alameda county sheriff

On This Day: May 15
  • 1525: Insurgent peasants led by pastor Thomas Muentzer defeated at the Battle of Frankenhausen, ending the German Peasant War.
  • 1850: Bloody Island Massacre takes place in California, when large number of Pomo Indians slaughtered by a regiment of US Cavalry.
  • 1869: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton form the National Woman Suffrage Association in New York.
  • 1894: New Jersey becomes first US state to outlaw employment discrimination against union members.
  • 1897: Max Spohr forms “Scientific-Humanitarian Committee” in Munich to campaign for LGBT recognition and rights.
  • 1916: Alexander Berkman published “The Only Hope of Ireland” in an issue of The Blast!
  • 1919: Winnipeg general strike. The infamous “Bloody Saturday” marked the end of the strike. This was the largest general strike in Canadian history and set the stage for future labour reforms.
  • 1935: US National Labor Relations Act passed; workers have right to organize unions and collectively bargain.
  • 1935: Utah Phillips, labour organizer and folk singer, born in Cleveland.
  • 1965: National teach-in opposing Vietnam War held in Washington with 3000 students and professors and televised to 100 campuses in US.
  • 1966: 10,000 anti-war protesters picket the White House.
  • 1967: Student protesters confront police at Texas Southern University, resulting in the death of a police officer, and over 400 arrests.
  • 1969: Bloody Thursday: Alameda County Sheriffs and National Guardsman authorized by governor Ronald Reagan move to eject unlawful protestors from People’s Park at Berkeley. They open fire with buckshot-loaded shotguns, mortally wounding student James Rector, permanently blinding carpenter Alan Blanchard, and inflicting lesser wounds on several others.
  • 1970: 30% of US colleges hold strikes after invasion of Cambodia and students killed at Kent State and Jackson State.
  • 1970: Philip Lafayette Gibbs and James Earl Green shot dead at Jackson State University by police during anti-war protests.
  • 2015: 3,000 Renault workers drop tools in Bursa, Turkey