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Happy 50th Anniversary, General Hospital!


Red Carpet | The 2015 Tony Awards

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Behind-the-scenes look at the movie Eye in the Sky, including interviews with stars Alan Rickman & Barkhad Abdi and producer Colin Firth. 

Thanks to Joan at JNC for finding this video. 

After Billy scenes with Monica today it seems he could be Jason Q. He seems to be like the perfect son Alan/Monica wanted ,the son Franco’s Mother loved so much…maybe that’s why Franco pushed him down stairs? He was jealous like AJ but then became obsessed with Drew? Drew also seems like the man Liz wanted Jason to be but who he was not…he would never be able to choose to leave business for the family unlike Drew.

It be interesting if Jason actually gets jealous of Drew like AJ was jealous of him? Cuz so far everyone loves Drew and I think after this reveal people will still be there for Drew and still love him…

So I was watching the kiss for the millionth time ( lets not act like you haven’t) and I just realize that these two are gonna kill me because that was just a taste of those two together. Their love scenes are gonna be out of this world and I might just die. I just want them to write Jasam material that a supercouple deserves. Because to be honest Jasam are a supercouple. No one can tell me otherwise.