alan bao


Basic Beatle Morphology - Alan Bao, 2012 

So, here’s a photoset of Beatles portraits that I made, with the Beatles as - wait for it - beetles. Oh, hooting hilarity. Opening, setup, punchline. Cue drum roll. Clincher.

Fuck off. I’m not clever, I know.  

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Sonic Portraits of the King of Limbs - Alan Bao, 2012

A sonic portrait of Radiohead’s “King of Limbs” album, with all relevant information presented in spectrogram data. 

AT THE CORE: spectrograms of each individual track, from “Bloom” to “Separator,” are arranged as concentric rings, each presenting musical information in the 40Hz - 1.5KHz frequency range. 

AROUND THE CIRCLE: In portrait #1, each spectrogram is rotated to correspond with the angle of the minute hand at its start-time. The first track, “Bloom,” begins at 0:00 - its spectrogram begins at 0 deg (midnight). The second, “Morning Mr. Magpie,” begins at 5:15 , and is rotated to 31.5 deg (exact position of the clock hand at 5:15 into the hour). And so on. In portrait #2, each track’s runtime is directly proportional to its spectrogram’s length. 

AT THE BOTTOM: In portrait #1, general-frequency spectrogram of the phrase, “Radiohead - The King of Limbs,” as spoken by the artist. In portrait #2, general-frequency spectrogram of the each track name, from “Bloom” to “Separator,” as spoken by the artist and arranged to correspond with their respective track ring.