Ali Alamedy is an Iraq-born, Turkey-based art director who loves making miniature models using materials any typical person would throw away - aluminum foil, paper clips, plastic rods, and foam board. His attention to detail is amazing. A self-taught artist, Alamedy learned the secrets of model making by searching the web, reading tutorials, and posting the results back on Facebook. Soon his work attracted people from around the world drawn to the art of miniatures. 

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posted by Margaret.

I got feedback that her antennae looked out of place.

They’re actually eyestalks and not antennae, so I tried making them look more like eyes. I think they look better shorter, too. (The longer ones kind of draw the eye away from her face too much)

I tried leaving them off entirely, but I thought that was a bit too plain. If I can’t get the eyestalks to work out I’ll try to find something else to put there.

To politely explain that your ears aren’t pierced but you appreciate the thought, turn to page 83.

To pretend to leave for the ladies’ room while you are actually making a mad dash out of the building in search of a place that can pierce your ears, turn to page 117.

To actually leave for the ladies’ room, where you will attempt to pierce your own ears with your belt buckle, turn to page 59.

To replace the lazy MS Paint lettering, turn to page [illegible]