alan cohen quotes

If you regret the past, you overlook the gifts it has bestowed upon you… If you feel guilty and believe you should have done otherwise, you are being too hard on yourself.
If you knew better, you would have done otherwise. You did the best you could with what you knew at the time… Give yourself some credit for the strides you have made, rather than ruing the ones you missed.
—  Alan Cohen, “Why Your Life Sucks…And What You Can Do About It”
The real you does not need fixing. Only the surface layer of you seems to need improvement. Your innate wholeness has never been damaged except in your thoughts. You have been taught that life is a problem, you are defective, and you must face and overcome an endless series of issues and obstacles before you can be enough. None of that is true. You are not a black hole that needs to be filled. You are a light that needs to be shined.
—  Alan Cohen, Enough Already