he’ll just say he read a lot of books about it.
  • He works out pretty regularly, and that’s pretty much the only healthy thing about him. The smoking and alcohol abuse (to deal with a myriad of issues) don’t stop him from running most mornings, though.
  • He thinks he’s got an okay singing voice. He doesn’t. Anything above normal bass range and he’s a mess. He tends to hum more than sing, thankfully.
  • Alan began as a Pokemon gijinka waaaay back in 2011. I think. He was a Sharpedo in a dA art group thing. I also started developing the first seeds of roomZER0 in that group through solo rps. I was THAT guy who typed up whole paragraphs like I was writing a fuckin novel. So, every now and again, I’ll draw him with sharp teeth and now you’ll know why!

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