alan anthony ashby

  • Mom: what do you look for in a guy
  • Me: umm thats a hard question
  • Mom: what do you mean its really easy. Do you want a guy who has lots of money or a guy who is sensitive??
  • Me: hmmm nope no guys like that.
  • Mom: *raises eyebrow*
  • Me: hmmm maybe a guy with lots of tattoos, he has to use the word flaming homos, he has to have brown eyes and piercings, his best friend has to be alan ashby, he has to be in the band Of Mice And Men, his name certainly has to be Austin Carlile
  • Mom: * rolls her eyes leaves the room*
  • Me: * continues listing characteristics and facts about Austin Carlile as I follow my mom around the house after about twenty minutes finally finishes the list* Yeah mom thats what I want in a man
  • Mom: * nods her head and whispers wtf*
//Goodnight Sleepyhead - Austin Carlile//

Here’s some fluff for ya in honor of me being wide awake at 4am

Sound asleep you where in the pitch black of the Californian night. Austin’s kitty and your puppy were snoring so loudly that it gave off an ambient sound that kept your dreaming until your phone starts going off. Literally blowing up! Every 5 seconds *buzz buzz* *buzz buzz*. Your phone vibrated so much that it fell off your night stand and caused it to fall to the floor. Your body awoke groggily, you where rubbing your eyes as you reached for you phone that continued to buzz as it lied on the ground. You yawned wide and checked to see who sent you all of these messages. Who would have guessed; it was you Husband Austin Carlile. You unlocked your phone to see your name being sent over a thousand times. Some ending in hearts,some had more letters that how it was spelled. There was the occasional please answer every 10 seconds. You yawned again and checked the time at the top of your phone 4:39. It had gotten to the point to where you where fed up with the constant messages that you called him.

“Y/N?!?” Austin said ambitiously and a little horse Your tiredness was killing you as you yawned for another time “Yyyeah…I’m hear Austin…you where blowing up my phone what is so important?”

“Well I, I miss you for one thing Y/N,and I felt like its been awhile since I’ve gotten to hear your voice” he said as he cleared his throat, the excitement had cooled down

“Austin, we talked yesterday” you held in a yawn as you started to close your eyes and you rested the phone next to your ear

“Yeah but this whole being a ocean apart is killing me, London is amazing though. I’m going to take you here when I get the chance and it’s jut going to be you and me and all the tea in the world!” His voice rose with joy as he rambled on a little about his adventure at Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

“That sounds great Austin.” You said as you paused to let your eyes droop shut “I can’t wait, we’ll make it our second early honeymoon” you let out a big yawn away from the phone

“hey Y/N, what exact time is it there?” Austin asked

“As of now it is 4:50,exactly” you replied

“Babe, what’s wrong with you?” Austin chucked slightly “why would you intentionally let me bug you and draw attention away from your beauty sleep?” He questioned

“Because I love you. You called,you needed me so I answered. That’s part of my job as being you wife.” You rubbed your eyes and switch the position you where laying in

“Well I love you too Y/N, but it’s my job as your husband to make sure that you get your sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Sound good?” He pauses waiting for you to reply

You start to think the best you can although it’s tough when your  half awake and ask “Yeah it sounds good but,Why else where you going to talk to me about by the way”you roll over again because you were uncomfortable

“What do ya mean?” He attempted to act as sincere as possible but you could tell when he was faking it

You sat up letting your back up against the headboard ” Austin,there’s no way in hell that your going to annoy the fuck out of me and all you have to talk about are the sites that you saw this morning. Because if you did I would have fell asleep along time ago, what exactly where you going to tell me ”

He laughed slightly and you could hear him scratching his beard through the phone"Well funny you should talk about the sites that I saw because I saw the cutest little girl babe, I swear she could have been our kid! And from seeing her got me thinking that I sorta, kinda wanna have a kid?“ He was cautious with his words

You sorta, kinda wanna have a kid?“ You applied a questioning to getting Austin to rethink what he just said

I really want a kid! I want a little girl! I want a boy! Let’s make a baby! I payed attention in biology I know how it happens!“ Austin began to yell proudly and boldly with reassurance

"Well let’s take this one step at a time now,settle down just a little and let’s think of one baby at a time.” You two laughed a little “I start shopping around I guess and get ‘prepared’ I guess you could say for this baby were about to make” you laid down on stomach and placed the phone next to your ear as you let your eyes droop down and start to lead you into a deep sleep even though Austin’s line rose with happiness.

“Hun can you fuckin’ believe we are going to make, actually make a human being!” He filled with joy as he waited for your response “Hun? Y/N? Hello??” He waited until he realized you where sound asleep. “Well I love you like always and I can’t wait for you to become a fantastic mother”

Barely audible you let out a light happy sigh saying “And you’ll be a fantastic father” you smiled

Austin chucked for the last time on the phone as he said softly “Goodnight sleepyhead" 

Guys the ending didn’t save so it would have been better, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’m thinking about making a sequel to it but I’m not sure though.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REQUEST A BAND IMAGINE!